• OPERATION: Broken Home X
  • DATE: October 9-10, 2021
  • AO: DDay Adventure Park, Wyandotte OK
  • REGISTRATION:  $155.00 + Tax per player


The Final Stand! After a decade of fighting both Federal and Coalition forces have mustered their FINAL assault in attempts to secure the state of Oklahoma the genesis battle of the modern civil war. This state is key to both factions plans to end the current strife. With abundant oil and natural gas fields, accessibilities to the Southern Coalition territories military planners see Oklahoma as the “keystone” state to control the final tempo of this decade long civil war.


  • ATTENTION!! All American Milsim Events are bio bb only!!

Enter and Win!

Be one of the first 100 to register for a chance to win one of three:
  • ELITE FORCE Gambler
  • Choice of American Milsim Tee shirt and Patch


Included in the enlistment fee all players will receive the following at check-in:
  • Broken Home X PVC Patch
  • Broken Home X FINAL STAND Challenge Coin
  • AMS Event Veteran PVC Patch
  • AO Map
  • Ticket for Game End Raffle