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Below is the official AMS ruleset.  Please take time to go though and read all rules carefully. We are all here to have fun in a competitive manner. So while the day might get hectic as you adjust to changing situations keep in mind that we are not real world operators and that our main goal is to have fun, enjoy the company of friends and sling BBs at them!

*These rules are subject to change during game play to adjust for any unseen circumstances*

AMS Ruleset 2024


  2. All AMS players are highly encouraged to wear “full seal to your face” ANSI 787.1 rated eye protection. However, ANSI 787.1 rated eye protection that is FULL SEAL to the contour of YOUR face is also allowed.
  3. All players must have a red “Dead Rag” minimum 50 square inches of material. If you don’t have one, please ask. One will be provided for you.
  4. All weapons must be submitted for inspection to the safety officer. Each player will be asked to fire a minimum of 3 rounds across the chrono. Note that players may be asked to chronograph at any time during the day, including during play.
  5. Players will be allowed to use only airsoft specific guns.  No “BB Guns” or BB guns converted to use airsoft BB’s or Metal BB’s will be allowed.
  6. While in the staging area, pistols must be holstered. All other weapons must have the magazine removed and the chamber cleared.
  7. On the Active AO, eye protection may only be removed after all players have mags out, chamber cleared and game control has given the okay to remove goggles.
  8. While in the staging/parking lot area, you may dry fire your weapon to ensure it is working properly. There is to be no live fire anywhere within the staging area other than the chronograph station.
  9. All persons moving throughout the AO need to have a waiver on file; this includes observers, photographers, and any additional non-player personnel.
  10. All players need to have an AMS medical card filled out and in their LEFT SIDED ARM OR LEG POCKET while on the AO.  This can be found at: https://americanmilsi…-med-card-application.pdf/
  11. Players under the age of 14 are not allowed to play at national-level events. If the event is a LOCAL event, then they may participate with their legal guardian. This means the legal guardian must attend the event and not leave the minor unaccompanied at any time.
  12. Players 15 years of age must have a guardian present during the event or fill out a transfer of guardianship to a player 18 years or old who will participate in-game with them.
  13. Players over the age of 16 are required to have their release form notarized or have a guardian on-site to co-sign the event release form(s).

These forms can be found at:


  1. Any rules violations will result in point deductions for your faction.
  2. Event Staff may ask for your name when a War Crime is recorded, this information will not be made public, but will be used for tracking rules violations internally.
  3. Safety violations will be assessed with higher point penalties.
  4. Violations involving POVs will incur the highest point penalties


  1. On the call of “Blind man/Corpsman.” players need to immediately remove the magazine for their weapon, clear the chamber, and set the weapon on safe. Stand in your location and do not move until the “all clear” and “game on” are given. Only at that time may you reload your weapon and continue play.
  2. Use the “CORPSMAN” if you or another player is injured and requires immediate Admin/Medical attention. You will need to both vocally and via Comms make the “CORPSMAN” call with the approximate location of the incident.
  3. If a player loses their eye protection during a firefight a “BLINDMAN” call is made. The player needs to cover their face with their hands and keep their head down until eye protection can be provided for them.


Uniform regulations exist to give an appearance of a cohesive unit and not give the appearance of a group of individuals.  It is hoped that this will give a better overall experience to all players.

  1. Authorized uniforms only unless announced otherwise. Failure to comply by the uniform requirements will result in ejection from the game.
  2. Tops must be a minimum of a t-shirt, no shirtless play or tank tops allowed.
  3. Bottoms must be pants.
  4. Headgear color will be faction specific.  Camo or Solid colors are Authorized.
  5. In the event of inclement weather, uniformity regulations are relaxed but all worn items must still be faction specific in regards to color.  OD Green for CoST and Tan/Brown for UFS.
  6. Special uniforms may be authorized for specific role-playing groups outside of the typical uniforms but not for those playing under the conventional CoST/UFS Forces.
  7. Gear color does not matter.  You can wear any color gear you wish.
  8. Ghillie suit colors must match faction base colors.  Tan and Green.
  9. Redshirts may only be worn by AMS Staff.  Photographers or observers may wear any high visibility color other than SOLID red.
  10. Photographers/Observers must not look like combatants.  They may wear any type of clothing other than military-type uniforms.
  11. If wearing a full paintball mask, mesh mask or any type of face covering like a balaclava or shemagh it must be faction-specific in color.


