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Nov 07 2012 03:54 AM | Bash in Articles

Well for those of you that were wondering what you missed out on here it is. We began the trip on Thursday about 9 am. Nasty came by the house and picked me up with all our gear. We were flying out on Delta from XNA and had everything packed according to their regulations. Or so we thought. When we arrived at the check in we were notified that we had to much weight in 1 bag. FYI you can only fly with 50 lbs per checked bag or it goes to 125 per oversized bag. So we moved some stuff around into a box they gave us and bam on our way through security. Once there Nasty forgot he had some BB's in his bag and got the good old search from TSA. Bye this time we were 9 min from our flight leaving and we ran to the boarding line just in time to get on the plane.

Once in Atlanta we partook in some refreshments from Sam Adams. Yummmmmmmm.

Posted Image

Then off to catch our next flight to Charleston, SC. Once there we got our Dodge Charger VRRRUMMMM and off to Hyman's Restaurant. This place is amazing and if you get a chance to eat there the wait is worth it. Once we finished our food we were off to the Days Inn @ Barnwell,SC. Not the greatest place but the beds were nice and the sheets were clean.

The following day we picked up some Mc Donald’s and off to see the GTI site. What a site it was. OMG I have never seen anything like it and according to GTI it was the only one like it in the WORLD. This place was so huge a guy could get totally lost in this place.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

We checked in and got ready for our Milsim Mechanics class. We met up with MAKO and off we went. Nasty was videoing most of the time so that you guys might be able to see what common mistakes airsoft teams make during these exercises. The class was not intended for real world applications only airsoft fun. The M7 guys were great and help myself and others think of what common mistakes we make and how to identify and correct them to heighten our in game experience. I would recommend this for any airsoft team or new comer to the arena to familiarize yourself with tactics other airsofters will use against you and how to counter them. M7 put some great thought into these classes and I expect to see them only improve on them. On top of that its a good way to laugh at yourself and others!

Posted Image

On Saturday we (MAKO and D9) chronoed the guns and went over the safety brief. Then it was game on. We had the district privilege of playing with "High Speed Gene" the coolest cat I have had the pleasure of running with. He also is the mastermind behind HSGI. Yea that’s right the epic taco's we all love. We started at the west end of the facility around the pip yard and began pushing into the buildings. Stiff resistance from Cost was keeping us out of the main nuclear building at first but we finally pushed in. After fighting it out with Cost we were pulled for a DAM mission to retrieve an asset if possible but collect the Intel he had most of all. This was a timed mission and resistance and thinking on your feet was a must. I’m not going to go into the mission too much as I expect you would rather watch it. I am sending Kilroy the video I have and he should be putting up a nice video for you guys soon. The big spin on the mission was everyone was in gas masks and communication was hell. Not to mention the other cool shit Posted Image Dam this was the coolest thing I have done. AMS really set the bar with this one. So after our mission we joined the ranks again and off we went slaying bodies. I would like to say we dominated but my ass was like a grenade magnet the whole trip. It seemed like everywhere I went The Misfits from OK City were there to greet me and send me back on my way.

You guys were great sports and I can't wait to see you again! Soon we were back on a second DAM mission and wow what a mission it was. Intell was very limited and we failed like a boss lol. Let me stress though that we learned a lot and was so close to extracting the hostage grrrrrrrrr. Damn what a great time though. Back off to the game we went. By this time it was getting close to index.

The night game was next. After everyone recharged there batteries with food and a impromptu puppet show courtesy of a few flashlight that lit up the building like we were at a drive in. Everyone got a good laugh out of it. When the night game began we started out on the east side of the facility. Our goal was to get an objective located in the pipe building inside the pipe yard. We began taking our small force of 5 guys down low moving directly toward the green spawn. About 300 yrs out we began taking contact. We had no night vision so we began to get real creative. While the rest of the squad drew the attention I ran into the green forces and began telling everyone that the tan force was just 40 yards out. I immediately herd someone reply " How many?" I replied " About 30, get ready! I began running up into the pipe yard that was completely dark saying " Get ready, get ready they are coming." I come within 4 feet of 2 Cost members and they never gave me a second though other than to move to the front and get ready. I made my way into the Pipe building where I began the process of retrieving the server when someone took a few shots at me. I immediately replied "What are you doing?!" the guy said "Oh sorry I thought you were tan". He went back to looking for advancing tan. I then ran as fast as I could into the "Rape Room" AKA Pipe Valve Room. Once in I couldn’t see anything. I kept calling out Brown for several minutes before I heard "Out". Yea! It was tan. We quickly organized a squat to guard the building and the game was won! Buy this time out 3rd DAM mission was running a little late so we decided to call it a night.

