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  1. You think you need all the crazy stuff but pack for a Day game but with more water and food. I’m cdf this event I’m I’m just running my shooters belt and a pack. Start drinking water now try to get about a gallon a day. And cut soda. Almost of the witchita Kansas guys will be there at the church if you want to stop by and say hi.
  2. I would rather not get hit by a UTM thank you very much. One the pain imagine a kid getting hit with one. You would have to have whole new head protection that is expensive and the price per round is more that actual ammo
  3. A Colman Canvas backpack last seen in the Church on Sunday morning Looks like a Alice pack
  4. I saw look up actual ssw kits from actual cool guys. And base it around that. More than likely two saw pouches at the front and that's it. Also the usmc 200 round saw pouches are cheap on eBay
  5. Battle belts are cool. But I just use a Lbt riggers belt and a strap all of my stuff to that which is usually just a pistol a rifle mag and my med blowout pouch and 2 frag pouches. Really any heavy duty Riggers belt will serve you well if you just running a pistol on it
  6. For a cheap but useful chest rig. A Chicom 3 pocket one. Or. A condor mopc in tan for a plate carrier. For camo just go to your local surplus store and get a woodland bdu set.
  7. Up to 7 mags and to my understanding one in the gun
  8. Up to 7 mags and to my understanding one in the gun
  9. That's what I was thinking. The main reason I picked up that Chest. Rig
  10. I would but it's a bit to far of a drive
  11. So this will be my first broken home. What are the biggest things I should know. I know that I need to hydrate and it's not easy on the body. So Whet else is should I know.
  12. How much are pea nades. Also. Will you have a apl repro pistol light. And how much would it be
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