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Every event we put on determines the advantages and disadvantages for both sides in our story. You, the player, write the story for yourselves. Have you ever fought your hearts out only to be on the losing side? Even if you beat the ever living crap out of the other side? We have! And it doesn't make sense...

The Timeline in Our Scenario So Far...

Dec 72014 f

Reindeer Games 13

Complete Federal Route in Jacksboro

Federals forces were handed their first defeat of their spring counter offensive launched in March of 2014.

The Federal army had swept through Coalition lines all through the Spring and Summer months while still fending off small Coalition count attacks. The Federal forces have penetrated through gaps in the Coalition lines as far as parts of Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.

The last Federal offensive of the year was to mark a turning point in this now three year civial war when Federal soldier were to establish a "beach head" in the form of a Forward Arming and Refueling point in Northern Texas. This would allow Federal forces to establish numerous "Lilly Pad" combat bases across Coalition territory allowing them to harass Coalition forces and supply lines at will.

However Coalition forces interdicted the Federal forces and with first hand knowledge of the terrain and battle hardened veterans were able to easily and completely route the Federal forces from the Jacksboro's valley, many locals are deeming it "The slaughter of Jackboro".

Federal forces were forced into a fighting retreat in which they suffered near 90% casualties. Coalition forces now in pursuit look to shift the momentum in the coming months to regain control of lost territory.

Nov 72014 fg3-timline

Faded Giant 3

VICTORY for the Federal States!

UFS forces have successfully held off a swift and brutally violent Coalition attack that according to Federal analysts had to be months in the planning.

These types of logistical feats only come from months of planning and preparation. Every time we think we've got the Coalition hemmed in, something like this seems to happen. Then again, the Coalition has some tactically brilliant minds in their ranks.

One glaring item that tarnished an almost complete Federal victory was the Coalition's relentless ferocity. The Coalition were able to penetrate and recover a number of highly sensitive data servers that contained Classified Information. Federal officials would not comment on the type of data stolen by the Coalition forces, just that it was highly sensitive.

While Federal officials have acknowledged an intel breach on-site, they claim there was not enough information obtained by the Coalition to be a threat to any Federal forces.

FNN's combat journalist embedded with Federal's 12th Mountain Brigade during the battle tells us this was one of the closest and most fierce engagements that he has encountered in the three years of covering this civil war.

Reports of casualties were heavy on both sides and Federal forces have now been mobilized south, back towards Coalition lines. It is rumored that the Federal forces will use Special Operation Teams over the winter months to set up a system of Lilly Pads which are small Forward Operating Bases for constant incursions across Coalition lines.

A Federal officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity was quoted We plan to harness the enemy until they have no more fight left in them.

This could be a long hard winter for both the Federals and the Coalition.

—Wes Mantooth – FNN
Sep 192014 ironclad-timline

Operation Ironclad

Federal forces undertook a risky mission across enemy lines to assault what was described to FNN as a high value "Coalition Command Stronghold" by a senior Federal official.

There are few details other than soldiers from the Federal 23rd regiment supported Federal SOF teams in raiding the Coalition compound in what one military analyst has termed a "Decapitation Strike". While the raid was described as successful Federal forces took many more casualties than expected.

Speaking anonymously he did not have the authority to address the media, one Federal officer was quoted:

"The Coalition defense was much fiercer than intelligence estimates, not to mention these men are now fighting on their home soil. The complexity of the urban environment did not help either as most over watch positions were heavily fortified by Coalition machine guns and snipers. Without close air support it's difficult to make gains without a high casualty rate. With Coalition air defense so thick this far south it was virtually impossible for any aircraft to be on station".

Federal forces withdrew late Sunday once it was apparent they could not control the city complex before Coalition reinforcements came from the Louisiana and Texas territories.

While not being able to occupy Shelby City, Federal commanders were pleased to announce that their SF teams were able to recover valuable "Technical Data and Hardware" from some of the Coalition communication centers during the 48 hour battle.'

May 262014 bh3-timeline

Federals Victorious in Oklahoma! (Operation Broken Home 3)

Major victory from new Federal strategy. The United Federal Army dealt the Coalition a decisive defeat along the rolling hills of North East Oklahoma.