  1. AEG’s will chronograph using .20g BBs.  Hopup to be turned off, Elite Force BIO .20G BBs will be supplied for chrono purposes. Players may use any weight BBs during the game.
  2. Classic / PolarStar / High Pressure Gas / GBBRs will chronograph using .32g BBs .  Hopup to be turned off, Elite Force BIO .32G BBs will be supplied for chrono purposes. Players may use any weight BBs during the game.
  3. All Weapons systems that use an external air source (i.e. PolarStars / Classics) will be required to use a “tournament” lock on their in-line regulator(s).


Squad Leaders (SQLs) are responsible to ensure their squad follows the event rules, roles, ammo and reloading restrictions.  A squad is defined as a team of 12 people.

  1. Four (4) Sniper/Spotter teams are allowed per the main faction. One (1) per Squad Max limit.
  2. Six (6) EOD specialists per the main faction, are the only players that can disarm/demo explosives.
  3. One (1) Medic, HWS, per main faction squad. (Some special teams will be exempt from this rule)
  4. Two (2) SSW per squad.
  5. One DMR (1) per squad
  6. Game staff may assume any of these roles while embedded with a squad.
  7. 1 Drone operator per faction. Must have FFA registration and go through the approval process by AMS.


  1. Assault Weapons / Rifleman role may ONLY operate in SEMI-AUTO Mode.
  2. SEMI-AUTO is defined as one trigger pull per one round fired.
  3. 400 FPS max for 6mm x .20 AEG weapons
  4. 320 FPS max (1.52 J ) 6mm x .32g for Gas weapons (Classics, PolarStars, GBBRs)
  5. 310 FPS max for 8mm weapons measured with .34 gram BBs
  6. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.
  7. May carry 7 magazines on your person.
  8. Mid or Real Cap Magazines only.
  9. No Minimum Engagement Distance.

Note the following weapons classes are specialty weapons, and as such, are bound by a slightly more defined set of rules.


  1. 7.62×51 (308) or larger caliber
  2. 16” minimum barrel length
  3. 4 mag limit
  4. Mid-cap non-winding mags
  5. Attached bipod (no vertical grip/bipod combination) Must be mounted and functional
  6. Magnified tubed optic (no magnifier with red dot/holographic optic)
  7. 475 FPS max @ 6mm x .20g
  8. 75ft MED
  9. 1 per squad
  10. SEMI-AUTO Only


  1. 550 FPS max @ 6mm x .20g, 420 fps max @ 8mm x .34g. MUST BE BOLT ACTION ONLY
  2. 435 FPS max (2.81 J) for 6mm x .32g for Gas Weapons (Classics, PolarStars, GBBRs).
  3. Limit ONE (1) Sniper per squad.
  4. Minimum Engagement Distance of 100 feet
  5. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.
  6. Operators of a BA/SA rifle are required to carry either a standard AEG or sidearm to engage targets within the minimum engagement distances.
  7. May carry 7 magazines on your person.
  8. No Highcap/winding magazines
  9. When engaging outside targets on the bottom floor from within a building, the barrel must break the plane of a window or door. This is for safety reasons.


A squad support weapon is classified as an M249, M60, MG36, RPK, PKM, MG42, Krytac LMG/Shrike, or any “Squad Automatic Weapon” either currently or formerly adopted as a military weapon. (M27 / IAR are NOT ALLOWED to be fielded as an SSW at this time.)

