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  1. Whats up dude I have to say if your looking for mag pouches HSGI all the way, the only other thing that I would consider is kydex products. The only thing about kydex is that it is molded for one specific purpose where as say a HSGI taco is very versatile. As far as other pouches the only other pouch that I have is a blue force gear ten speed mounted onto the front of my PC and that things is also a great choice gives you the open top and has stupid retention. I just ordered a sure grip battle belt, 2 rifle tacos, 2 pistol tacos, and the magnet, all the HSGI stuff I got is top notch in quality and would defiantly recommend there products. If you are thinking about making a purchase there is a 20% off coupon that should help it was in a email I received from AMS. Hope this helps, Jay
  2. Thanks for all the help guys I think Im gonna go with the team wendys, I will probably make my own until I can get the team wendys. I will let you guys know how the diy goes.
  3. Hey guys just got my LBT 6094A in today and was wondering what you guys use for sapi plates? Do you run real sapi plates, fake plastic ones, diy plates or training plates? Whatever you use can you tell me why you use them, why you like/dislike them, if you made them how did you do so and with what materials, and if you bought them can you provide a link.\ Thanks, Jay
  4. Yea Teeth I hit them up yesterday and they have the one I want in stock and got a pretty sweet coupon. So I will be joining you in the LBT group, by the way I saw yours on the plate carrier thread and it badass man Ill be posting pics when I get it with some of my other gear I am getting for it.
  5. Hey guys after watching a bunch of reviews and reading peoples comments on the PCs I have made my decision! After narrowing my search down to the LBT 6094A and the Crye JPC I found that both of these are going to be durable, comfortable, light weight, plenty of mollie, and the style I want. I think they both would give me what I want but I feel like for want I am trying to do with my PC the LBT is what I want. So what is this the best way to purchase? Do I have to call them give them my body size and to see if they have them or just order off the website?
  6. Hey guys thanks for all the great replies so far it has been helping me narrow my search. Just to reply to everyone’s comments so far, I am fairly new to airsoft and really only have my gun, goggles, and gloves so far due to focusing on college and trying to research up on gear. I know some of these things are a bit on the expensive side but I rather pay the extra buck for a better piece of gear. I want quality gear for a couple of reasons, one I plan on doing this for a long time and don’t want to get gear that may fall apart on me or just be some Chinese junk I watch reviews about. Second I’m sure once I start playing regularly and have most of my gear I am going to want to sell and buy other things and I know if I get some quality gear it will sell better. Third is I may be looking at getting real steal in the future so I would like to get real steal gear in case I do go that direction. Lastly I would be lying if I said I wasn’t trying to look badass lol, I think that is some of the fun to me get the realism of training and milsims plus getting to gear up like a SF operator and do work. So basically I just want to do it right the first time and get the quality. Also I would love to try some of these PC’s on but I’m in GA and not many people out here that I know of are really into milsim, it’s more of a younger crowd. So I am kind of where you were Dave I just have to rely on my research and the advice you guys give me. I will have my refined list for you guys to check out later today! Talk to yall soon, Jay
  7. I am 6 ft and 160 lb and I am running a M4. And thanks Dave you gave me some more to look into, I will have my final list up with in a day or two with some more refined questions about my final list.
  8. Hey guys I told you I would be back with some more questions . I need some advise on plate carriers, I have saved up some money and am ready to buy (budget max $300). I have done a ton of research but I thought the way to get the best answer is to ask the guys that use them out in the field. I am leaning towards a LBT 6094A CB (I have a coupon to get this down to $300) and was wondering if anyone that has one or had one could give me some of the things they liked and some of the things they didn't like about this particular PC. The biggest feature that I am looking for is durability, I want a PC that is going to last me. So is there any other PCs that you guys could point me to, to check out before I purchase. I want to look at everything out there before I go and make this major investment for my gear locker. Thanks Guys, Jay
  9. Thanks for all the welcomes guys Im sure we will be talking soon as I have a bunch of questions on gear and getting prepared for my first milsim I plan on trying to get to around Sept. Nov. this year. Thanks again guys, glad to have a great community to learn from. Jay
  10. Well thanks for all of the advice guys its helped me tremendously. I am going to go out for a while this summer and play at some local fields, then maybe mid summer I may try to hit one of the events. So thanks again for the help and will be posting more questions soon about soome gear!! Jay
  11. Hey fellas I need some advice from some guys that have been doing milsims for a while. I haven’t done any milsims yet but it is my goal to be able to attend milsim events throughout the year and do some traveling. The problem I have is Im located in GA and have been researching for serious milsim teams and can’t find any. So can you guys give me any advice on how to get into milsims as an individual, no squad or team. Do most of the people that go to the milsims have squads and teams or are they mostly individual? Would you suggest just waiting and trying to find some people to go with? And does going by yourself make it any less fun or take away from the experience? Any advice that yall could give me will be appreciated. Thanks, Jay
  12. Whats up everyone my name is Jay I am a 22 yr old college student from Douglasville, GA. I recently moved here to Georgia from Ohio roughly 2 yrs ago, I was not into airsoft in Ohio due to playing some college ball at the small college I was attending. I got to GA and was really missing the brotherhood that you have on a team and started to do some research. First I started looking at the Marines and Army but didn't know if that's what I wanted to do just yet, then I came across airsoft and milsims and thought that is what I want to do. I think once I find a serious group of guys that like to train/practice and travel to events together I will be right at home and will give me some time to gather more research on the service and complete my degree. I have heard a lot of good things about the guys here at AMS and cant wait to get to know you all and learn as much as I can about airsoft and milsims. Thanks and talk to you all soon, Jay
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