It appears three times is the "Charm" as Coalition forces have repulsed similar Federal advances with what some would say "ease" the previous two springs. However changes in Washington have brought in a new Secretary of Defense who has worked tirelessly with Federal military planners in engineering what they hope will be a final end to the second bloodiest conflict in American history.

According to Defense Secretary Williams:

"One of the biggest problems we faced with politicians in Washington was the idea that the Coalition Army was made up of farmers and construction workers and they could not possibly be an effective fighting force. That was quickly proven wrong as the Coalition was knocking on the doorsteps of Virginia and the Carolinas the following year. As a matter of fact our military commanders regard the Coalition as one of the finest fighting forces in the world. [The] strategy before I took office was designed to buy time and stem any further states from seceding to find a diplomatic solution. However once the Coalition begun their surprisingly effective offense on the Eastern States a new solution had to be developed".

FNN's chief military analyst Fred Guttenberg describes the new Federal strategy:

The United Federal States have basically adopted that "Secure and Hold" tactic that we found to be so useful in the Gulf War and Afghanistan. The Federal government has enacted a blockade and imposed trade sanctions on the Coalition which most other countries will follow in fear of financial repercussions from the Federal States. This of course will adversely affect the Coalition States economies and in turn slow their military capabilities. Late breaking news had Federal Marine 7th Amphibious Fleet 25 miles offshore of Mobile, Alabama. While the regular Federal Army was reported to be traveling South down I-40.

Wes Mantooth – FNN
Mar 12014 ESR19-2

CDF - Legitimate Threat to UFS Security (Operation ESR19-2)

In the early hours of Saturday morning the small town of Roosevelt, OK erupted in violence as the Civilian Defense Force (CDF) clashed with Federal forces in an attempt to free the town of their occupation.

The lighting attack at dawn caught Federal security forces off guard as CDF troops aided by Coalition Special Forces were able to breach the primary security perimeter of the Federal command and control facility.

Within hours CDF forces had the majority of the town under their control and had destroyed one of the three key Federal communication infrastructure buildings.

1LT Jerry Minder spoke with FNN:

"The Civilian Militia showed a very high level of organization, use of advanced TTPs - it was obvious that the Coalition had sent in either tactical advisors or SF team[s]. We have never seen this level of complexity in past CDF attacks, they are a legitimate threat to Federal security. This is not some farm boy taking pot shots at our troops, or planning a pipe bomb on a road.

Our OPs took effective fire throughout the entire engagement and were close to being overran several times. I give credit to the brave men and women of the United Federal States for holding when all hope was quickly fading".

However the CDF could not sustain the pace as Federal forces leveraged their mechanized forces to break the Militia's flank and collapse in on the main CDF force. By late Saturday Federal forces had pushed the CDF out of Roosevelt, the extreme cold weather helped play a key role as poorly geared Militia lost much of their combat capabilities to weather related casualties.

By Sunday afternoon Federal forces had finished securing the last few pockets of resistance.

Wes Mantooth – FNN
Nov 82013 fg2-timeline

Federals Lose State Secrets to Daring Coalition Raid (Operation Faded Giant 2)

The Savanna River Site (SRS) was the target of a weekend "lightning" raid by Coalition Special Forces.

The last few months have wreaked havoc with Federal forces desperately trying to defend home states after their failed offensive into Coalition Territory last spring. The Coalition's offensive capabilities have been completely underestimated by the United Federal States' tactical planners.

Under the guise of a "Commercial Moving Fleet", around 80-100 Coalition Commandos (part of the CoST Special Operations Command group) were able to infiltrate into Federal territory and assault the (IAF) International Atomic Facility located on the SRS reservation. The IAF facility was listed publicly as "abandoned" however the site had been re-purposed 18 months prior by the United Federal government to build the world's first full-scale thorium reactor and help end their energy independence on Coalition and other foreign countries.

The Coalition, through a highly developed intelligence apparatus, was able to obtain this information and had been in the planning stages of this raid for the last 4 months. CoST had intentions of capturing the experimental reactor and transporting it to Coalition territory.

CoST forces were successful in recovering key schematics and research personnel from the SRS facility. However, they were unable to physically secure the SRS before Federal soldiers sabotaged the site to prevent Coalition forces from controlling the SRS.

