• OPERATION: Blacksite 3
  • DATE: January 20-21, 2024
  • AO: Fort McClellan – Anniston, AL*
  • REGISTRATION:  $225.00 + Tax per player


Anniston, Alabama – The City of Anniston, Alabama, home to one of the nation’s largest munition plants, finds itself at a pivotal crossroads in the ongoing conflict. Early in the war, the United Federal States (UFS) held control of the facility, but for the past four years, the Coalition (COST) has successfully maintained its grip despite numerous UFS attempts to reclaim it. However, recent developments have left this strategic location potentially vulnerable, as the Coalition reallocates its resources to other conflict zones across the country.

In response to this shift, the Coalition has entrusted the Civilian Defense Force (CDF) with the responsibility of maintaining control in the Anniston area for over a year. The CDF has admirably succeeded in keeping the region clear of hostile activity, maintaining a semblance of peace despite the ongoing conflict.

Recent intelligence intercepted by UFS suggests that the Coalition’s focus has shifted away from Anniston, leaving the CDF to operate with limited support as the primary guardians of this critical facility. This development has not gone unnoticed by the UFS, which views this as an opportunity to launch a concentrated effort to regain control of the munition plant once and for all.


  • AGE LIMIT – This event is a national-level event. Players under the age of 14 will not be permitted.
  • ATTENTION!! All American Milsim Events are bio bb only!!


Included in the enlistment fee all players will receive the following at check-in:

  • Black Site 3 Event PVC Patch
  • AMS Event Veteran PVC Patch
  • AO Map
  • Ticket for Game End Raffle