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  1. This was my third event for AMS and my first ESR-19. So, to start off this AAR, let me backtrack all the way back to Thursday when I first arrived. Thursday: ​Arrived early with my brother to the event and got with some of the AMS staff. Being support staff, we (my brother and I) decided to go ahead and help AMS set up their stuff until we could get confirmation where we'd be camping out on the A/O. We put in quite a bit of work, got to hang out with Alex and the admins, and helped get a lot of stuff done. Honestly, I never realized how much work goes into getting an event ready. I can only imagine how hectic it is at larger events like Broken Home. By the time we finished up, it was getting late and my brother and I decided not to set up our giant MGPTS tent. ​Friday: ​Woke up at 0630 and screwed around until about 0900 and begun to help AMS finish up getting ready for the event. Did a lot of work but geared up and played the Friday night game. The Friday Night game was the first night game I have ever played at an AMS event. I was a bit skeptical at first but decided it could be fun once I saw all the light towers go up. ​The first part of the game, I tagged along with another group (since my group hadn't fully arrived) and we had a pretty fun time. I think the best part of the night game was the role play I got to experience with the ATF (UFS) group. It put a spin on the game I wasn't expecting but I fully enjoyed. Anyways, about an hour and a half to two hours into the game, I finally got taken out by what I believe was friendly fire but could have been UFS. With how dark it was, it was hard to tell. I went back to base and met up with a good friend of mine who was also at camp. Since I hadn't seen him in a while, I decided to go ahead and bunk in for the night and catch up with him since the last time we met. We sealed off our tent and began having a good time. A UFS guy decided it would be fun to attack people in a sealed up tent and opened our door and threw in a grenade. This essentially threw us back into the game and ultimately, to make a long story short, we played for the last two hours of the game. ​While we were out playing, some people in our camp reported to us that people were constantly in and out of our tent. At one point, I came back to the tent to find my gun case opened and thrown on the ground, my cot rummaged through as if someone was looking for something, and my bag of clothes just laying on the ground. It really upset me that I felt that my belongings weren't safe from players since our tent (according to some) looked like a CDF FOB tent and it was just okay to attack it, scour it for whatever they were looking for, etc. ​Saturday ​Saturday morning started with tearing down our tent at 0830. With concern for potential storms to hit during the day and the fact that we didn't feel that our stuff was safe from other players, we packed up our tent and moved all of our stuff out of the AO. Once the game started, we were tasked with scouting and defending an area to the north of our camp. An hour into the game is when we started experiencing what was probably the most disappointing game I've played at AMS. To start off, we got into some intense firefights with the UFS from across the creek. There was two individuals in particular who four of us had shot multiple times and they both refused to call their hits. We were probably less than 50 feet from them and you could see bb's bouncing off their helmets. We just kept shooting them until they got us and many of us bled out and went to respawn. After about a 30 minute skirmish, we could hear people asking "hey, you got a speed loader?" and shortly behind it you could here the distinct sound of someone speedloading their mags. We called them out on it but they just laughed and continued to do it. ​After quite a bit of fighting, we ended up getting pushed back to our camp. We had some seriously intense firefighting, and I began to see CDF people using speedloaders and shrugging off hits. I even called one of the CDF guys out and he said "there is no admin around. The UFS are doing it, we might as well do it too." I was quite disappointed and ended up having to walk away. We finally made a push back across the road and on the way to the cars parked on the north side of the road, I stopped and searched a dead UFS guy. He began to search himself for his kill card, opened up his pouch and pulled his kill card half way out before looking at me dead in the eyes and said "Oh, I just bled out. Sorry man." The put his card back in his sleeve and walked away. So, I proceeded to continue to the North side of the street where three of us were taking refuge behind the cars from the CDF (sorry to the owners). A UFS person charged our position and I proceeded to shoot him 3 times in the legs. He shot me at super close range in the face (couldn't have been more than 3 feet away from the end of his barrel) and proceeded to run around the corner and shoot our other two guys. As soon as our two guys called hit, he drew his dead rag and laughed. The other guys asked him why he didn't call his hit until after we were all three taken out and he said, "I had to make sure all three of you were out first." ​I pretty much decided it was time for a break and returned to the registration area. I was getting pretty irritated at the cheating and the pure disrespectful behavior coming from both CDF and UFS. I sat out for about an hour before returning to the field and going out to a different camp. My squad and I tried our best to push up and hold position but it seemed like it was in vain. We had a lot of people sitting at our camp talking, laughing, and having a good time while only a handful of us were actually trying to hold off the UFS. Once we started getting spawn camped, I called it a day and went back to registration just before the storms rolled in. ​Sunday: ​Helped the AMS guys get everything tore down and packed up and left Roosevelt around 5pm. ​ I loved the AO even though it seems to be prone to the most extreme weather nature has to offer (ice/snow/flood). I hated being able to see people cheat on both sides and I didn't see an admin until almost the end of Saturday's game. Had I not stumbled across a few UFS guys who were cool and playing by the rules, I probably would have said this would be my last big event. ​So, to finalize my AAR, I will list the pros/cons that I saw while there. ​PROS: ​Awesome AO, the ambient light idea for the night game, comms actually worked well for the first half of Saturday ​CONS: ​A LOT of cheating on both sides, camping in the AO Overall, I have to admit I enjoyed my weekend, even with all the negative stuff I experienced. My favorite part was being a part of the AMS Support Staff. I now see how much work goes into getting these events set up and I must say thank you to all the AMS guys as well as those who volunteer for Support Staff. If it wasn't for all of your hard work and dedication, we wouldn't be able to go out, make friends, and have a good time (most of the time).