Initial intelligence reports have the Federals using a small W79 unit with a 1 kiloton yield to destroy the site, yet all satellite imagery shows a much smaller blast radius with only background radiation. The two current theories are that A ) The Federals used a large conventional explosive device or B ) The explosion failed to trigger nuclear fission.

This raid has been a large coup for the Coalition forces as the momentum in this modern day civil war begins to shift.

Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society 
Oct 122013 obg-timeline

Heroic Federal Defense forces Coalition Balk (Operation Blue/Grey)

Seems the momentum has shifted in this modern day civil war as the Federal defense in Chesapeake, VA brought the grind Coalition counter offensive to an abrupt halt.

Fight was fierce and savage in and around the Ballahack Township, one of the largest energy hubs on the East coast. Rainy and wet conditions made combat a nightmare for the soldiers on the ground as Federal and Coalition troop alike fought tooth and nail to secure the outlying wetlands and swamps to shore up their flanks.

Coalition forces made headway through the weekend fighting, but Federal forces were able to re-consolidate and re-deploy their forces which lead to the liberation of the Township from Coalition forces who had just 24 hour prior controlled the area. It would take another 12 hours of fierce fighting before CoST commanders seeing only a Pyrrhic victory withdrew their position to Kingsport, TN.

Once again UFS solider will have to test their mettle as Coalition forces look continue their eastern offensive on strategic points, one can only hope that cooler heads will prevail and the end to this conflict will come sooner rather than later.

Wes Mantooth – FNN
Sep 72013 ory2-timeline

Coalition "Victory" but at what Price? (Operation Rebel Yell 2)

Surreal is the only world to describe the last 48 hours at Gruber City and while the battle was a "Tactical Victory" for Coalition forces, it was paid for dearly, in not only lives of Federal and Coalition soldiers killed or wounded but also by in massive civilian casualties unprecedented in this conflict.

Gruber City has been reduced a shell of its former self. These city streets that used to be filled with the sounds of playing children, living families and street vendors now just echo with the call of Ravens and the mournful howling of the wind. The citizen once again line the streets clearing out buildings brick by brick, I can't fathom how their spirit can still endure.

Coalition forces are now reinforcing their defensive positions inside Gruber City after a fierce and bloody 48 hour battle with Federal troops and Civilian militia. The last few days were riddled with chances for diplomacy but it seemed the savage, violent nature of man could not be overcome by his reason. Time and time again non-aggression pacts were established and then broken. By the second day of fighting it was obvious that both Federal and Coalition forces had shifted gears from precise surgical attacks avoiding civilian casualties, to blunt force style of attacks designed to break the will of their opponents with no regard for loss of life.

The Red Cross and other humanitarian agencies plan on filing suits and complains with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against both Federal and Coalition government leadership in the following weeks for atrocities they allegedly occurred during the 48 battle. Both Coalition and Federal Press secretaries had "no comment" at the time of printing this article.

Federal forces have begun a tactical withdrawal from Coalition territory eastward and are expected to link up with elements from Virginia and the Carolinas to fortify their strategic assets from Coalition counter-attack.

The Rumor mill is buzzing with "leaked" details on a massive Coalition campaign to disrupt Federal manufacturing and capturing key fuel, food and other logistical supply lines to the East and Southeast. Even after such a horrific battle there is some "electricity" in the air as Coalition soldiers are hopeful that a successful camping will force the United Federal Sates to sue for peace and recognize the Coalition as a sovereign country, which in turn would end this conflict.

Once can only hope that reason will prevail and put a stop this senseless bloodshed.

Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society
Jul 132013 patriots-timleline

The Patriots Increase

Reports show Patriot activity has steadily increased. Supply routes are often ambushed when they cut through urban terrain. Military efforts to establish good standing with civilians are frequently overlooked by envoys of the Patriots' organization. Land along the border between the Coalition and the Federation is being donated to the Patriots. They now have more area to call sanctuary from both militaries

May 272013 obh-2-timeline

Broken Home 2

The Oklahoma Territory remains split. The UFS Colonial Command called up units from the Great Plains to garner enough strength to take the remaining territory of Oklahoma. Knowing the importance of the state, Civilian Defense Forces old the CoST against the UFS offense. With the CDF, the COST are able to maintain the hold on the ground they held before the attack and is considered a victory by the Coalition.

