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  1. If anyone is interested, Freedom Airsoft in Tucson, AZ. an airsoft only field, will be hosting a camp out on Sunday evening Sept 3rd, through Monday Sept 4th a few hours after Copperhead 3 ends. Copperhead 3 players get discounts and will only pay $5 to play the field for the entire event if you show your CH3 exclusive patch. There will be food served on Sunday evening only with meal info and pricing coming soon. Tucson is about a 3 hour drive from Playas and the field is 2 miles off of I-10. Field Address: 7850 E. Valencia Road, Tucson AZ. 85747 Event Times: 6pm Sunday (7pm Playas, NM time) through 1pm Monday. For anyone driving though AZ wanting to wind down after the op, chill with fellow players, camp over, or play some casual games, this event might be right up your alley. The field has plenty of space for camping. Here is the field page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/FreedomAirsoft/ Website: http://www.freedomairsofttucson.com/
  2. Thank you guys for the warm welcome! Not that much airsoft out here unfortunately when it comes to milsim. The field here in town I go to called Toxic Airsoft near Davis Monthan AFB is the one "airsoft only" place in the state that I have heard of. The other field in town is Disruptive Paintball which caters more to the paintball crowd but has its own airsoft. Disruptive also has a storefront in town separate from their field. Both fields are outdoors. There are more arenas up the road in Phoenix including an indoor CQB place called VIP and at least two other outdoor fields I have been to called Fightertown and Fort Adobe, both of those fields also do paintball.
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Joe from Tucson AZ. I have been into airsoft for at least 7 years and have enjoyed much of the experience. I do volunteer work at our local field in Tucson called Toxic Airsoft and have come to know a ton of people with rich backgrounds and great sportsmanship throughout the years the field has been open. My duties include field ref duty, picking up trash and slinging bb's. The only Milsim event I have been to so far was Broken Home 1 (UFS Marine 1-2, Callsign: Chair Force). It was the best airsoft experience I have had thus far and met some great people. It was well worth the 2400 mile journey. Now I am looking for more memorable Milsim experiences and am hoping to bring a group of friends with me from the local field to have them experience some AMS events. Broken Home is our objective at some point but with the recent announcement of Playas Training Center in New Mexico as an AO we may decide on going to that instead and save Broken Home for a later year. Given that Playas AO is only 180 miles outside of Tucson it would be a much easier drive for the group. Can't wait to see what the AMS staff have in store for us come 2015. Hope to see all of you guys on the field!
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