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  1. Looking at the form, I would say just for this event. Its named up near the top as for this event.
  2. And how would someone counter a UGV? I assume you are OK with a rocket breaking things on it? Or perhaps it being shot to the point its inoperable?
  3. Hat3d1


    C'mon Specs, cut him a break, its obvious the kid needs some help, I mean, he IS on UFS for crying out loud.
  4. This is in no way official, so take it with a grain of salt. That mirror system is just a way to game rules. Eliminating blind fire, forces people to expose themselves. To prevent people camping like bitches.. Hell if I could sit behind cover expose only my weapon and force people to attack me... PLATOONS would not be able to pass one man doing so. Its a bitch move, a cheap tactic, in this game.. Real life? I would be ALL about a cornershot device.. This is a game. A game where HONOR is stressed. Not bitch tactics.. You allow such things, every one will get one, no one will play, It will be constant bitch camping. No one will have fun. And milsim/airsoft will fold. We are all here to have fun. As for the gun hits, regardless of if a field says gun hits don't count? I role play as it at least disables my primary. It gives me a reason to carry a primary ( after the 0 med was introduced, its the only way I can justify the weight, along with its a whole lot of fun pistol killing people)
  5. Hat3d1

    Belt Question

    Gonna echo the sentiments here, Suspenders are a god send.
  6. I prefer the when they think that they do, I love being called a cheater. "How can you hit me if I'm not hitting you!" "PDI BITCH!"
  7. Paracord, Duct Tape, JB Weld. If you can't make it work with those three... You are fucked.
  8. I would venture, of us guys with range? Our shit is already dialed in. And has been dialed for a while.
  9. I will say, unless you know what you are doing with real kit, please don't actually utilize them in a real world emergency. (Candy looks like he is prepared to the point I would guess he is well trained lol) I think EVERYONE would benefit from carrying some real bandages, along with those CPR trained, to carry a barrier shield, or at least be prepared to do compressions. But the untrained guys running around with Tourniquets, please don't try and use those. Everyone would benefit from taking a actual first aid course if they have not. As for the OP, That really depends on your fields medic rules. If you are using the AMS rules? I would suggest your Medics be CLEARLY designated as medics. Such as, every in game medic MUST have a medic patch of some sort, preferably something unique to the field, to prevent fake medics... That is actually something I would like to see AMS start in the future. Perhaps a Squad designated medic patch. Issues for a particular OP. I realize that its an added expense, but I see it taking some of the "handy" medics. I know I've seen small squads have two or three "medics" at a time, its frustrating on both sides when your not able to push through as there are miracle heals everywhere. If you are not using the AMS rules, then invent your own, or use some existing ones, for instance, I LOVE the medic knots that have been used before, where you have a paracord with three small knots in them that the medic must untie one to heal.. It takes a bit of time, and behooves a medic to carry a small pair of needlenose pliers or something to assist in unknotting.. Otherwise they have to strip a glove off and use their nails. Its a little more fun to be than the bandages, but the Bandages are WAY more visable.
  10. (This is a Effing BRILLIANT idea guys)
  11. Also, there will be POV's on the field, so don't get run over.
  12. I support 36 hour straight games. Eat, sleep, in the field, it's not gonna appeal to the large player base, but I think it would be a blast... I really just wanna knife a whole sleeping squad.
  13. Registered. POV. Do work ETC. #lipstickbubblegumrocketlauncher
  14. LBX needs to get on board and make budget fat kid stuff!
  15. As a fellow big guy, 6'5 300# My Plate Carrier is a Condor Quick release (modded to never release) I have a fast helmet, Its either a Lancer or Emerson Gloves (Mechanix all day erry day) Boots. I wear Converse Tactical boots. They are a delight. No break in period, just straight up comfy. Find a safety shoe supplier in your area and see if they have them in stock to try on. I am lucky enough to have a Gelco nearby.
  16. Hey JP any ruling on this? If the M27 is a viable SAW platform, it saves me from buying and building a 249.
  17. Poor UFS. No idea what hornets nest they have stirred up.
  18. How about a plate carrier designed for us Larger Men. Would love to see more Fat Kid Friendly Tac gear.
  19. Mad love to p* for being on site, with air ( Big WTF to the players showing up to the AO with several EMPTY tanks... Unless you flew, no excuses) And for helping SEVERAL of us who had solenoid problems Saturday morning. Damn cold.
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