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  1. No, all BBs must be biodegradable
  2. I have a 4x32 acog real fiberoptic produces a green dot. not sure what you mean by "trade", but just letting you know i have that
  3. I chose UFS becuase i already had Multicam and I have guys to run with on UFS. Im thrilled when I see CoST make a comeback. Theyre the other team but I see pure dedication. Im surprised more people dont take CoST because theyre camo seems to work better with all the green. I cant make BH IV but Im hoping for a CoST victory, to be honest.
  4. I am prepared to barter 1 cupcake for a UFS ticket
  5. You might wanna check up and see if thats okay. I believe its been used before but not sure if that was at BH. Typically, UFS uses Multicam, Tricolor Desert, Desert Marpat, ATACS AU, or tan and CoST uses Woodland, Woodland digital, ATACS FG, or green. Easy thing to do, if it is not listed, don't use it. But you can always ask an admin.
  6. BBs depends on what brand, size, and quantity. Gas, I find Green Gas (what I use), two cans for about $21 on amazon. At broken home, it is first come first serve to camping grounds. Ticket for BH I believe is $125 if you buy early. (I believe, you can find this on the BH forum)
  7. Sounds like you're prepared haha. And by the way, I love halo hah. But I won't make fun of you, I too carry multiple sidearms. Better safe than sorry. When it comes down to it, every shot counts. Make sure you read up on the rules and regulations, though
  8. i do not believe there is. just a tab for each event and then the members page.
  9. Welcome! I have an uncle who lives in Jacksonville. Im not sure about events in the South East, but theres an OP called Ironclad in the East i think. Not too sure on exact location. And yes, Gas Blow Back is often referred to as GBB (less effort = happy campers)
  10. welcome to AMS. apparently Not Future space mecha-man infinite armor with personal energyshields and plasma grenades (lasers! pew peww) simulation. but a militaty simulation D:
  11. wait what are you sure? i was fully prepared; in understanding this was a Future space mecha-man infinite armor with personal energyshields and plasma grenades (lasers! pew peww) simulation.
  12. I may be wrong, but I believe gille suits are allowed as long as it matches faction base color. Ex: CoST - Green in color (Woodland) UFS - Tan in color (Field Grass) Those are names I have seen associated with the color of the gille suit. I imagine they vary depending on the producer.
  13. Typically Desert Marpat is seen with UFS. Woodland Marpat, with CoST. But like Alex said, before the event a list of camos allowed will be posted.
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