  1. Squad Support Weapons (SSW) MAY operate in FULL-AUTO Mode but  NOT shoot in excess of 30 rounds per second.
  2. 450 fps max @ 6mm x .20g for AEG/GBBR
  3. 355 FPS max(1.88 J) w/ .32g for 6mm High Pressure Gas Weapons (Classics, PolarStars).
  4. Limit TWO (2) SSW per squad.
  5. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.
  6. Operators of an SSW are not allowed to have dual role as this platform falls under the ammo count restriction instead of the mag count restriction.
  7. SSWs must break the plane of a building on lower floors when shooting out of a building.  You do not have to break the plane when shooting from the upper floors.
  8. BOX/DRUM/C-MAG” magazines with no more than 4000 rounds. No other mag type is allowed.
  9. SSWs have a Minimum Engagement Distance of 60 feet.
  10. SSW’s may not be used in engagements from inside to inside(within a building)


A Heavy Weapon Specialist (HWS) is any Grenadier or Rocket (Simulated) carrying player.  They may carry M-203 GL, M-320 GL, M-79 GL, GP-25 GL, M-136 AT4, M-72 LAW, and RPG-7.

NOTE: At this time AMS is not allowing any TAG launch-ables during gameplay. Launchables are restricted to nerf rounds and are only for ANTI vehicles at this time.
  1. May carry 12 Propellant rounds on their person.
  2. HWS is the only player class that can carry Grenade Rounds and Rockets.
  3. 2 roles allowed per 100 players in each faction
  4. ALL TAG launchable products are not allowed at this time.
  5. Please see the Explosive Devices/IED/Smoke section for approved pyro grenades.
  6. NERF rounds are used for anti-vehicle at this time and are not anti-personnel.


Gas and Electric Submachine guns such as the MP7, KRISS, KMP9 etc fall under the same restrictions as the Rifleman Role.


  1. Shotguns are allowed for AMS events. However, they must take an actual shotgun shell.
  2. If the platform is a mag-fed shotgun, it still must be with shells.
  3. The limit of shells per person is 25.


Pistols must be within the same requirements as the Rifleman Role regarding FPS and Minimum Engagement Distance.

  1. Pistols with ANY mag adapters are no longer permitted.
  2. Pistols do not fall into the mag limit category. Players may carry as many pistol mags as they wish.


  1. If a player chooses to dual role any platform other than a Support, they will fall into the mag limit scenario.
  2. MAX mag allowed per person is 7. So, if a player chooses to run Sniper and rifleman, they must make sure that they have a max of 7 mags across both platforms. IE. 4 rifleman and 3 snipers etc.
  3. NOTE: AMS has upped the ammo count for Support weapons to 4k rounds. This platform does not allow dual role options as it falls into the ammo count category and not mags.


Safety Kills are a courtesy; play with honor.

Safety Kills with a Pistol or Rifle

  1. Players within a 5-foot engagement range maybe “safety killed”.
  2. The player must yell out loudly “Safety!” at the target and can only “safety kill” one player at a time.
  3. Players DO NOT have to automatically take a safety kill.

Rubber edge weapons and “Tap” Kills.

  1. Players are allowed to “safety” or “Tap out” another player with rubber-edged weapons.
  2. When a player is touched/tapped with the rubber-edged weapon they are considered “hit”.
  3. The player that has been “killed” by a rubber-edged weapon cannot yell “hit” or “medic” – they are mortally wounded. This player is not allowed to be medicated and must head back to respawn.
  4. AMS only allows approved purpose-made rubber training edged weapons.
  5. No modified “real-edged” weapons are allowed.


  1. All players classified as a “Rifleman/Sniper” may carry a maximum of 7 midcaps (non-winding) magazines.
  2. All Players classified as an “SSW” (Support Gunner) may have a maximum of 4000 rounds loaded in their drum mag at any given time. They may carry one extra drum Magazine, not to a total of more than 4000 carried in all magazines.
  3. All Players classified as an “HWS” may have a maximum of 12 rockets and 12 203 Shells
  4. All players classified as DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) may carry up to 4 non-winding/midcap magazines.
  5. Players may carry up to 6 in Total Frags (Thunder B / Impact / Misc. Frag Grenades)
  6. Players may ONLY RELOAD at an MRP or FOB. Players CAN NOT reload in the field during play.
  7. Players running a shotgun platform must use shotgun shells and are limited to 25 shells on their person at one time.


