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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.

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  1. You will need to bring your own bedding.
  2. The Rick


    Good to hear. I will check on the XXL for you.
  3. Let's keep in mind this is feedback we value and need from you. I am the admin you speak of at Check Point 4. When I arrived I received concerns from the Tan. I personally walked to Compound # 4 to look for Miller's rockets. I found no rocket in the compound but did find one short and one that seemed to overshot the compound. Yes I agree it could have been moved out of the compound but I cannot make decisions based off ones statement. I asked the very same questions to the green to hear he fell short and long. I personally delivered Millers rockets back to him to see him on Saturday evening and Sunday fall way short multiple times. Therefore, I sensed tension so I spent the next 3 hours literally on top of the cars of compound 4 monitoring the concerns. The biggest problem I saw with compound 4 was the lack of rockets fired. I even walked to the Tan to say for every 1 you kill two are replaced since it was an easy walk into the compound from the East. I cannot tell you the amount of hours taken to overtake position 4 when it only took a rocket to remedy the situation. Overall I agree with your post, tensions were high at position 4 and to top off the amount of cease fire called. Unforunate circumstances and lesson learned for the AMS staff. Thank you for the feedback!
  4. Great post everyone. It is good to know many of you understand the challenges of running an event. AMS tries to deliver an exciting weekend but cannot be done without honorable players on the field. We cannot be everywhere at once, this venue based on the layout had its challenges and we learned a few things along the way. I spent a great deal of time Saturday afternoon at location 4 and witnessed a lot of good sportsmanship. I saw some complaining but I understand it can be discouraging when firing for hours at a pile of cars and seeing little progress. What you must understand for every player you shot 2 more showed up since it was an easy walk into the car compound from the other side. Regardless, many of you know there is always going to be that guy that complains and is upset. This is milsim, things can change on the fly and you must adapt and overcome the obstacle. I appreciate you guys for leading by example and helping stimulate the sport we enjoy so much. See you on the battlefield!
  5. Hey guys here is an update on food vendors..... Friday Local on site concessions (BBQ and more) Lunch Box - Few blocks from AO, will be prepared to handle those looking for a sit down meal. Saturday Marine League Corps - On site - All three meals Sunday Marine League Corps - On site - Breakfast & Lunch
  6. I have spoken to the lodge owner this morning.... The rooms are starting to fill up so if you are interested you may want to call and book your reservation. The new pricing for the AMS event is $50.00 for the weekend per person. They are not always at the lodge but can be contacted on their cell 580-678-0015.
  7. For those that paid for indoor camping you will be camping in the Roosevelt Elementary. Roosevelt Elementary 612 Dunn Street Roosevelt, OK 73564 The school has two very large open areas, cafeteria and a few classrooms. Two large public restrooms.
  8. There are two places to catch a bite in Roosevelt. Sunny's Express SR-19 & US-183 (North side of town) (580) 639-2656 Gas station with limited groceries. Serves breakfast and other items like chicken, burritos and fries The Lunch Box 801 S. Main Street (South side of town) (580) 639-2118 This nice small cafe offers hamburgers, Frito pies, chili, salads, fries and onion rings. We had lunch here and encourage you to stop by and give it a try.
  9. Hey guys for those looking for RV hookups, about 5-8 miles south of town is the Great Plains State Park. The website with details are provided below. http://www.travelok.com/listings/view.profile/id.3201
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