Scenario Designer

Unfortunately, a honeybadger hacked in and ate what was here. It'll be back soon. Once things have settled down and we can remove the bees from the server. Thank you in advance for you cooperation. — FROSTY



Many of you already know me but for those that don't, my name is John "JP" Pilkington. I operate which has served the Oklahoma community since 2008 as the main hub for all things airsoft and milsim related. I have been involved in airsoft and milsim since 2007 in the midwest hosting and attending various OPs and events in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas. I have helped plan and administer events ranging from 50 to 600+ players.

I have recently partnered up in a new Milsim venture - American MilSim. We have put together a great team of guys that you may or may not already know. Myself, Frosty (Oklahoma) and Biglar (Louisiana). Combined we bring nearly 25 years of airsoft and milsim experience to the table along with sponsors and vendors such as: Kastway Airsoft, Elite Force, Voodoo Tactical, HSGI, Tulsa Airsoft & Outdoor Sports, Impact Tactical and Bunker Boxes.

We have big plans for American MilSim so keep an eye out for up and coming events from AMS! — JP



Hey Guys! This is Bo Stewart most you know me as SILVA. I have been involved with airsoft for over 5 years and have been lucky to participate in numerous events all over the country.

I live in Lake Charles, La and have enjoyed traveling and making new friendships and being a part of this sport for years. After playing professional golf for 7 years on multiple levels I turned to the Video Game Industry with PlayNTrade Video Games as a store owner then on to the Medical Device field. Through the years the competitiveness in me has never died and when I was introduced into milsim a new passion was born. I have been fortunate to become very close with John Pilkington (JP) and Blake Danyeur (Frosty) and other staff over the years and thus... AMS!

I am currently the Marketing Director for AMS and my responsibilities are working with related companies and building partnerships to further grow AMS and our sport! — SILVA


Logistics and Operations

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Chief of Staff

Here’s the low down on ams.cody, I am a chemical engineer by day that loves guns, gear, and anything that goes BOOM! So, the obvious choice is American Milsim. I first got into airsoft in 2015 when a long-time friend asked me to go to an event with them. My first…..Broken Home 4!!!! Needless to say, my first time at airsoft, milsim, or an AMS event…I was chosen as squad lead….. what a mistake. But I will have to say after that I was completely hooked. Started my AMS career with COST, then made the plunge to the ol UFS with the one and only TOP, as no other than alpha platoon leader at RDG XIV. I did not miss a game until Faded Giant 4, where I was able to go as DAM OpFor but couldn’t make the game.

This is where my admin “career” started, I volunteered to help since I was going to be there early and was by myself. First time I met Alex!!! He asked me to move some stuff, next thing I knew we were in the Side by side setting up for the game. Well, I guess I made an impression because I have been with them ever since. I know design and run the DAM’s (Direct Action Missions) with the help of several people including, JP – Frosty – Bo – Rick – Alex and others. I am also the lead admin during the regular games helping out where I can and when I can. I will have to say, this sport/family has been a huge part of my life that I will enjoy for a lifetime. If you see the grumpy guy running around, come say hello lol !!!!


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