The following day we had one more DAM mission to run. Our mission was to get a wounded sniper at the top of the building and evac him to safety. We and another squad moved over to a 17 story building were we would be taught some tough lessons. When we moved in we moved fast. Cost was waiting for us and mowed many of us down. However, there was several that did make it and were able to set up and keep heads down so that others could respawn and move back in. Once clear we took to equal forces and attacked 2nd floor on both stairwells at the same time. This worked very well and took the Cost by surprise. After this we were moved to one stairwell and the battle changed. AMS and M7 always changing things up kept us on our toes. We began meshing as a unit at this time and everyone knew what they had to do to get to the next floor. We sent two rabbits AKA runners right out the door as fast as they could run. I was one of them. I took my spanking like a man. This resulted in some of the untrained shooters moving their shots from the door onto our rabbits. Then the flood began. It gave us just enough time to move shooters into position to begin a push back. Now we were laying it down. LVL 3 was clear after several casualties. The HSGI guys were giving us hell! We move to 4 and 5 using this tactic and it was working great. At this time everyone was pumped and having one hell of a time! Yes I got shot more than I think I ever have but OMG what an awesome time. The DAM was cut short due to time and back to the raffle we went. Several nice prizes were given out but what shocked most was when Gene from HSGI threw about $4,000 worth of TACO's into the crowed. Yes I think we all about passed out. Where else will you see this except for at a AMS event!

Everyone said there good byes and began the long travel home. That is everyone but those that stayed to help clean the sight. On a side note Frosty showed me how a real milsimer plays ping pong. I got rolled. We then all went to Pizza Hut for some food. After that Nasty and I decided to call it a night and we flew back the next day.

Pros: Really?! I get a hard on just thinking about this place. I met some really nice guys on both sides tan and green. Ran into some old friends and made new ones. Everyone at this op was so cool I honestly can’t say I have ever been to a better one. Not once did I have issues with anyone not calling there hits or fighting over who shot who first. I think everyone was on such a high just to be at this place nothing could go wrong. AMS imbedded the admin into the game very well. It kept them busy but I felt it went very well.

Cons: I wish more of you could have made it to this op. I feel this facility was worth it. Coms were being a little crappy due to all the concrete but not a complete breakdown.

So in closing if you couldn't make this op you sure missed a kick ass time. Thanks AMS,GTI, HSGI, G Code, Kastway, Elite Force and Hellfire for the great time. Last but not least thanks to MAKO for letting Nasty and I role with you guys. You guys are great and look forward to doing it again!

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AMS Art Prints available for purchase...

Jul 09 2012 05:19 AM | Tusk in Articles

So I've heard some people are interested in getting prints of the Movie Poster designs I've done, if anyone is interested in getting a print from various sizes: check them out here!

As more art work gets pumped out, I'll put them up on Deviant Art. It'll be a way to get everybody a win-win and save some work for JP.


Thanks guys...

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OP: Broken Home AAR

Jun 01 2012 03:03 PM | dirtpro in Articles

Regulators AAR

Posted Image

The Oklahoma Badland Regulators arrived on Thursday to set up camp and get into the milsim mindset. We worked all day Friday providing deuce tours and a secondary chrono site for those wishing to evade the long lines in town. Friday was supposed to end with a dinner at the D-Day café and some shopping in the store next to it but both were closed when we arrived at 1903hrs so neither took place.

