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    Mule got a reaction from TheJP in Shrike/ krytac lmg   
    Sweet thanks. Now to fork out the money. Lol
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    Mule got a reaction from TheJP in Shrike/ krytac lmg   
    Ok. I've looked and cannot find any discussion anywhere about this topic. Will the shrike be allowed as a support weapon? I'm planning on running my 249 unless this beast is a go. I want all my ducks in a row before I buy a gun for AMS events that I may not be able to us. Thanks in advance.
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    Mule got a reaction from Thibideaux in HK M27 IAR   
    For future consideration: I would suggest a ssw compliment of rounds. I would also allow full auto. My caviot would be no flash-mags, hi-caps or drum mags. Basically this would limit the weapon to the role it is being used in the USMC. I understand and support the idea of the m27 being classified as a rifle mans weapon. However the challenge is to adapt its real world application to the milsim event. It's not an easy task but I have every confidence that the situation will be resolved in the future. END OF RANT!
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