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  1. Can Jeff Cowan and Michale Sodolak be paired together?
  2. Looking at the ruleset, this would be problematic to say the least.. 1. If by “sniper†you mean the bolt/single action with 100ft MED...then no, it wouldn’t qualify with AMS (it’s not a single action). It’s real-world application is a sniper rifle, so unless AMS changes the rules to allow semi-auto (see point 3 for more on that) sniper rifles...it would be out. 2. It’s for sure it would never come close to a LMG/SSW...no box mag, it’s real world application doesn’t support full-auto and your not going to find anywhere where this would be considered one (airsoft hi-cap mags do not mean a thing). 3. This may be able to used as a DMR if you meet the FPS...if you make it mechanically incapable of full-auto (i.e. putting a set screw on the selector switch) and if your able to get approval to run a hi-cap as an exception due to the type of mag and avalabilty for mid-caps (which I don’t think they make) and if you get approval to run what should be a long-range sniper as a DMR...which in real world application is a conflict. 4. You mag be able to use this a standard rifle if you meet the FPS and get an exception made on the hi-cap mag. So going strictly by the ruleset...you couldn’t use this without having some sort of exception being made on one thing or another.
  3. Dep


    You could also put set screw to prevent the selecter switch from going to full auto
  4. Dep

    More questions

    1. Best to check in on Friday 2. Chrono once. They will put a tamper seal on the receiver to stop changing the spring.
  5. +1 for no MED and keep semi-only (riflemen role). Yeah it sucks to get hit in the face, but there is no reason to impact everyone because others don't want to wear face protection and/or some people have control issues. Also, I wasn't a fan of semi-only, but I think it's had a positive impact. I can't see any benefit to blur the lines of squad roles and devalue the SSW. Let's not devolve to skirmish rules and keep things the same.
  6. Dep

    Stinger field

    Said too much? Never! Thanks for the insight....not a huge fan of 24+ hour events, but this would be interesting for sure.
  7. I know getting Ft Hood is a big deal and something that should be retained, but any thought in keeping Stinger field in the rotation? It's a great AO and it looks like AMS is the only one that can utilize it. Possibly have Ft Hood in another month, or Stinger another month benefiting another charity (the RDG tradition would be missed though)? I can't be alone.
  8. This is from the rule set: "may use winding “High Cap†type magazines with no more than 3000 rounds in magazines." So 3000 rounds total on your person (which have to be carried in magazines. In other words...if you have a box mag that can hold 3000 rounds you can only use that box mag. If you have 3 box mags that carry 1000 rounds each, you can carry the 3. Any extra ammo is stored in the FOB.
  9. eBay or Facebook classifieds are best . If your needing XL, message me...I've got some for sell
  10. Great news!!! Check in day at BH just got a lot better!
  11. No, you don't have to match (see above post). Check uniform requirements for approved patterns (forest camo is not on the list)
  12. Bluefalcon - buy the ticket that says "AMS support staff"
  13. offer your services and it will be appreciated. you should have a good chance of getting it. If there is already a dedicated medic watch and learn how they play so when you get the chance of being one you will do even better.
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  15. I didn't realize the question was more than a logistical one (reading too fast I guess). I'm pretty sure most people started out solo or maybe with a friend or too, but that doesn't last long. You will find people and the solo player will not last long. Put yourself out there and you'll intergrate well.
  16. If you are going PSA for RDG...they must match (might be a PSA things). Other than that you should be fine.
  17. Solo players will be assigned a squad to run with
  18. You are responsible for your own food and water. No breaks and no rescheduling. Prepare for the weather and use the FOB to refill your hydro and refuel.
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  20. Dep

    Fort Hood Entry

    Do you know yet if we are going to be able to park across from the site or going to have to be bussed in?
  21. I understand the concept, but normally the last safety briefing isn't that far from the close of reg....which is why I asked. Unless we can do the safety meeting before reg.
  22. The timeframes seem to be different than normal and sure if it's correct or not. On Friday Registration shows to close at 5:00, but last safety briefing is at 7:00. Is there really a 2 hour gap, or will registration be open until 7 to take advantage of that late briefing?
  23. I second that, the late start wasnt as bad as I thought it would be and having the different stages of game play was nice.
  24. appreciate the fast response and the results. Saving a PDO is always a good thing
  25. Thanks for the update. Quick question: is 6:00pm also when access to the barracks close? Trying to see the latest time we can drive in on Friday and still have access.
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