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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. I'd like to hear an Admin chime in on this. I'm basing my topic or question on firsthand experience. It's really frustrating to be called a cheater only to have staff recheck and confirm you are legal. I would imagine everyone of us has seen this happen someway or another. Someones feelings get hurt and they assume and call the other player a cheater. If nothing changes thats fine. Wont hurt my feelings
  2. I definitely agree and understand all of Specs points as to roll restrictions. The reason I brought this up in the first place is that I just recently built a lightweight a&k m249 with a polarstar engine. The first time fielding it I left it very civil shooting 385fps and around 25rof. I was extremely impressed with my range, accuracy and consistency. If I would have added 65fps and .43 BBs I feel the benefits would be unfair, IMHO.
  3. I might frustrate or even piss some people off with this topic but it needs to be addressed. Why, by the rules for AMS can a rifleman shoot 400fps semi only, DMR 450fps semi only (incapable of full) and then there is LMG 450fps and full auto. Why not make LMGs restricted to 400fps and get rid of the minimum engagement distance? You wouldn't NEED a sidearm for close engagements. On a similar note, if someone is fielding a GBBR or SMG why not allow full auto? If they want to hump around 10 mags and only carry 300 rounds total with the weight factor that is their choice. Typically I run a KWA KMP9 at my local CQB field and carry upwards of 7 mags total, thats a decent amount of weight. If someone wanted to use that at a AMS event my hat is off to them and why not let them shoot full auto to have some benefit? Just my two cents, not that it means anything!
  4. OP COPPERHEAD AAR: After a couple weeks of post OP boredom I'm now writing my AAR. First off I'd like to thank the staff, volunteers and locals that helped make this a go. The AO was great and it was at a great time of year to be in the high dessert. Its obvious that a LOT has to be taken in to consideration when putting on an event of this nature. Now for my criticism. *Limited trash facilities- it has always been my experience that when you have a group of people the size of OP Cop trash facilities are ALWAYS needed. I know the goal is pack out what you pack in, but that never works. One roll away dumpster would have been enough for the weekend. If you have a place for trash to go people use it, if not they ignore the trash wether its theirs or not. *Rotate the AO 90 degrees- the market is an awesome aspect of the town and the way the FOBs were layed out it never really brought the market into play. *More points of control- the way the game was layed out both sides fought in a very limited area, mostly the three check points, not even the flag sites. Could we make more(10+) flags or points of control? It felt that if there were more positions to hold it would have spread the forces out more and made for better contact with the opposing side. *Night game being cancelled- Ask for volunteers! I know that everyone in my group would have dropped everything to help pull tents down especially if it ment the night game or not. I understand 200 volunteers doesn't help a thing but if staff would have asked for 20 the tents would have been down and the night game could have gone on. If safety was the factor for calling the night game then thats a whole different issue. The staff on hand during game play was great. There were enough red shirts to clear up any issues on the AO. I had a great weekend and definitely plan to attend more American MilSim events. The complaints I have are small and if nothing changes I would still highly recommend this event. Thanks AMS!
  5. I have the same question, where do I get my password for the UFS page?
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