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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, it really helped!
  2. Ok, Ill get a new 9.6 battery. Does anyone know if I could get a battery that would do the job and turn over the gun that would fit in the buffer tube to put on a Magpul stock? Thanks
  3. I did, but I think it looks really ugly in my opinion
  4. Hello! I am looking for a lipo that will fit in my crane stock thats higher than 9.6 volts. My 9.6 battery wont turn over my gun to make it shoot... I don't know why, I used the battery a lot in my gun and it wont work now. I know almost nothing about the insides of AEG's, so does anyone know a fix to this? My teammate has a lipo that turned over my gun but didn't fit in my crane stock. So Im looking for a style of lipo battery that would fit in my crane stock that would have voltage greater than 9.6 or a stock that can go onto my buffer tube. Or, some fix I can do to my gun/battery to make my gun shoot. Thanks! (Sorry I don't know much about AEG's)
  5. Is that the Emdom Vehicle Hydration carrier Kermit?
  6. My finished FCPC kit. The FCPC base with the kangaroo style front panel. I got the 4in elastic cummerbund, and the standard shoulder pads. On the front of the plate carrier I have a triple M4 mag insert by Condor and a American flag patch. On the back panel I have the MAP pack, which I have rolled up to fit with the profile of the plate carrier, A blow torch, and an IR flag. In the map pack I have the Camel Bak 1.5L bladder. I chose the Magpul MS2 sling because I liked the two to one point system. I routed it through the shoulder pad, which I think distributes the weight of the gun. The base helmet that I have is the Emerson FAST helmet. To it I have routed paracord through the helmet vent holes. I have my Tim vs Bob 4.5 patch and my #3 squad position patch. I have a red V lite on the top. And also the MPLS 3 attached to the ARC rails. Here's The pictures <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1000.photobucket.com/user/Bota2000/embed/slideshow/"></iframe>
  7. This is for a M4 as of now, But I plan on getting blue force gear double MP7 mag pouches and inserts for the MP7. I run a blackhawk battlebelt to that holds my serpa, pistol mags, and my dump pouch.
  8. Heres the back of the fero concepts plate carrier
  9. Heres my updated kit! The base is a FCPC (Ferro Concepts plate Carrier) Some pouches I have on there is a condor 3 mag insert and on top of that is a quad M4 mag pouch On the back I have a rolled up hydro carrier to fit with the profile of the rig. I also have a American flag patch on the front panel. I chose the elastic cummerbund option for the FCPC, which I find cool because the whole plate carrier is modular, so if I wanted to, I could get another front flap and set it up for my MP7 loadout, which by then I would just have to switch the two front flaps out. He also has a normal cummerbund, a "Carry Elastic" cummerbund which is essentially the elastic cummerbund but it has slots to store mags and radios and such, which I didn't do because I couldn't reach in my cummerbund that much do to how high I like to run it. What do you guys think? Sorry, The back panel picture wont upload for some reason, even after I re sized it, so ill try again in another post or something, but theres the picture of the front! I plan on changing the back to a MAP which I asked for for xmas, and the front I plan on getting the Ferro Concepts kydex insert. And then a blue force gear elastic mag pouch
  10. Heres my temporary kit! Nothing high speed low drag about this, but it gets the job done. Soon to be getting an FCPC and a MAP pack and stuff, And Ill post an updated kit later, But here is what I run with as of now. The base is a banshee, tightened down all the way, since its the only plate carrier at the moment that fits me... I have a double M14 mag pouch on the front (I usually use M4 style guns, but I use an EBR to so thats why I have M14 mag pouches) Then I have a Blackhawk! triple m4 mag pouch thingy I use to hold admin stuff (Maps,Dead rags, etc) And on the top I have a double pistol mag pouch, an American flag patch, and a chemlight. On the back, I have a condor hydro carrier that I rolled up to fit the low profile-ness of the plate carrier. Like I said, very basic, I plan on getting more open top stuff later and better packs and stuff.
  11. Thanks guys! My brother has a knockoff JPC, and I find it very blocky, and Im concerned about the shoulder straps on it. Also The cummerbund is weird. I like the idea of a elastic cummerbund rather than it paracorded on or whatever on the back. And the mayflower APC looks a little big for me. And Ill look out for that review, Hurricane! I think Im going to buy the FCPC. Its like gut feeling, . And with taking off some unnecessary stuff, Its only about 250. (The FCPC is completely modular) Bota
  12. Hey everyone! Today I wanted to know your thoughts on the FCPC. Does anyone have one? If so what are your thoughts? It would cost me upwards of 400 bucks, So I wanted to know your thoughts. Also how much different is it from the banshee plate carrier? I own the banshee and I like it, But its still a little big, And it kinda chokes me when I tighten it up. The FCPC looks trim, and theres no excess material on the rig. What do you think? Bota
  13. Hello everyone! Today I would like to sell my AK. Its time for me to move on and afford some new airsoft stuff! Some specs: Real Wood Full Metal Shoots around 320 FPS with .20's Theres small nicks on the wood, and a little bit of wear on the receiver, but nothing to noticeable. Preforms great, I've had no problem with the gun Comes with one AK74 style magazine, Hicap Ive had this gun for a while and its served me well. It has pretty good range, Ive been able to easily hit people 100-150 feet away, and could probably go farther with heavier BB's and some hop-up tuning. The starting price for the rifle is $110 Im offering free shipping for people in the US as well. Offer up! PM me for more pictures, I can only upload 334 KB of photos, Thanks
  14. Also, what length inner barrel would i need, and what length outer barrel would i need? Links would be awesome, but if anything? How far does the inner barrel go? because if I bought an inner barrel and it goes a little in the gun, I could have a wrong barrel size. Thanks again!
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