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  1. Some great & funny suggestions! I agree that "Better Angels" is an aweome and historically monumental line. It could also make for a great OP Patch
  2. Grozny was awesome. Check out our 5 vids of Grozny action starting here: And here is our interview with KILROY:
  3. Hey there, AMS Peoples! Just discovered this forum and am excited to check it out! We're a Rockwall based airsoft team (Just Northeast of Dallas) that loves all kinds of fields and game types. We've got a dedicated youtube channel ( youtube.com/seraphimairsoft ) where we've got vids covering everything from CQB, Woodland, Loadouts, Gun Reviews, and Unboxings of new guns and gear. We've just recently entered into a partnership with Fact Action Airsoft in Fort Worth to make vids especially for them. Looking forward to playing alongside AMS (and our pals with MAKO) at Helium 2 in September. sike with Seraphim Airsoft
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