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  1. I am looking at getting a tactical FN FAL with folding stock. Now if its locked to semi can I run it as a DMR or would i be limited to rifleman?
  2. I am missing a EF 1911 with a tac lower and a A1 slide last seen during the night evo never saw again
  3. he said he was in the coast guard and was running in a red grunt style shirt
  4. Thought there was a guy filming for airsoft louisiana or something close to that
  5. W00t glad you managed to get a pic of me using my m60 by the mosqe in the night evo
  6. atleast you guys only lost thunder b cores I had someone take my elite force 1911 from my holster during the night game when we decided to do a unarmed parly with the opfor and I never got it back
  7. Ok thought of putting my 2 cents in to since this was my first AMS game and I was attached to 3-1 I had no problem holding Lima Lima all day on the first day even tho all we had was probing attack because of how important it was. During the night game yes I did loose comms with my squad so I located another squad in a similar situation and rounded them up to fight for something we knew was rather important on some level which was JJ so I lead them into the tunnel via the water drainage pipe and into the basement and fought all the way to the roof. Now on Sunday I come to find out my entire squad left due to issues stated above and my own partner twisted his ankle in the night game and since he drives semi's he didn't wanna risk injurying it worse (which I do not blame him) so I meet up with Alacon (3rd platoon CO) and helped hold the mosqe until I heard they needed help else were so I offered to him to go help and I did I even returned once I found out they needed help again and once again I heard of help else were but when I heard it was Lima Lima I immeditaly gathered 6 players and pushed on the backside to renforce them and we managed to get there in time to help hold Lima Lima until the end. Wasn't to happy of taking 2 point blank shoots to the face drawing blood but that's what happens when your dead set on holding I was just happy I could play a rather important part in my opinion that could of made the deciding factor now I do not know who the brass member was that was in the room next to me coving the door leading to the stairs outside of LL but I thank him and that was by far the best fight I have ever had thank you all and I will be coming to more events
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  9. whats the price on the Thunder B's
  10. I am also going to be wearing a helmet and a lower mesh guardfor my mouthdont know if that can be taken into consideration but whatever the staff decides i will follow and i will be more then willing to let the staff look at it all on the day too
  11. http://www.gandermountain.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?pdesc=I-Gogs-Camo-Shooting-Sunglasses-Camo-Frame-with-Smoke-Lens&i=732228 Found a link
  12. Cant find them online i picked them up at my local scheels store i have used them at my local fields even taken bbs to them without any issues i prolly will end up getting new goggles for ironclad but i will bring them anyway cuz i wear them as sunglasses too
  13. ok i noticed on the rule set that no mesh goggles is that in affect for IRONCLAD and if so i have some IGOG's glasses that have a rating of 87.+ engraved on the lense that form a very tight fit around my eyes would those be allowed?
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