• OPERATION: Southern Front VI
  • DATE: February 17-18 , 2024
  • AO: D14 Airsoft – Sanger, TX
  • REGISTRATION:  $135 + Tax per player
  • EVENT CAP: Limited to 400 Players


AMSN -News
The relentless struggle for control over the city of Sanger between the Coalition (COST) and the United Federal States (UFS) has intensified yet again as both factions vie for dominance in this critical strategic location.

Sanger, a pivotal communications and logistical hub utilized by the Coalition, has become the epicenter of a Ten-year-long conflict, with the UFS repeatedly attempting to seize control. The city’s significance as a nerve center for crucial war-related communication supplies and information has made it a constant battleground, emblematic of the larger struggle between the warring factions.

In a recurring cycle, the UFS forces have intermittently managed to infiltrate Sanger, seizing vital resources and disrupting COST’s operations. However, their tenure has been short-lived, as the Coalition regroups and mounts counteroffensives, pushing the UFS out of the city after weeks of intense fighting.

As the conflict reaches a critical juncture this year, anticipation of another UFS offensive has led the Coalition to reinforce its troop presence significantly in the region. This move is seen as a proactive measure aimed at thwarting the expected UFS assault and maintaining a firm grip on the strategically crucial territory.

The ebb and flow of control over Sanger have underscored the high stakes involved for both sides. For the Coalition, Sanger represents not only a logistical hub but also a symbol of their territorial integrity, deeply embedded within their heartland. Conversely, the UFS recognizes the city’s pivotal role and aims to disrupt COST’s operations by continuously targeting this crucial area.


  • There will be NO WALK-ONS for this event
  • ATTENTION!! All American Milsim Events are bio bb only!!


Included in the enlistment fee all players will receive the following at check-in:

  • Southern Front VI PVC Patch
  • AMSL Event Veteran PVC Patch
  • AO Map
  • Ticket for Game End Raffle