Saturday began at 0530hrs with coffee, a light breakfast and final gear checks. Rally speeches were pleasantly short and we received our orders from Platoon HQ (Rocketman) immediately afterwards. We (Squad 1-1) were to hold Omaha Beach against the UFS Marine Corps as the first unit in a platoon wide defensive perimeter designed to deny them from pushing on Coleville from the north or east. Last year, our squad ambushed the marine platoon west of Colleville and was overrun so this was our chance to provide the same experience to them. Prior to game start there was some confusion as there was a good section of UFS affiliated troops already in the woods in view from our position but they were pushed back by an admin.

Game on was called and we only had to wait a minute or two until we could see a single fire team working their way down the hill into the intersection below our position.

Posted Image

We allowed them to pass by and low and behold here trotted the rest of the Marine platoon into our kill zone. The battle began and the entire marine platoon ground to a halt. I immediately lost count of the number of marines I had killed as myself and the other members of our squad put our interlocking fires to use. My assistant gunner Bug provided a valuable second set of eyes during this process and prevented any UFS marines from gaining any sort of flanking position on our bunker. We lost one member of our squad during this engagement. She is our photographer!

Posted Image

What happened next was a bit disturbing. We were contacted by several MOD operators and told that we were not allowed to engage from the positions that we had taken and had to move back to the top of the ridge bordering Coleville. We took new positions and I attempted to engage the marines still at the bottom of the hill with three bursts. I turned to the sound of voices and saw one of the MOD operators pointing his pistol and yelling at me to stop firing. This was absolutely out of line and uncalled for. He then told our squad that we were only allowed to shoot at the marines if they came up the hill towards Coleville. We were not allowed to shoot at them if they turned up the road towards Utah Beach. I can’t remember any tan units holding their fire for us to pass by them at any time during the entire event so this is a bit confusing and angering.

Our new position was poor, did not allow us to engage with the enemy and was already covered by other green units in Colleville so we moved north up the ridge in hopes of denying the UFS marines any approach up the ridge. We attached to the right flank of one of the D9 (1-2 and 1-3) squads and extended their defensive line up to the top of the ridge and waited.

Posted Image

While we waited we were informed of a heat casualty in the valley and contacted the admins who sent in a medical team. After another wait, the marines made their push up the hill and despite the lack of any trenches or pre-built firing positions we held them back and requested permission to counterattack. Upon receiving permission, we formed up with squads 1-2 and 1-3 and pushed the marines all the way back to their spawn point.

Posted Image

During this battle, someone in our platoon removed Top from the fight but were unable to obtain his kill bracelet.

For some reason, our complete rout of their position warranted a cease fire so that they could pull out en masse. I would have been content to watch them walk off the AO and contemplate their failure as my squad had done numerous times last year. After a quick break, squad 1-1 was ordered back to the top of the ridge to hold down the road that runs from Omaha Beach directly into Colleville. I took a position directly on the side of the road and was sadly forced to dispatch an entire marine squad that decided to advance up the road in a lovely column file. We came under attack from the east and easily beat it back. We then watched the remaining UFS marines pull out of the AO to form up with the UFS army on the south end of the AO.

Posted Image

There would be no two front battle, the marines had failed. It is actually surprising to me as the marines could have attacked at any point in our platoon’s long defensive line which stretched from Omaha to Utah beach. Instead, they took the easy avenues of approach and paid for it dearly.

At this time, a black suburban moved up the road full of UFS allied forces. We did not have any organic heavy weapons and so we moved to envelop them once they stopped on the north outskirt of Coleville. Most of our unit was dispatched at this time but the units occupying Colleville moved up and took out the remaining two occupants of the vehicle.

Our squad then broke for lunch on the north of Colleville and met up with OKCAG (squad 1-5) who had held Utah Beach against an onslaught of sun and nothingness. After a brief relaxation and hydration we received orders stating that it was no longer necessary to defend the Omaha to Utah Beach valley as that avenue of approach had been cut off. Our platoon was moved to defend Coleville against a UFS push from the south and our squad was tasked with guarding the eastern flank.

