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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.

IRONCLAD Official Score Card

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As always, it takes me about 7 days to unwind from an AMS event. Camp Shelby is a great facility and I'd personally like to thank all of their staff for being so accommodating and friendly.


The CACTF itself is a meat grinder as I am sure you all found out that weekend. For you players that do not follow the American Milsim storyline; in 2013 the Federal forces received a bloody nose from the Coalition and it appeared they were on the road to help other states secede from the Union. However this year the Federals have put together a core of highly motivated NCOs and engaged in a full on counter offensive into Coalition territory and so far it has paid off.


The backstory for IRONCLAD; the Coalition was about to spearhead a new offence into the Eastern and Western Federal states.  Shelby City was the command and control hub for this new offensive. Federal forces learned of this via their intelligence apparatus and decided on a decapitation strike. Since Shelby City was heavily defended by Coalition forces, the Federals would have to use brute force to gain control.


Both factions were able to accomplish the majority of their ancillary objectives.


The Federal forces were able to secure and decrypt 3 of the 4 ciphers, but the Coalition held strong to OP: DIAMOND assault after assault, even when all hope looked to be lost.


For the time being the Coalition Military Communication network is secure and their counter-offensive is on the move.


Federal forces were unable to gain total control of Shelby City in the operational window, even though they made sizable gains inside the East complex.


The event was extremely competitive point wise, with only 1 major and 1 minor objective separating the factions. Three objectives were left unaccomplished at Sunday's ENDEX.


Regardless how you as an individual soldier might have felt regarding your command staff, they actually got the majority of objectives accomplished/attempted.



IRONCLAD Total Score


CoST - 390

UFS - 430 (W)




I'd like to touch on the points of some of the AARs I have seen and the changes we will make to address some of the issues brought forth.


All Media will be required to wear a YELLOW or ORANGE vest/shirt on the active AO; only Admins will be allowed to wear the color RED.


There will be limited Media slot per event that require registration.


We will be altering our chronograph procedure to have dedicated chronos displayed in Joules for HPA users in addition to extra training for our staff members on proper securing techniques of HPA weapon systems and their regulators.


The Combat Controller will play a larger role with faction command to help facilitate more structure and event cohesion.


Night Evolutions will be a scored continuation of the day evolution with an additional low-light themed FRAGOs.


We will also be implementing "War Crimes" which will be point reductions for players found not following the AMS ruleset; this includes high caps, hot guns, non-sealing eyepro, uniform regulation violations, etc.


Also players, understand it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be self-sufficient. AMS is not responsible for you having enough water on your person. The water we provide each faction's FOB is a courtesy of which many did not partake.  BE responsible for your OWN COMM system, IC used simple FRS/GMRS frequencies prior to the event. TEST your comms out with your command staff. If you should have a comm failure during play USE A RUNNER. Playing the night evolution? Bring a FLASHLIGHT! Yes, it will be dark. Yes moving could be hazardous. While we try our best, we can't always guarantee your personal experience will be full of non-stop action.  Plan accordingl, get invovled in the game and have FUN! ;)


Again to the players, a big thank you to each and every one of you for participating in this event and we hope to see you again at our future events. 





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