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  1. https://ibb.co/Bc7WQbW https://ibb.co/ct2T18V I'm with the Army but when I get out I plan on running a similar setup for Milsim. First things first, unit SOP dictates a bare minimum of what you need to have on your IOTV/Plate Carrier. Depending on your BN/Company you may be able to run your shit however you want. But some units you need your IFAK on a certain side, a canteen on the opposite, camelbak and your magazines on your front. My company commander doesnt care as long as you have the minimum requirements. Quick rundown: White = For Plugging Holes Violet/Pink/Magenta = For Preventing Holes Yellow = For Making Holes Orange= Miscellaneous Not pictured: Small Dump Pouch on Riggers Belt 1= IFAK, US Army Issue, contains an Israeli Bandage, NPA, Chest Seal, Eye shield, Red/Green/Blue/White micro light, Gauze, Gauze Pad 2a 2b 2c = CAT TQ in issued TQ pouch, excluding 5c which is stored in an elastic stretch. I make sure to keep a TQ on each side of the PC. 3 = Trauma Shears for shedding a casualties equipment/Uniform 4a, = Side SAPI Plate, Unit dictates I must run side pouches, so I run the UCP sideplate pouches off my IOTV. Blends in with the rug pretty well 4b = Small SAPI Cut Plates. I also run a Qoreperformance ICEPLATE, its a Hardshell camepbak in the shape of a SAPI that you run inbetween your Vest and your skin, and you can freeze it/fill it with hot water and as it melts/cools it provides drinkable water. The best camelbak on the market no doubt. It can provide 4 hours of a frozen water source that keeps you cool. Also frozen water is proven to be a somewhat reliable armor addition depending on the caliber/velocity. 5a, 5b, = Standard Issue OCP Double Magazine Pouches. Dont use the flaps because the elastic on the sides retains the magazines well. 5c = HSGI Admin pouch. The unique thing about this pouch is that it can store an extra magazine/TQ on the bottom of it, and also can store x2 Magazines behind it. I keep MRE Toilet Paper, ASP Zipcuffs, Regular zipties, Chemlites, Maps, and extra batteries in it. On the elastic bottom band I have a single CAT TQ with a Push-Sharpie. 6 = A SOCP Dagger, my utility/fighting knife. Stored with the sheath in the MOLLE webbing. 7 Orange = Gerber Strap Cutter, for shedding seatbelts if in a rolled over vehicle, shedding vests, uniforms, and also opening MREs. Its basically a hook with only the inside of the hook sharpened so you dont have to worry about cutting yourself or your casualty. 7 White = Qore Performance Icevents. The best self-cooling padding out there, period. Can be used as any sort of padding- belts, vests, headsets, helmets, backpacks, anything. 8 = Permanent Marker/Pen. On the internaI admin pouch I keep a 9 line card, and a US ARMY Smart Card. 9 = S Clip NLB Carabiner. For attaching your gloves/sling to. Poor mans single point sling converter. Can also be used to retain a slung weapon if searching detainees/climbing ladders/door breaching. 10 = Ironclad EXO Gloves. Going to be upgrading to MECHANIX M-PACT 3 tans.
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