  1. Drum/Box/C-Mags are only authorized to be used in SSWs.
  2. Rifleman/Sniper are allowed 7 midcaps (nonwinding) magazines.
  3. DMR Allowed 4 mid-cap nonwinding mags
  4. Shotguns are allowed 25 shells authorized to be used in SSWs.



NOTE: At this time AMS is not allowing any TAG launchables during gameplay. Launchables are restricted to nerf rounds and are only for ANTI-Vehicle at this time
  1. Grenades must simply detonate within 20 feet to eliminate a player. Grenade BB strikes are no longer required.
  2.  Any Pneumatic/Gas grenades that require CO2 or Green Gas/Propane are allowed.
  3. Foam / Nerf rockets are only effective on vehicles.
  4. Rockets fired by an HWS will have a 20ft kill radius from where they detonate.
  5. Rockets fired by an HWS are only effective on structures if they hit INSIDE the structure itself.
  6. Rockets fired by an HWS effectively disable all Vehicles but do not kill their occupants.
  7. Thunder B’s will be counted as a “grenade” with a lethal kill radius of 20 feet (must detonate).
  8. Smoke may not be used inside of buildings.
  9. No blank firing devices.


This section is based on our experiences with pyro devices.  If you have a device that you would like approved, AMS staff needs to physically see the device perform in order to approve it.  Please contact AMS to arrange this.

  1. TLSFX Thermobaric grenades
  2. TLSFX Thunderflash grenades
  3. TAG R2BS Grenades
  4. The use of any TAG launchable round is prohibited unless authorized by AMS prior to the event.
  5. Enola Gaye Flash Grenade (certain restrictions apply per event)
  6. All airsoft-manufactured grenades are allowed but no PRIMER STRIKE devices are allowed


  1. Players will need Eye Pro with “CLEAR” lenses for all Low/No Light operations, Full sealing ANSI rated still applies.
  2. Players will need to have a flashlight on their person for safety.
  3. Players must have a Red light stick/device, Chem light to signal they have been hit.
  4. Use of Night Vision, Thermal, or other types of NOD is allowed (dummy cord that gear!)
  5. All players are encouraged to operate “in pairs” during Low/No light operations.
  6. Any laser system must be “Eye-Safe.”
  7. Players are never to aim any laser system directly at the eyes of another player.
  8. Players are never to aim any laser system at any flying aircraft.


  1. Ballistic shields are not allowed
  2. Riot shields are not allowed.


  1. Sportsmanship is expected! Please call YOUR OWN hits!  DO NOT BOTHER TO CALL ANOTHER PLAYER’S HITS – MIND YOUR OWN HITS!
  2. Not calling your hits is cheating and will not be tolerated, period.  If you suspect a player is not calling their hits, do not take matters into your own hands. Please bring this to the attention of your SQL and the event staff; use the chain of command.
  3. Dead players do not talk! Dead players may only talk quietly to other dead players. Dead players do not shoot their guns; doing so immediately makes you a live target. Dead players do not improve their position or indicate other players’ positions while dead.
  4. Electronic warfare: jamming or listening in the opposition’s radio frequency is strictly prohibited (unless cleared by the administration).
  5. Covertly monitoring, through espionage or misrepresentation, of opposition force planning to include briefings and electronic mediums is not in the spirit of the game, and is prohibited.
  6. Blind fire: Shooting around corners and not being able to see where your BBs are going is not allowed.  Devices that allow you to shoot around corners, such as weapon-mounted cameras and mirrors are not permitted. Players must be looking down their sites at all times when firing. Players may not hide behind plexiglass and shoot only exposing their weapon system
  7. Airsoft is about HONOR; failure to play in an honorable manner will result in expulsion from the event. There will be no bullying, roughhousing, foul language (used in malice), or physical/mental intimidation anywhere at any time at an American Milsim event. Failure to follow these rules will result in expulsion from the event and AO.  No refunds will be given.


