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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.
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IC2 AAR by Krunch

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AAR for IC2


Arrived at Camp Shelby for IC2 after lunch Saturday, with the help from B.B. Raiders we unpacked our stuff and rushed over to registration and crono.

Thanks to the staff for their friendly support and understanding for our arriving late.


With prep finished and lining up for IC2 launch the excitement increases, we are gathered up and labeled as the lost boys of COST. We are driven into town and dropped off behind enemy lines.


With about 45 mins till launch of IC2 we're talking and setting up small assault teams to break out of building W once IC2 is cleared for launch.


IC2 launches off with a boom, Pyro goes off and the battle starts. My fire team heads to V. With me I had Preacher, Gunny and Cap, also Tommy with a stoner. Arsenal was 2 DMR's, 1 M-4, and my MP5.


Once we took V we set sniper spots, stationed the stoner to cover the corner of JJ while our snipers covered crossing fire lines. Myself and Gunny covered the stairs and the door.


Paul (Warhead) our Squad command stayed in W while Harrison (Spice) took his fireteam into X to stop the advancing UFS.


Our game plan was to slow the advancement of UFS at the bridge and honestly that's what we did for well over a hour, giving COST time to secure upper city and move towards lower city.


Once our squad 1-3 lost enough guys we rallied back to F.O.B. to reload and get new orders. Upon our return COST had advanced from upper city into lower city signifying we've accomplished our goal.


Once returning from COST F.O.B we found ourselves defending the Mosque and repelling attacks from the UFS forces trying to breakout.


With most of the evening done we moved back and forth between the Mosque, V, X, and W areas eventually helping push UFS back into a corner.


With to many awesome moments to put into this AAR I have to say this year's AMS event has exceeded my expectations and that I'm proud of what AMS has done this year. From time changes to rule changes it really helped with the game.


Day 2 started off slow but once everyone showed up we pushed hard.


Squad 1-3 was tasked to hold V corner and the ditch. I guess UFS felt it was a vital corner to gain (which it was). We dropped many UFS but we where slowly losing men and didn't have medics readily available to revive. After several mins UFS made a massive push on V, while they took heavy losses, myself, Cap, and Preacher couldn't hold them off and we eventually fell to their advance.


With UFS pushing our right flank hard we focused our assault there. We tried many times but with the lose of JJ we couldn't breakout. So tactic changed as a team was stationed to keep UFS out of CC to keep our F.O.B secure. Once secure we pushed left into II with a massive rally and began the slow push out. We re-took JJ from there securing a front line. Once JJ was secure we had a open window and we pushed back our right flank securing V.


As the day progressed we found ourselves working into NN repelling any UFS advance from there.


I personally want to thank each UFS player that maintained a good attitude during this event. I'm personally proud of you and your squad for holding to a high standard and not falling to quick tempers.


American MilSim and all the sponsor that attended I tip my hat to you guys and say thanks for an amazing time. Myself and my 16yr old son will never forget the memories we've created while enjoying a sport we so love.



Jerry Touchstone

Call sign- Krunch

Squad- B.B. Raiders

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