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  1. Thanks for the break down JP...SOG had a blast and we look forward to doing another AMS event soon. ROCK
  2. Hats off to all CoST you guys fought hard...UFS brothers congrats!!!!
  3. Just posted FNN news UFS won.
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  8. Yeah ... I'll even let you hold it Rex.
  9. Rock

    GTI Maps

    SOG will be there to represent the Southeast. See you guys there!!!!
  10. Rock


    To me this event is for Big Boys and hard core Milsim professionals correct???..Mag restrictions, Semi only, at 400 FPS is perfect. FA out doors is cool...We prefer No bang rule either but thats just our prefrence. SOG MILSIM is looking forward to getting up there and putting some work in. GET SOME!
  11. Rock

    Just a belt

    Most of the time by the end of an Op I've stripped down to a just a battle belt and Assult Pack. Check out these pic so you have a form of reference.
  12. Rock

    Just a belt

    Nice Kit there MoJoe!
  13. Why I choose to do Milsim...well for me it started as a means to bond with my son as he was getting ready to join the AF. I wanted him to get a feel for what he was going to encounter out there and fortunately i hooked up with a lot of former/current Military/Law Enforcement folks that had a passion for Milsim. My son learned a lot and now serves our great country. He's a TRF Operator (SWAT) and loving every moment of it. But during this time I found that it was more than just a sport for me...it was a release, or stress reliever where i can completely disconnect from the real world. I would look forward to getting some trigger time with my fellow teammates and the weekend and train up for big Ops. MILSIM to me is so much more than just playing Airsoft, it’s the competiveness, the preparation that goes into it, the sense of accomplishment, and the camaraderie that you get out of it is just an awesome experience. Being a part of something that's just way bigger then what you expected is exciting. There are Rec players and then there are MILSIM Players -- the difference between them both is...MILSIM is a MIND SET and it’s progressive in nature. Where you are constantly evaluating the your training, your AEG’s performance, and yes your GEAR. The MILSIM Player invests their Money, time and energy into getting ready for their next Op, which can be next week and or 3 months down the road. The MILSIM Player takes to the road in search of the best MILSIM experience that’s out there. The Rec player buys a gun and some gear then 3 months later he/she moves on to the next Hobby. I can go on and on…but this is what I choose to do.
  14. Here’s my kit when we run green side and during hot weather down here in South Florida. Mostly Condor stuff with a few exceptions can’t complain about it. I added some vinyl sheeting to give it some rigidness. Works great! Belt stays in place and it doesn’t ride up or down. Battle Belt - Condor Duty Belt- Surplus Store H-Harness- Condor Hydro pack - Condor Radio Pouch- Condor Frogmen Headset- Element Double Pistol Mag Pouch- Blue Force Clones (TMC) AR 5.56 Fast Mag Butt Pack - Condor Saw Pouch - Condor (Holds 6 M4 Mags) Holster - Bianchi 1911 S.O.G Seal Pup Dump Pouch - Maxpedition (In Route)
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