  1. Captured or killed players may be searched by an enemy player.
  2. To initiate a search, the enemy player must be at arm’s length to the dead or captured player and will say “I am searching you.”  At that moment, the dead or captured player must relinquish any intel items they have in their possession at the time of the search (intel, kill card, etc.)
  3. Players in possession of more than one “kill card” only have to relinquish one card per search/per death.
  4. Players cannot be searched after they have bled out and moved to re-spawn.


  1. A BB that strikes a player is counted as a hit.  This includes anything worn by the player including backpacks.
  2. Gun hits do not count as a player hit.


  1. Each squad will be assigned only one medic. Each Medic will be supplied with an event-specific medic patch. Any player caught reviving or being revived by teammates without the patch on the medic will be subject to a War Crime and sent back to FOB.
  2. A medic will treat a fellow player by going up to that player and bandaging the area where the player was hit
  3. A player may only be bandaged TWICE.
  4. Medics CAN NOT re-use bandages from “dead” players.
  5. A medic may not treat himself; only another medic can give them aid.
  6. Wounded players may be physically dragged, carried, lifted, etc., to a medic by any means that is NOT UNDER THEIR OWN POWER.
  7. Wounded players are NON AMBULATORY. This means you cannot move on your own power.
  8. All Players must have an IFAK on their person that contains TWO (2) ace-type bandages for the medic to treat them with. CAT or SOFT-T tourniquets are not acceptable.
  9. Medics must WRAP the bandages around the player’s arm, they are NOT allowed to TIE or have pre-made loops in which to tie the bandage onto a player.
  10. Bandages must be a MINIMUM of 4 ft (48in) in length each.
  11. Medics may be changed within the squad while at the FOB or between evolutions, but not while active on the AO.
  12.  If you do not wish to not be dragged to cover, you need to verbally communicate that to your squadmate.


Aid stations are locations during gameplay that allow players to respawn without returning to the FOB. An AID STATION will have both faction flags present just like a control point. The team currently owning the AID STATION must change the flag to their faction for the STATION to be active.

  1. An AID STATION only allows players to remove one bandage after being killed and return to gameplay. This means you cannot remove a bandage and then return 20 minutes later and remove another. It must be after a death.
  2. Players are not allowed to reload their mags at an AID STATION.
  3. If at any time the AID STATION takes effective fire, the AID STATION is then deemed inactive and players are not allowed to respawn there. An Admin will usually be on-site to determine the status of players.
  4. If a player dies in or around their contested aid station, normal medic rules apply
  5. Once a team eliminates all defending players at an AID STATION, they must change the flag to their corresponding faction and then it becomes active for them.


Mobile Respawn Points (MRP)/Medic Barrels may be used in-game.

  1. MRP may only be moved in transport configuration
  2. MRP may only be spawned at when completely setup/deployed.  (If unable to set up due to missing parts, players may not respawn at MRP).
  3. May be captured by the enemy.
  4. If captured, MRP must be broken down into transport configuration to move.
  5. Captured MRP must be returned to FOB for points.
  6. If an MRP is being transported by Ground Troops and Troops are killed, the MRP will be left in place.
  7. Captured MRP may not be used by the opposing team.  Tan MRP can only spawn UFS troops and Green MRP can only spawn CoST troops.
  8. MRP may be transported in vehicles.
  9. Troops must wait five (5) minutes at MRP before returning to gameplay.
  10. If an MRP is taking accurate fire, troops waiting to respawn must leave and go to the nearest alternate respawn point.  (If all the casualties at an Aid-Station or Casualty Collection Point are shot, then they are dead)
  11. MRP may not be deployed any closer than 50ft to a building.


