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  1. I may be a couple weeks late to this, but I took my M16a3 and epoxied a piece of steel in a hole I drilled into the lower receiver that prevents full auto capabilities.
  2. G_Buckwheat


    It is optional, but it is very practical to do so. It certainly keeps you off the streets when your tired from a day of running up and down those damned hills.
  3. Good to have you back in the mix, fellow Okie. If your sons are true Americans they should like to at least be doing outdoorsy shit with their old man. I'll be at BH7 as well and fully intend to take down the enemy CO at some point.
  4. There's only one issue I see in your kit and that is the amount of A&M items. They should be Citadel, VMI, or Norwich for the real SMC's haha. Nah man, I'm just busting your balls. That kit of yours looks pretty bitchin. Also, congrats on joining the CoST family.
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