  2. Nothing I have experienced so far has been as much rain as what we got at BH4. I mean, seriously, we (and I really mean Backhander, ie Chase) woke up with a river flowing through the door to our tent and out the wall on the back side. Had it gone through the other side...well I can only imagine our people on air matresses floating away.
  3. I welcome the rain for it helps keep the body odor to a minimum. Bathe in the graces that is the luck of AMS events and enjoy yourselves! Do not look at it as being a bad thing but rather an awesome thing!
  4. The way I look at it as this: ​I'm CoST for LIFE. When I play CDF, I see myself as a CoST Combat Advisor, or something similar to that, helping to organize the CDF in combat situations. If I have to choose, I'll always choose CoST.
  5. I want to start off by saying this weekend was amazing. Yes, the weather was a bit of a crapshoot, but the games were amazing. This was the absolute best sportsmanship I have seen in my years of playing Airsoft. Coalition Forces, I have to commend your ability to push. I was very proud of all my brothers and sisters in green! That push to Pegasus Bridge with infantry and the Gamblers gun trucks was amazing. All those infantry guys who walked along side those trucks -- you deserve something special. Way to go! UFS Forces, I commend your ability yo maintain the fight. We had some seriously awesome firefights with you and as I said before, you guys showed great sportsmanship. All weekend long, I can officially say that I personally didnt have any issues with you guys calling your hits. You guys put up a hell of a fight. Finally, to all those who stuck it out all weekend, even more so the people who camped out, you guys and gals are freaking awesome. This is why I love AMS events. This year was so much better than last year. Looking forward to playing with you all again in the future!
  6. I know I'll be checking in with leadership and making sure I have the most up-to-date information possible before I hit the battlefield.
  7. I like how you liked you're own post, Longsword. xD Yeah, you're right. Don't be that guy. Don't be the YouTube "tacticool" guy only looking for awesome footage. Just do what you're suppose to and awesome stuff will happen. For example, last year when I went with the Gamblers and 2nd Platoon down into the Valley. That was the best moment of the weekend for me because it turned out so awesome (and of course it also ended in disaster for us). Together, we'll win this as a unified team.
  8. There will always be that person who thinks they know best. Hell, I am guilty of it at times myself. I look at everything from a strategic point of view and sometimes the things that don't make much sense is simply because I'm not fully educated as to the "why", so I do attempt to keep an open mind when I attend events like this. Even last year at Broken Home III, in the off time from playing, I was going over various strategies that we could potentially use against the UFS to help give us a better chance. In the end, we still stuck with what Command said, even when we were, on a few instances, given bad intel and it led to bad results. It happens. We are the grunts for CoST. It even says so on our tickets. We are CoST Army. We are the front line. #CoSTPride
  9. I really want to reply to this but I cannot put together what I want to say. I mean, I sincerely agree with you in the terms that given the situation, it would be better for infantry to push through, regardless of the odds. Yet, the problems I was addressing wasn't simply the "mission at hand", if you will, but rather the problem of having a smaller force than our enemy. Yes, looking back, I see the analogy was incorrect, to say the least, and I'm somewhat embarrassed that I allowed myself to say such a thing, even when referencing our numbers. Every branch and division has their own "ideal" missions and this is, as you said, solved by infantry doing what infantry does best. I apologize for the poor analogy.
