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  1. Possibly, if I can find someone to buy this plate carrier..... I need money to fix my broken rifles...
  2. Price is shipped. I don't know how to post pictures so shoot me a PM with your email or number and I'll get pictures to you. Genuine HSGI Weesatch w/side plate carrier adapter. Weesatch is coyote brown, ESAPI side carrier is OD green. I can provide additional pictures upon request. I got this back in 2008 and gave it to my brother in 2010 who was US Army Infantry and saw multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. He loved this plate carrier better then anything he was issued by the Army. But I have to fix some broken AEG's that I need to fix and I have a Pig Rig that I love, so no need for this one. I'm willing to look at towards this rig, depending on what is offered. Here are some items that I'm looking for: Daniel Defense Mk18 rail Gates Titan MOSFET rear wired for version 2 Gearbox AKM midcaps Any type of MOLLE pouches Any type of M4 varaint Just shoot me an offer and we can go from there.
  3. Rowdy

    WTS: Gear

    Just like this: http://www.hsgi.us/proddetail.php?prod=HSG-MRU&cat=35 Expect it doesn't have the internal pocket.
  4. Buyer pays shipping, free local delivery. Paypal, Cash or money order only. If you pay by Paypal, add 3% for fees, or select the gift option. If you pay by money order or cash and I'm having to ship to you, you will mail me the funds first. I will always ship with USPS Delivery Confirmation. If you want any closer or more detailed pictures, let me know & I can email or text to you. All gear is used unless otherwise noted. Not looking for trades, Injury won't let me play for a while, so here it is. (1 ea.) Pair of Blackhawk WarriorWear Desert Ops Boots Size 9 Used, but in Excellent Condition $20.00 ea I'm willing to make a deal on multiple items or on the whole thing, shoot me a PM with an offer. If you lowball me, I'm just going to ignore your ass. In order from left to right, up to down. (1 ea.) Condor Black GP Pouch, Black $5.00 ea. (1 ea.) Tactical Tailor Grenade Pouch, Tan $5.00 ea. (1 ea.) Spec-Ops Brand Spent Mag/Gas Mask Pouch, Tan $15.00 ea. (1 ea.) HSGI Whatever Pouch, Tan $15.00 ea. (3 ea.) Tactical Tailor Double M4 Mag Pouch, Tan $10.00 ea. (1 ea.) Camelbak HydroPak, 3 Color Desert (Very Faded, No Bladder) $5.00 ea. (1 ea.) Camelbak Armorbak, Tan $30.00 ea. (1 ea.) Chinese Brand SKS Rig, Puke Green $5.00 SPF to Stray/OkAirsoft (3 ea.) Alliance (Eagle Industries) Single M4 Mag Pouch, Tan $5.00 ea. (1 ea.) SDS (Specialty Defense Systems) M249 Drum Pouch, also fits 3 M4 mags, Woodland Camo $5.00 (1 ea.) SDS (Specialty Defense Systems) Triple M4 Mag Pouch, Woodland Camo, $5.00 (2 ea.) Eagle Industries Double-Single M4 Mag Pouch, Tan $5.00 ea. (1 ea.) Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch, Tan $5.00 SPFto Hack/AMS (1 ea.) Condor Pistol Mag Pouch, Black Free with Any Purchase SPF to Stray/OkAirsoft (1 ea.) Maxpedition Monkey Admin Pouch, Green $15.00 ea. (1 ea.) Alliance (Eagle Industries) Admin Panel, Tan $5.00 SPF to Stray/OkAirsoft (1 ea.) Condor Tornado Holster, Green $5.00 SPF to Hack/AMS (1 ea.) Issued Point Blank Interceptor Outer Vest, Woodland Camo $125.00 ea. Not Pictured, No Armor (1 ea.) Set of Hand-Cut Camp Mat Plates $3.00 ea.
  5. Not sure yet. I'm still dealing with a injury from work that is preventing me from doing much playing right now. I can make sure that they get there though. Mags are SPF.
  6. Size: Small Color: Ranger Green Price: $100 Shipping: $10 If you have any questions, ask away an I will answer to the best of my knowledge. I also have a set of 5 Mag Brand Metal 190rd Mid-Cap Mags for sale, $30 plus shipping. They don't fit in my CA LWRC. Mags SPF. Thanks, Rowdy
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