Posted Image

Upon arrival, it was already heavily guarded so we obtained permission to perform a flanking maneuver of our own. We moved across the valley moving east and moved southeast towards the edge of the AO. We stopped suddenly due to the discovery of UFS forces opposite the ravine from our position. We went to ground and waited despite most of our unit being on a completely barren stretch of hillside. After about 10 minutes, the UFS troops had not spotted us and we decided to take them out and pull back. In the shooting gallery that followed we removed about 10 UFS soldiers from the fight and took no losses. We pulled back north east and dispatched a few UFS stragglers that were attempting to fire on the Coleville defenses from across the valley to the east. We then formed up with the defenders on the Coleville side of the ridge and defended against more UFS moving up the valley from the south. I was hit by a very stealthy operator that used the helicopter to cover the sound of his weapon firing and got off to my left without me even knowing he was there. Props to whoever that was.

As I bled out I watched a mixed group of UFS army and marines move up the hill en masse and take out the rest of our squad that was on the lower half of the hill. I watched good hit calling by all on both sides save for one specific group. There was a tan unit wearing plain tan shirts that were completely bulletproof. It was very clear to me that they were not calling their hits as I was among their ranks at the time. They also were apparently color blind as I observed them shoot long repeated bursts at green players that were clearly displaying dead rags and had been doing so for quite some time. This was quite irritating.

Posted Image

Upon my respawn in Colleville, we had roughly 20 minutes until the game endex and the situation was quite grim. UFS forces had entered the berms on the south end of Colleville, they were moving into positions on the ridge on the east and more troops had attacked from the north, where we were ordered out of after lunch. This was either a miscommunication or a cheap admin twist to enable the UFS troops to encircle us. We were informed by our platoon leader that an admin told him that the UFS would be given an advantage in this battle because they had complained about being beat back during the rest of the day.

Posted Image

I moved into the north end of the mini mall with fellow Regulator BTX and went to work. I dispatched the troops hiding behind a clearly marked admin jeep which was moving in slowly and giving them cover. I suppressed the operators behind vehicles on the north and took out a soldier attempting to fire a rocket into the church 4 times (not sure if he passed the weapon off or what….). I also removed 2-3 squads that attempted to rush from the east ridgeline to my position. Apparenly they forgot they would need cover on their trek and they had simply started running en masse directly at me. I ran down to my last few hundred rounds and was finally shot. I looked at my watch and saw that we had 7 minutes to game endex. I bled out and walked back to the red car to respawn.

Posted Image

Upon my re-entry I moved to the north (new) mini mall and noticed that the entire south mini mall was filled with tan. I learned later that a contractor dressed as a MOD had entered it and safety killed everyone. Why they were allowed to have the same uniform is beyond me. I fired a few bursts and my gun ran away so I fixed it and decided to sit the rest of the game out as my watch showed us as 2-3 minutes after game endex. I sat…and sat some more. At 20 after game endex the tan finally got up to the MASH tent and the game was called. Again, either this was a miscommunication or a cheap trick by the admins. I watched numerous green units walk off the field because there was only a few minutes left according to the clock and we had kept them out of the buildings.

Over the course of the afternoon we suffered two heat casualties and had three other players pull themselves out of the game for the same reason. One of our casualties was transported to the hospital and has now recovered.

Posted Image

I did not fight in the night game. This portion of the AAR is brought to us by Grendel:

Myself, Ghost, Nemesis, Blueknight and Predator participated in the night game. We patroled the west woods near the airport as this would be the safest approach to the Terminal Building which housed some sort of important objective. We ran into one UFS unit that was quickly dispatched by me save for one lone gent who layed low. Eventually he shot me, but with the loss of his comrades he was combat ineffective. I could hear the fighting in Colleville which sounded like a huge cluster of over shooting and such; which is usually the case in the many night operations I have played in. It was fun running with the RRT for that portion.