  10. Wha--?? No, no, no, no, no, no! This guy is CoST 100%. My callsign is even listed here...there must be another Ronin...battle of the Ronin...this could be interesting! EDIT: I even had to go back and double check my ticket since it was bought for me for my b-day. I was a bit worried it was for the wrong team...then I'd end up having to do some War Profiteering and selling it for my CoST ticket. xD I'm good, I'm officially listed under CoST Army.
  11. Depressed? I'm more excited now than I was last year! I can't wait to see how the event turns out, even if we end up outnumbered severely.
  12. I understand 100%. I'm just being silly. I can appreciate your loyalty to the UFS team. It's just like how I am loyal to CoST.
  13. The way I see it, CoST is having to attack this year to regain the ground we lost last year. With the current numbers, it just proves that we're sending in our Special Operations Forces to take care of the problem.
  14. It's okay. We understand no one wants to play with us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yOsEzqt1U0
  15. Pretty neat to be able to see the OPORDs for the other team. Are we going to get to see the score card as well?
  16. Welcome to AMS! Always good to see more Texas people on here, regardless of the side they choose to fight on! I'm up in Wichita Falls, about two hours away from all you guys down in the Metroplex. Gonna try to make some plans to head down that way and see what the fields are like sometime in the future! We have nothing going on here in Falls town in terms of Airsoft so we have to travel to OKC or DFW for any kind of field play. Looking forward to meeting you guys on the field!
  17. Cupcakes for UFS tickets? No wonder you guys are filling up so damn quickly. You should all be ashamed. Go do PT. Now. jk
  18. Yeah...that was one of the best speeches I've heard so far in AMS.
  19. If I could time travel, I don't think BH3 would have ever ended. The main reason I skip out on night evolutions is mainly caused by partial night blindness. I can't see very well in the dark and can't afford NVGs...having a super bright flashlight would help but also paint a huge bullseye on me. So, I traditionally just chill out at camp and go over plans for the following day.
  20. Yeah, I'm gonna try to convince Backhander to head up that way again on Thursday so we're all ready to go as soon as Friday hits. I also love the social interaction and getting to meet new people at these events so I'll definitely look for ya once we get everything set up!
  21. You might have seen my brother and I setting up our big ass tent then. We had the HUGE green tent on the Eastern side of the campground. I'm always down to meet my fellow CoST brothers and sisters in arms so when you see us out there again this year, feel free to stop by. We're making camp with the Gamblers QRF again so you'll see them camping next to our big "Command Center". Ha ha! pic related: it's the tent we had last year and will have up again this year
  22. Ah, yes, the multiglam people (yes I said MULTI-GLAM xD). While I will admit that the mutliglam does work quite well, I haven't really been one to jump on that bandwagon. I respect people, regardless of what faction, that sticks to their team through the best and worst of it. I just don't like (doesn't say I hate them because I really don't) when people show no loyalty to one side or the other on the basis that they just want to win. A few people I fought alongside with at BH3 quickly jumped to UFS when we lost there and I was like "really?" But, to each their own. I go to have fun, meet new people, and enjoy a stress free weekend. I like to win as much as the next person but my loyalty stays with the team I sign with. I can't wait to get out to BH4 and do it all over again...really hope I can get to where I can attend the rest of the events this year. I hate missing out on AMS events. Oh, and as for the numbers, I'm not too worried. As I found out last year, we have some more than capable people when it comes to strategy and tactics. With a large group, it's hard to fully be able to execute them but I think if it comes down to it, we'll use our small numbers against the UFS in an awesome way. May have to resort to Guerrilla warfare but no one can deny how effective that tactic can be.
  23. When my brother Backhander and I showed up on Thursday last year, we had everything sat up and just kind of enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. Friday is when a good majority of people show up. We were able to get signed in, chrono'ed, safety briefed, etc. pretty early into the late afternoon (I think we were able to most of that done before 5pm) and a lot of people were still doing it throughout the day up until the night evolution. Like last year, I'll probably skip out on the night evolution to meet up with people, talk with my friends I made last year at BH4, and make sure all the gear (and trucks for the Gamblers QRF) are all operational and ready to go. Worst case scenario, you may miss a little bit going into the Saturday game, but usually it doesn't take long to get through everything Saturday morning.
  24. I joined CoST when I first enlisted in Broken Home 3 last year. I'm a die hard CoST member and I will never change over to UFS (mainly because CoST revolves around my home state and I don't own any tan camo/gear!). Through the best and worst, I will forever support CoST! Even on Op weekends, if I can't go, I fly my colors on my Facebook by changing my profile pic to the CoST flag! Besides, I enjoy being the underdog! xD
  25. So would that essentially mean that reviving in POVs would be legal under the premise that a medic was on board?
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