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  1. Thanks man! Ive been told the same thing having accidentally made 2 posts and not knowing how to delete one lol. But yeah I think Im going to buy up my friends old Classic Army M15a4 Pro model and go get it fixed up and buy a different trishot, a shorter one with no stock, and just place it on my kit. I lie shotguns too much
  2. I didnt add all the other stuff on the list because I have most of it, I got 1 or 2 FOB bags (3 if you count an old ruck). I have boots issued through ROTC and my own set as well. DO you think coms is necessary? The PC im buying comes with a general purpose pouch, a PRC radio pouch, and a plain jane triple stack pouch on the front. AS for the weapon its a 10.5 with an old unknown mock can on it so im going to stop buy a local tech and get it fixed up. As for squads im in a crappy ROTC unit and used to getting shit on so I think ill be fine.My idea was instead of grabbing a gas pistol Id just buy a sawn off trishot and place it on my kit like my dad did in Iraq, when he was breaching buildings. Any thoughts? Oh bolt cutters, I want them on the MAP, they look bad ass, but practical or no. Thunder B's for clearing in place of m18 flashes or just go and get some R2B's? Thanks you guys are awesome.
  3. Yeah I think im going to do that. And as for gear Im looking at a TMC 6094 and a MAP pack, woodland BDUs and all that. Basci kit that cost less than 250 all together. Was gonna buy a LOT of shells as well
  4. Like im JROTC and im the Raider Team commander so Im in decent shape, as in I can run around in kit and not be wheezing. My friend has an old Classic Army M15A4 that has some electrical issues but is in other wise stellar shape, plus he runs a thompson so he said its mine. You seem pretty grizzled in the art of Milsim so you do think thats a viable thing to do? Id just get a smaller version of my trishot and place on my back with some 550 or something
  5. Thanks for the responses guys! Yeah I took into effect the shell conundrum. I guess ill just have to bite the bullet and buy an AEG even though I like gas blow backs. I got a year. The idea was Id be Breach/ CQC with some Thunder B's and my friend has the AEG and we'd roll with the squad everywhere. Any suggestions for the carbine? Because I like the idea of stringing it on my kit.
  6. I have a fullsize SAS Franchi 12 tripshot and I can engage targets out to a hundred feet or so fairly accurately, maybe more thats just as far as ive tested it. Ive seen nothing saying these are allowed, or outlawed for that matter. I plan on attending FG5 next year and im planning now. Would it make a useable kit? Id rather sink money into gear first before a new weapon.
  7. Hi my name is Andrew and im situated in southern North Carolina which puts me in a good position to go Faded Giant 5 (hopefully it takes place next year). What im here to ask is the weapons rule. Im 16 so income is limited and this summer is going to be my only chance to work. Im going to spend it mostly on gear and save a few hundred and I have a weapon currently, although its the full size ASG Franchi SAS 12 trishot. Are these allowed? I know its a noob gun but I like shot guns and id rather not spend a ton of money on a new gun just yet. I can accurately engage a man size target out to about 100 feet so I think its skirmishable. Not very Milsim I know, sorry. Thanks in advance and Im sorry if I stepped on any toes or broke any rules.
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