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  1. I had hopes foreign camo types would be added by ironclad 2. I'll have to put the Flecktarn back in the closet and dust off the m81.
  2. I'm banking on a prayer here, but did anyone happen to pick up a black Elite Force 1911? Not the tactical version. I'd like to assume that it wasn't stolen, but it was last seen in my holster on an OD chestrig during the night evolution. Thanks in advance.
  3. Here are half of the photographs taken by the press team for SSS Airsoft out of southeast Louisiana. This album is by Alexa Incandela. It features shots from the first day evolution and the night operation. Please give photocred by not cropping our watermarks. Enjoy guys n gals! http://s113.photobucket.com/user/Cody_Yates/library/AMS%20Operation%20Ironclad
  4. http://oi58.tinypic.com/x4gjsw.jpg Was this your group Bob Brown ? The rest of the album will be posted shortly, all we ask is that you don't crop our watermarks so that the credit goes where it is due. Thanks!
  5. The two ladies in hunter orange we're with SSS airsoft. They were awesome sports about getting shot for the sake of sweet action shots. So don't feel too bad if you accidentally got them with a burst. They did, on the other hand, complain about a few select "operators" being rude about them being a non-combat target. It's not very milsim if all the targets are enemy.... Otherwise, they were troopers and it was all no worries. Photo albums should be posted soon.
  6. =SSS=Crow


    Are the TAG hand grenades approved frags? They have both frag(BBs) and powder versions.
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  8. So yesterday it went from 80 tickets left to 2 tickets left for the CoST forces. So are we going to be greatly out numbered? I still had squad mates intending to get tickets before the 18th deadline, but oh well.
  9. My team wanted to do the same and were told no flecktarn. Only the ones on the list.
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