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JP's Official AAR w/ Point Break Down

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Another FG in the books... whew!


Players feedback this event was extremely positive,  we adjusted some of our protocols, added additional admin staff, as well as secondary Combat Controllers and it looks like it paid dividends in return.


We also introduced "War Crimes" which tracks player and team rule infractions and gives a fixed point penalty depending on the type of infraction.


Let me first say a big thank you to the GTI staff (Brian and Chadd!), the amazing AMS Admin staff that were pretty much Johnny on the spot when an admin was called, our Combat Controller (except Rick, because RIX SUX!) Greg and Mel! Oliver Love and our DAM OPFOR, our sponsors, they do a ton of stuff for guys behind the scenes helping to make AMS event the best player experience out there!


Last but not least, you the players...


As owners Rick, Bo, Blake and myself put our heart and soul and blood into AMS (in my case LITERALLY, blood.) we take your feedback VERY seriously. At the end of the day we are players just like you, we are cut from the same cloth and want to put on the BEST possible events for you guys.


Ok with that all out of the way...


This was the most competitive Faded Giant event we have held. At times both factions had hemmed the other in and also dominated the majority of the main facility. I personally saw the momentum change 4 different times on Saturday through both evolutions.


The MAIN objective was to locate 7 Data Access points throughout the facility. Once a Data Access point was located you had to get your combat controller to it so he could then download the data from it. Prior to that you had to gather at least three pieces of intel off of KIA opposing faction players. Once you had the correct 3 pieces of intel you were able to access the Data Point DATA.


In addition there were 3 "Control Points" that could be contested and were scored along with FRAGOs through the day.


Main Objectives and FRAGOs are always scored higher than a "Control Point".


UFS was able to locate all 7 DATA POINTS.


CoST was able to locate 4 DATA POINTS.


Gross Score Totals for FG3:


UFS:  360

CoST:  315


UFS War Crimes:  -48

CoST War Crimes: -39


Net Total Score for FG3:


UFS: 312 (w)

CoST: 276






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Congratulations UFS! You guys played hard and you will get no cry baby complaints from me. Very worthy players and command, kudos to you all!


CoST members hold your heads high! We have nothing to be shamed about. You guys played as hard as any I have ever saw at ANY airsoft event and points cannot be assessed to intangibles. I am still proud of our ability and achievements at FG3!


All being said, FG3 was some of the most fun and best times I have had in my adult life and I have done some pretty cool stuff! I personally have absolutely no regrets. Its amazing what a weekend can do for ones personal motivation when surrounding by great people and tuff challanges. Be forewarned, I put 110% into this endeavor, but I know I can squeeze out more and will certainly do so. I promise!


AMS you have won my friends and I over and promise you, for better or worst, that you will be seeing us agian!


The biggest thanks once more to ALL the owners, staff, command and players!!! I look forward to when our paths meet agian! Till then be safe and well in your journeys!


Mr. Yuk out.

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Guest Specs

Always a fan of seeing the break down.


Though I'll admit, (while I love the idea of war crimes) I HATE seeing them tarnishing my sides scores. UFS players need to get their acts together... those are valuable points being thrown away for lack of research and knowledge of the ruleset on the part of the infringers.


Great job to both teams! Haven't seen any griping about unfair play or a lack of coolness on either side, and that's what tells me an event went as it should.

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So proud of both teams and their leadership! 

Please take time to thank your command for all the work they did to make sure you guys had a great time!

These guys don't get to rurally get in the fight and do what you guys do. 

This was the first time we had TWO new CO's and they did an outstanding job! Thanks CANDY and ZIPPO!

I can tell you one thing.. When we put all this work into events and they pan out the right way and you guys are happy.. there is not much more satisfying than that.


Thank you all for your support of AMS and we will see you on the field!

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