Sunday morning began the same way as Saturday. Coffee, light breakfast, quick rally, and on into the game. COST started just outside the new building at the airport and UFS started at the berms of Colleville. I do not really understand why everyone started where they did in regards to the storyline but no matter. Squads 1-1 and 1-4 decided to cross the pedestrian bridge on the east side of the airport and enter Colleville from the north. We established the bridgehead and other units followed. Squad 1-1 worked its way around to the northeast side of Colleville where we had fought the day before and encountered a fierce firefight.

Posted Image

I was low crawling to a bunker when 4-6 UFS soldiers crested the slope to my left in a tight formation with no cover. I swung and fired, watching the bbs disappear into them. I was hit, called myself out and held my gun up above my head in case they could not hear me. Alas, they continued to fire. I threw some choice phrases their way and dug my dead rag out. I got up to my knees and immedietly another group of UFS soldiers fired at me. More choice words and I turned my back, held my dead rag to prevent it from falling and kept my gun above my head. I watched my squad leader, Jager get hit by a long stream of rounds, put his dead rag on, and proceeded to be the recipient of repeated long bursts. At this time, there were no live green personnel in the area and the UFS continued to fire at the dead for a solid 2-5 minutes. I turned back around to face them and saw that it was the same unit that we had trouble with the day before (the unit wearing all tan t-shirts). We called for an admin and explained the situation to them, but of course they became perfect hit callers once he arrived.

Back at the respawn there was a steady stream of green arriving from the position we had vacated and each one complained that they tan were not calling their hits. We moved back to the pedestrian bridge and encountered some tan there. We then received orders to pull into Coleville and assist the main effort to take the town. We moved into the north mini mall (new completed structure) and proceeded to suppress and remove the remaining tan in the church and south mini mall. I then moved up to the vehicles in the middle of the town and provided cover for those moving into the south mini mall from there. Once we had enough in the mall, I moved to the south end of the mall and removed all operators from a black truck along with the help of other green soldiers. I then moved up to the large burm south of the mini mall and assisted in troop movement and medevac management from that position. At this time I had the pleasure of fighting alongside of one of the Bad Company (QRF-2) operators (sorry man I forgot your callsign. If you’re reading this pm me and I’ll put you in there). He and his team was on the front line, taking care of business and getting people to move up.

Posted Image

Squad 1-1 was then pulled back to the north mini mall to move out and flank the north and east side of Coleville. We pushed down Omaha Beach and cleared it with no losses and then moved south a position that M7 (SOG) had taken south of the trenches on the east side of Colleville. We were eventually pushed back and respawned in Coleville.

At this time, we moved up to the APC and formulated a battle plan. The wind was against us so the tan outranged us and we were all running low on energy and ammo. A call came for help on the east flank and we moved around the back of the north mini mall and the church to get there. Bug, my assistant gunner and I came across some green that had stopped some police from brining tan soldiers into the church and we assisted them.

Bug and I joined part of our squad, part of the Robinson ReconTeam (Squad 1-4) and part of the Eternal Soldiers (Squad 2-1,2,3) on the north end of the south mini mall and provided a solid wall of plastic for the tan attempting to take the east side of the U. N. compound. I also had the pleasure of removing 3 soldiers from the black suburban from that location. In this battle Bug removed the tan commander from the battle but there seemed to be a misunderstanding of the 5 minute bleed rule that spanned the tan team from the Top down, and again we were unable to obtain his kill bracelet. Just before game endex, Snake Eyes and I took a position on the berm directly east of the mini mall and I was able to remove a full squad from play that apparently forgot that they had flanks.

Posted Image

I don’t know at this time who will be named the victor of this game but I do know this:

1. Platoon one denied the UFS marine corps any chance of making Broken Home a two front battle by taking all of their spawn points and pushing them out of the AO.
2. The admins had to give the UFS an advantage for them to take Coleville on each day.
3. Despite the advantages given to the UFS, CoST troops held the majority of Coleville including the MASH tent at the end of the game.

