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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Id really like to have an airsoft sniper perform as well as some of these youtube celeberties that i see all the time but im really bad when it comes to upgrading guns myself. Has anyone ever had any luck with having some one build their gun who really knows what they are doing?
  2. Im sorry about the inconvenience. The night that you told me you were interested someone told me that they had cash on hand ready to go for paypal, it's first come first serve buddy and he got his money to me first. I refunded you as soon as I could. I'm sure that there will be more people trying to sell their tickets here soon.
  3. Please message me if you would like to see pictures and i can send them to you via phone, my computer has had issues uploading photos. 5.11 tac tec vest od green-50 5.11 tac tec chest rig sandstone tan-40 safariland drop leg m9 holster-20 serpadrop leg platform- 20 1911 serpa-15 serpa belt mount-10 5 double m4 od green-5 each 20 set 1 double m4 tan-5 1 double m4 shingle tan-5 1 double pistol pouchod-5 1 condoor emt pouch od-5 eo tech 512- $315 3-9x30mm off brand scope-15 leupold mark 4 missing illumination cap-45 aimpoint style rds on cantilever mount-15 if your interested please shoot me a message or leave a comment, thank you
  4. Im going to have a hard time making it down to the event due to work so if you havent already bought a ticket shoot me a message.
  5. By the time I got my vacation request approved from work the event was already sold out. If there is any one who has to sell their ticket cost or ufs please shoot me an email at sfischer2012@gmail.com. Thanks
  6. This is kind of a stupid question but I need to just clarify so I don't come down to an event with a gun that is illegal. I have a polarstar M16 that I turned into a dmr and it still has the ability to go into full auto. If I were to use bondo or superglue or whatever externally to prevent the switch to flip all the way over would that be ok? Thanks!
  7. With all the gear and whatnot that we wear to these events I wouldn't be entirely opposed to raising the fps limit to 450 or 500 for the rifleman class. It can be difficult to feel or hear your hits when you're wearing so much and I think it would help get rid of some of the shrugging.
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. Sorry I had googled m249 upgrades and got nothing back, then i saw them listed on evike after i posted this but i couldnt take the topic down. FSF_TIM-did you buy a feed cover like that with the rail on that or did you do it yourself?
  9. I love running my 249 during events however its very difficult to carry around and awkward to shoot standing. Does anyone know where to buy external accessories and upgrades like rail systems and railed feed covers or retractable stocks?
  10. i have an eo tech replica for sale fully traded that works well for sale $60 shipped
  11. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to go to IC this year and I need to sell the ticket before next week. If your interested I will be selling both tickets for $135. Thanks, Sean
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