  1. When a player is hit, they may vocally call for a medic that will attempt to revive them.
  2. Once a player is hit, they should sit or kneel down.  
  3. Players must wait at least 5 minutes for a medic to reach them. 
  4. Players that are hit can wait as long as needed for a medic to reach them.
  5. Players spawning at their FOB do not need to wait to re-enter the game.
  6. Players spawning at a MRP must wait 5 minutes before re-entering the game.

*Squad leaders should be knowledgeable enough to understand when their squad is combat ineffective and re-spawn his/her entire squad — 70% casualty rate is the magic number.


Approval Process

  1. Submit POV Application, Proof of insurance, and photos of your POV.
  2. Your photos and application will be passed on to your commander for Command Approval.  Be advised, this is not first-come, first-served and is up to your CO.  There will be limited POV per event so a commander is likely to explore his options before approving.
  3. Upon approval from your CO, AMS will be notified and a promo code will be issued so you may register your POV.
  4. On-site, your POV will be inspected and must meet Rule Set requirements for final approval. POV to be inspected as game ready.


Failure to follow these rules and regulations may result in a 10PT war crime and your POV pass being revoked without refund.

  1. Each POV will be given a POV number by staff.  This number must be VISIBLE at all times during the event.  It is the POV owner’s responsibility to place the POV number on their vehicle.
  2. POV pass and Agreement must be signed by the POV operator and/or owner.
  3. POV pass and agreement must be kept on the dash and visible at all times.
  4. Driver and front passenger windows must be up at all times.
  5. The driver must wear full-face protection.  Full seal eye pro and a lower face mask are acceptable.
  6. Players riding in an open Cab, Bed, or Side rails of POV must wear a helmet that offers bump protection.
  7. 4 Wheelers are not allowed as a POV.  (Player command staff are authorized (1) 4 wheeler for each faction and are only authorized at events where POVs are being utilized.)  These are for command transportation only and are not to be used as combat vehicles or gun trucks.
  8. ALL POVs MUST STAY within TEN feet of defined roads.  (POVs may pull off roads and around other vehicles, but no trailblazing).
  9. POV Issued Number:  You will be issued (4) 8.5×11 pieces of paper with your POV number printed on them.  These will be attached to all sides of your POV.  You may also stencil your assigned number to each side of your POV in 8.5×11 inches in size and easily seen.
  10. All POVs are required to have CB radio with an antenna to have direct contact with other POV and AMS commands throughout the event, channels will be assigned prior.  (An actual CB Radio on CB frequencies).  If your CB goes out, then your vehicle is off of the field.
  11. All POVs are required to have a ground guide when driving in reverse.  This means a passenger must exit the stopped vehicle with his dead rag on and guide the vehicles going in reverse.  Upon entering the POV, the ground guide will then take his dead rag off and resume play.  A ground guide cannot be killed so no need to shoot at him. A backup camera is acceptable in place of a ground guide but must have the appropriate field of view.
  12. All Player POVs are considered “Light Armor” regardless of aesthetic modifications.
  13. All POVs must have a First Aid Kit capable of stopping moderate bleeding.  The kit will be inspected on site.
  14. All POVs must have at least 4 Liters of drinking water.
  15. All POVs must have a fire extinguisher.
  16. POVs are limited to two mounted machine guns.
  17. POV machine guns are limited to twice the ammo of dismounted troops.  (This may vary from event to event)
  18. Only forward-facing gun shields are allowed.
  19. Forward-facing gun shields may not be seen through.  If it is made of Plexiglas, then it needs to be painted.
  20. All players firing from gun trucks must be able to see down the sights of their weapons.  Anything less is blind firing.
  21. If a gun truck wishes to have any windows closed, they must be covered with add-on armor. (This is to prevent windows from being rolled up and down throughout the weekend.
  22. Gun Turrets must have a 12” wide by 18” tall front opening for weapons.
  23. Any added gun ports must be a minimum 18”x12” and remain open at all times.
  24. Vehicles will be inspected on Friday.

The spirit of these requirements is to provide a useful vehicle that can transport and be fought out of, but that is also vulnerable and not a tank.