Praise and recommendations:

1. Holding separate safety briefings was perfect. Please do that again!
2. We understand that everyone wants to have fun. That said, we believe that the admins need to be very careful when they make changes that effect the game flow. If one side is not being successful in their attempts, they need to rethink their approach and adapt/improvise it rather than asking the admins to change the game for them. It is the admin's responsibility to create a fair game; however it is absolutely not their responsibility to ensure any team's success. Doing so is akin to punishing the winning team for doing well.
3. Thank you for the great maps. I hate crappy maps and having it look like a real topo made it even more realistic.
4. Make absolutely sure that units can be clearly identified. There were different units wearing black and tan. This has to end. If we must have a unit that flip flops, make them clearly distinguishable from all other players and admins.


1. Thanks again for all the time you all put into the op. I cant express it properly with words but we are all very appreciative of all the staff and volunteers.
2. Thanks to Dewayne. Without him this would not have happened.
3. Thanks to the tan. To those of you that fought hard and clean I salute you.
4. A Special Thanks to Rocketman for his skillful leadership that allowed all squads in CoST Platoon 1 to excel. We all look forward to your leadership in future operations.
5. Also, Thurgeon, Dude, for anyone to step-up at the last minute and take command of the CoST Army like you did deserves a Huge Thanks! We appreciate your leadership skills and leading us to victory.
6. Without the skill sets each squad in CoST PLT1 have, none of this win would have been as decisive as it was. The inter squad coordination was superlative. All you guys were great to run with. We need to do this again.

Lessons learned:

1. Some of the members in our squad determined to make our kits as light as possible. This was the best possible decision we could have made.
2. Hydration is not just about water. We lost the members that we did because we only hydrated with water. In an extended engagement one must remember to replenish electrolytes. Had we done so, we would all have lasted the entire game. We will be including electrolytes in future hydration plans.

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Beta Project Masada GBB Conversion Kit

May 10 2012 03:33 AM | Tusk in Articles

Magpul PTS Masada/ACR:
Masada or ACR, whatever you call it - it's American designed and American made. Ingeniously built off already tried and true existing premises. A gas piston operated, air cooled, shoulder fired, magazine fed assault rifle with the capability of changing caliber with a few part swaps. Developed by Magpul, purchased by Bushmaster and Remington Military, the Masada became the ACR and became an actual reality and not just a concept design.

The PTS version of the Masada has all the correct proportions and mimics the Bushmaster version very closely. It has a price tag much higher on the spectrum than most Airsoft AEG rifles. This is because it's supposedly made of the same polymer that Magpul uses in it's development of real steel parts. I'd believe it too! The AEG, while I never fired it, feels incredibly sturdy and solid. It has all the right trades in the right places. So even if this review is about the Gas Blow Back conversion, anyone who is interested in picking up a PTS Masada, when it comes to the externals of the weapon, it's top shelf. The motor and all that bollocks, I have no idea and could care this. This about the gas. :D

Beta Project GBB Conversion Kit - First Impressions:
The kit seems very well put together. The fire selector is nice and tight and clicks firmly into the proper mode of fire. The parts that are metal are made of an aluminum... nice and lightweight. A nice contrast to the steel barrel of my WE M4. The polymer parts are strong and when squeezed, have no give to them - just like one would expect of any Magpul Part.

Posted Image

Installation: (Took 20 Minutes total...)
  • Remove AEG Lower, then remove stock from lower...
  • Remove hand guard and barrel from upper receiver...
  • The upper receiver need to have the charging handle spring removed.
  • Then remove the charging handle from the charging handle mech. There's a little hole in the rail to access if you're not familiar with the weapon.
  • Unscrew the 4 Screws from the trunnion. 2 on both sides. There are also two pins that need to be tapped out. This might be the hardest part of the installation. Use a punch set to reduce damaging the upper or the trunnions.
  • Install the GBB Trunnion. 4 screws and 2 pins.
  • Install new GBB Barrel into trunnion.
    Posted Image
  • Remove receiver pin from upper receiver to slide in charging handle mech and bolt carrier group & guide spring.

    Posted Image
  • Install front pivot pit of lower receiver to the upper.

    Posted Image
  • Install stock to the rear of the receiver. We're preparing to close the receiver shut. Almost done... Pins might be a bit tight, but they will line up if you've installed your parts correctly.

