What do I need to bring to an American Milsim event?

American Milsim players are expected to be self-sufficient.  If you are camping on site, you will need to bring the typical type camping gear – Tent, canopy, sleeping bag, water, food medication, etc…

What will I need to bring onto the Field during gameplay?

Most players bring a FOB (Forward Operating Base) bag that will contain: BBs, batteries, extra weapons systems, flash light, extra eye pro, water, snacks / food, medication, first aid kit, spare parts, etc.  Having this staged at your FOB helps prevent players from having to head back to their vehicles for items.

How are long are American Milsim events?

AMS events are typically broken up into two evolutions, one Saturday and one Sunday. Typical playtime is around eight hours on Saturday and around four hours on Sunday.

I’ve bought my AMS event ticket, what do I do now?

The next step is to make sure you have read and understand the rules, you have the proper faction uniform and then join your faction’s Facebook group (they can be found on the American Milsim’s main Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AmericanMilSim/).  Once on your faction page, you can ask questions and be part of the command planning process.

If I have question regarding ticketing, a charge or order how can I contact American Milsim

You can call 8AM-5PM CST 855-466-4574 or email info@americanmilsim.com.  We typically answer emails within 24 hours.

What’s the difference between and AMS event and a AMSL event?

American Milsim Local (AMSL) events are held at local established fields to help support and grow that community and encourage the new players to get involved with MILSIM.

Does American Milsim play into the night?

Yes; typically the Saturday evolution will run about 1 hour past Nautical Twilight.

Does every American Milsim event have a Direct-Action Mission (D.A.M.) portion?

No; depending on AO type and staff strength, only certain AOs have a DAM evolution.

Why are Direct Action Missions (D.A.M.) tickets an additional cost?

Direct Action Missions are an additional ticket, the cost of which covers staff, pyro, blank fire and other SFX for the DAM experience.  Each player will receive a American Milsim DAM PVC patch on the successful completion of their DAM Evolution.

When can I buy tickets for an American Milsim event?

While we try to announce the new year calendar in January, registration for any given event typically opens 90 days prior to the event date.