Mar 22013 esr19-timeline

Operation ESR19

The UFS successfully deploy s personnel from the Great Plains to the town of Roosevelt, Oklahoma. The CoST forces that were redirected were not prepared for the ambush laid out for them. Tho ambush gamble proved favorable for UFS GPC forces and put a halt to the CoST spreading further into Oklahoma.

Feb 232013 great-plains-timeline

Great Plains Command

Colonial Command, the joint military command during this civil war, convinces the UFS to establish the "Great Plains Command" and further divides the Pacific Coastal states into its own command, the "Pacific Division". UFS Military Personnel in the GPC quickly receive orders to move offensive assets south towards Oklahoma. The target is to hit CoST forces rerouted from the Colorado front and attack when they reach Roosevelt, OK via Route 19.

Jan 182013 mtn-secession-timeline

Mountain Secession

A few major events occur that dramatically affect the remaining state boundaries...

- Mountain range states of the UFS begin to separate from the Un1on and the CoST borders begin to dramatically spread northwest. CoST military strength is boosted significantly and calls for the formation of a larger command they refer to as the "Mountain Secession". This leaves the original founding coalition states to lead a command called the "First Seceded".

- Prior to the first shots of the Civil War, an organization called "The Patriots" was formed for active duty and prior military that were worried about violations of the constitutional rights of US citizens. When they took a vow to protect those rights, they took them very seriously. In its initial launch, The Patriots' organization amassed a large contingency of trained personnel. During the Spring of 2013, they begin to take up arms and conduct operations amongst civilians to disrupt CoST and UFS operations to protect the civilian populace.

May 282012 dark-winter-2012

Dark Winter of 2012

Tensions tighten amongst the UFS and the CoST. History has begun to repeat itself. Strikes continue back and forth on one another's territories instigating retaliatory strikes from one another. The UFS, still holds more land, but has been losing support daily. State borders are beginning to dissolve and blend and are becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate where allegiences lie ...

Nov 72012 faded-gaint-1

Operation Faded Giant

On the Eastern Coast of the United Federal States, a nuclear facility originally built to provide power is being targeted by CoST Special Operations for 2 reasons: destroying the power facility will cripple UFS forces and infrastructure & there is a possibility of taking UFS nuclear capability and weaponizing it. Combat takes place over 2 days and results in South Carolina split on whether to stay a member of the UFS or join the CoST.

Sep 152012 rebel-yell

Operation Rebel Yell

UFS Soldiers attempt another attack across enemy lines to attack Camp Gruber a posted position that was due for an inspection and morale visit from the Coalition Government leadership. The Operation, named Rebel Yell, is foiled when ironically local civilian militia take up arms to protect the outpost and successfully repel UFS forces.

May 282012 war-declared

Operation Broken Home

UFS Army & Marines attempt a two pronged attack in an attempt to keep Oklahoma in the Union. CoST Armed Forces are somewhat successful against the attack. 2 days of fighting leaves the state split in two. A new front-line had been established across the state that was firmly in UFS control. Battles were both lost and won, front-lines shifted but the war will rage on.

Apr 122012 oklahoma-comp

Oklahoma Compromise?

Oklahoma expresses interest in governing themselves and joining the Coalition. The UFS cannot afford to lose OK from the Union. The Federal Union offers Oklahoma a compromise to govern themselves and exemption from taxation if they can fuel the UFS war machine.

Feb 12012 ufs-created

United Federal States

The remaining states create a military nation: the United Federal States (UFS), the UFS begins amassing troops towards Border States to force seceded former states to rejoin the union.

Jan 72012 cost-created

The Coalition of Sovereign Territories

Louisiana, Texas and Alaska led by Texas' initiative adopt the "The Declaration of Immediate Causes which induce and justify the succession from the Federal Union" The Coalition of Sovereign Territories (CoST) is created.

May 252011 dark-winter

During the Winter...

The coldest and most brutul hits the US. Thousands freeze in there homes simultaneously. Interstate commerce comes to a grinding halt.


In Your Milsim Storyline...

Strife in the Middle East makes oil more valuable than gold. The UFS passes Federal Regulations on oil producing states with heavy taxation. Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Alaska are hit worst...