    Posted Image
  • Attach upper receiver to your stock...

    Posted Image
  • You can now either function check and load the weapon now in order to have access to the hop-up OR you can install the front had guard and you're done.

    Posted Image
* Installation Notes:
You shouldn't need to sand the upper receiver. The BCG is a bit of a tight fit when sliding in to the upper. But once you install the lower, the box containing all your lower internals is slightly wider the the upper and will allow the bolt carrier group to cycle properly. This could be on purpose, this could be coincidence, this could be just my particular kit. When the lower is removed, the BCG wants to no longer slide easily. So do not fret if things feel tight.

If you discover during your function check of the weapon that the BCG doesn't want to cycle properly, you then may want to consider sanding some of the contact points between the upper and the lower.

Function Check the Weapon!
Once it's all put together, function check your new honey badger.

Posted Image
  • Safe and clear your weapon...
  • With the weapon on safe - squeeze the trigger. Nothing should happen.
  • Put the weapon on semi; squeeze the trigger and hold it to the rear.
  • Pull back on the charging handle then slowly release the trigger. You should feel and hear a "clunk." Your hammer resets properly.
  • Put the weapon on Full-Auto; squeeze the trigger and hold it to the rear.
  • Slowly release the trigger, again there should be a clunk.
  • Put the weapon back on safe. You're good-to-go.
** If you're going to store the weapon for a bit, rack safe it to save on spring life. Safe and clear your weapon. Put the weapon on Semi, squeeze the trigger. Weapon is now "rack safe."

Posted Image

Test Firing:
Using 1 G&P P-mag (seen loaded in the above picture) I took it to the backyard for a quick test firing. The weapon fires amazing! The sound is loud and crisp and the recoil is comparable to any WOC or Inokatsu GBBR M4 - easy! But because the bolt is more forward and not underneath your cheek weld, it feels like it easier to control and the felt recoil isn't as drastic to bring you off target. It feels good in your shoulder when fired.

The hop at 25 feet is dead on with the hop turned all the way off. I really want be able to judge the accuracy of the hop up until I get into the field for Broken Home, where I'll have a guarantee that I will be engaged in firefights out past 200 feet. One thing D-Day doesn't disappoint on is distance and people who know their weapons will Kentucky Windage there shots from forever away. But for now - the hop seems promising for longer ranger engagements.

Is it worth the money?
Two words: F$&^ Yeah! Anyone experienced in the pains of owning a Gas Blow Back rifle knows what cons to expect. Cool down being first or at least a close second. And if you're well exposed to magazine maintenance procedures, you'll avoid leaking pitfalls in the future. So what else is there? Cost. It always boils down to money. For some it boils down to having a system that they can use in multiple parts of the country (or world, whatever Swedes.) and the answer to that is simple: the Masada does not require any modifications that prevent you from removing the GBB conversion. So when winter comes (Love Game of Thrones!) - you'll be able to throw back all the AEG components back into your receiver and you're ready to rock & roll.
  • Magpul PTS Masada (Not the A&K Garbage) - $480 New
  • Beta Project GBB Conversion Kit - $238 + Shipping
  • G&P Magazines or WA Style Equivelant - $50 per Magazine + Shipping
So is it worth it? Yes. If you have the means, this is the Honey Badger of Airsoft Weaponry. Magpul PTS products are pricey, but you're getting Magpul quality parts. So that's a "Win". Then you get the realism a lot of people look for in Milsim. Another "win" for me at least. And if for whatever reason I need to play in the northern part of the country in cold weather, I have an AEG.

If you love GBBR's - you have to get it. There's nothing to not love. I am a little worried about the wear that is starting to show on the BCG, but the bolt catch differs greatly from the M4/M16 style and looks as if it will still function even with the marring that is occurring on the right side of the BCG. I look forward to fielding this weapon at Broken Home.

Posted Image

Posted Image

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NSW Kids Raffle / New AMS Store Items

Apr 25 2012 09:57 PM | TheJP in Articles

New and Exciting things are in the works over at American MilSim!