  1. Unauthorized vehicles are not allowed on the field of play, and are never to be used in a game (unless cleared by the administration).
  2. Player POVs are limited to 15 MPH.
  3. All POVs must prove they are insured and show proof at POV meeting.
  4. POV drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
  5. All players being transported in an open bed, on running boards or otherwise outside the cab area must wear helmets.  THIS INCLUDES IN THE STAGING AREA
  6. Players in ghillie suits WILL NEVER lie near vehicle roads, trails or in the driving path of any vehicle (USE COMMON SENSE).
  7. Vehicle must be at a complete stop for ingress/egress.  Players are not allowed to exit or enter ANY moving Vehicle.
  8. Players are never to stand, lay prone or supine next to a moving APC(s)/Tanks/POVs because of the turn radius/blind spots.
  9. Players should exercise EXTREME caution around APC(s)/Tank doors and hatches.  They are heavy and will easily “remove” fingers.
  10. Only HWS launched rockets disable vehicles. This does not kill the crew, but only disables the vehicle and forces the crew to exit or concede being killed and ride back to your FOB for re-spawn.
  11. If an HWS fired rocket strikes a vehicle, it is disabled for 5 minutes, and must serve a 5 minute “burn out” time.  If the players choose not to exit, the vehicle and any occupants are dead and must go back to FOB for re-spawn.
  12. If a vehicle receives a second rocket hit, all occupants of the vehicle are considered dead.
  13. If an HWS fired rocket should land inside the bed of the vehicle, all occupants are considered killed.
  14. Destroyed POVs must return to their primary FOB and check in with their leadership and serve a 10 minute “repair time”.
  15. Players shot inside a vehicle must exit the vehicle to receive medical attention (Medic’d)
  16. Vehicles cannot be TOUCHED killed by a player because of safety issues.
  17. Players must stay a minimum of 10FT from all moving POV.  If you are too close, move away.
  18. POVs will signal being destroyed by flashing their Hazard lights and / or Hoisting / Attaching a Dead Rag or Red Flag to the vehicle that is visible from all sides (i.e. Vehicle Radio antenna). Subject to change per event.
  19. POVs may not drive through smoke screens.
  20. Players are not allowed to throw grenades in the back of a vehicle.


  1. All players that will operate in a helicopter must be AT LEAST 18 years of age.
  2. All players that will operate in a helicopter must fill out a liability release form (will be given during briefing).
  3. All players that will operate in a helicopter must keep their bodies and legs inside the cab of the helicopter.
  4. All players that will operate in a helicopter must stay seated until the helicopter crew chief gives the all-clear.
  5. All players that will operate in a helicopter must wear their seat belt until instructed by the crew chief to remove it.
  6. All players that will operate in a helicopter must wear a helmet with a chin strap (replicas allowed)
  7. Players will never point their weapons or fire their weapons at any Helicopter in the air or on the ground.

(Staff may use “props” to simulate anti-aircraft weapon systems)


  1. 10PT deduction per POV violation plus 1 hour parked
  2. 3rd violation of the same POV is parked for the weekend with no refund
  3. After 5th POV violation per faction will result in an additional 20PT deduction


Certain American Milsim events will employ UAVs / UAG(s) by staff. 

  1. UAV / UAG(s) can be used as a means for forces to “recon the battlefield” gathering enemy troop movement and strength.
  2. UAV / UAG(s) will be used by the American Milsim staff to gather footage for promotion.
  3. All private UAV / UAG(s) MUST be approved by American Milsim staff PRIOR TO DEPLOYMENT.
  4. American Milsim does not allow gas-powered Arial UAVs.
  5. Players may at no time, shoot at or around UAV / UAG(s) while in flight or on the ground.
  6. Drone operator must go through AMS drone safety brief with Faction CO prior to deployment.


  1. No real steel firearms are ever to be present at any American Milsim operation.


  1. Alcohol is prohibited during all American Milsim operations within the AO.

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