Amerian MilSim Partners with NSW Kids

AMS has partnered with NSW Kids to support their foundation and efforts in helping our servicemen and women! American MilSim will be raffling a full down range ready load-out donated by:
  • Elite Force - Elite Force 1911 (Co2)
  • Kastway Airsoft - AEG and Shotgun
  • Revision - Goggles
  • Voodoo Tactical - Matrix Backpack
  • HSGI - Sure Grip Belt
  • GCode - XST Drop-leg
  • Mission Spec - Irene Adaptive Sling
  • American MilSim - HSGI Weesatch
  • Phantom Fury Tactical - Fury Sling
  • Beyond Issue - SS Precision vLite / Custom TAG Shotgun Sling
  • AMS Edition BB Box from BunkerBoxes.com
  • M7 - M7 Appeal and Morale Patch
  • MAKO TV - MAKO Apparel

Raffle tickets will run $10.00 and can be purchased online at the AMS Store and at Operation: Broken Home at the Kastway Airsoft store. The winning ticket will be drawn during the OBH raffle. ALL Ticket proceeds go to the NSW Kids foundation.

You do not have to be present to win.

Buy some tickets to help out a great cause and have a chance to win a some amazing items!

*Sorry Admins! American MilSilm staff are not eligible to participate in the NSW Kids raffle.*

Posted Image

A special thanks to M7 for introducing the American MilSim crew to NSW Kids!

American MilSim Apparel will be available for Pre-Order

For most of us "Gear Junkies" tactical and Milsim clothing is a "lifestyle". American MilSim will be debuting their new line of Morale and Limited T-shirt apparel for pre-order and delivery at Operation: Broken Home. We will be initially offering three separate shirt styles with two being limited editions runs of 50 prints only.

All of this and more be be appearing on the AMS store @ Shop.AmericanMilSim.com with in the next week.

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"Ask a DDAP Veteran" Thread

Apr 26 2012 07:06 PM | TheJP in Articles

DP/Doc/BK thanks, This is the exact type of info I was looking for. JP... worthless bro.. WORTHLESS! :)

Anyone else have helpful hints or tips? I saok all this up and return it to the team.

Thanks again,

You cut me deep!

Alright let me seriously chime in for a second... for personal experience this is how I roll on AO's such as D-Days. Remember keep you kit as light as possible. If you have a tight knit squad you can spread this stuff around.
  • Bring packing tape to cover you maps and other documents.
  • 2.5-3L of water on person
  • Run 12-14 Primary Mags deep (remember your ammo restrictions)
  • Run 3-6 Secondary Mags deep
  • 2 TBs 1 Impact Frags
  • IFAK (for minor cuts, blisters, etc... everything in a vacumm zip-lock bag and it fits in DBL M4 pouch)
  • Compass
  • GPS
  • Extra Batteries (AAA / AA and 123 or whatever your gear requires)
  • Zip ties
  • 550 cord
  • 2x 5w radios
  • Sun screen
  • Potassium pills
  • Beef Jerky / Tuna / Energy bar
  • Wet wipes
  • 100 MPH tape
  • Multitool
  • folding knife
  • fixed blade knife
  • Flashlight w/ red filter
  • Pen Light
  • 1-2 locking carabiners
  • 1 pair extra socks
  • CAT (not needed unless you are out in the north 40)
  • Poncho (if needed)

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Mar 19 2012 07:51 PM | TheJP in Articles

Howdy all,

So I'm wondering. Why MILSIM for a lot of people on here?

As lame as this might sound...

Personally, for me I think at the end of the day I have always wanted to serve but illness prevented me from being able too. I guess this is my way of vicariously living that dream in a competitive manner and in somewhat realistic way.

I do it for ...

Great friendships and bonds are created out of duress and hardship which you find at properly designed "MilSim OPs/Events". I do it for the friendship, the comeradary , the forging of team work, the chance to solve unique problems while under extreme stress.

I think at the end of the day, I basically do it for the people I meet (some good some bad) and the amazing experiences and memories MilSim creates.

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