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#39685 Dont know if this rifle will meet this role or not.

Posted by unipus on 15 August 2017 - 04:45 PM

Not sure what relevance that has, other than to muddy the waters further, but to me a gun with significantly shorter effective range than an M16 (or an AK74 for that matter) doesn't qualify regardless of what words happen to be in the name. In most instances it also doesn't have a folding stock, but that's besides the point.

Questions like this will always come up, and take the admin's time, whenever there's a rule based on examples and "etc" -- a hard and fast rule such as "must have a barrel 20 inches or longer" would solve it. It wouldn't keep people from asking, but it would stop them from arguing.

#39623 Need to re-address no MED rule with AEGs

Posted by unipus on 01 August 2017 - 12:46 PM

If I'm understanding the OP correctly, he'd rather get shot 10 times in the face from 20 feet away than a couple of times from 8 feet? No thanks. Glad to see everyone in here putting this idea out to pasture. Minimum engagement rules cause way more trouble than they're worth.

#39495 Milsim West Tourniquet

Posted by unipus on 27 June 2017 - 04:07 PM

I think the whole "only a medic" can give you aide is rediculous. Sure ita milsim and alot of guys like the "realism", but at the end of the day it's airsoft and its getting out of control with the small meaningless rules sets. Guys wanna run arou d and shoot and ha e fun. Medics will run past you to get to their buddies or to get to their squads objective.Im not paying $190 to sit around for 5 minutes and have to walk back and forth because the rules are flawwed. Illlet a buddy medic me and conti ue to play. Its my $190 and im not letting someone else ruin my weekend. lol

This is the exact kind of garbage entitled mindset that's steadily lowered the bar on milsim for a decade now.

If you're signing up for a milsim event, but think it's unacceptable to spend 5 whole minutes not running and gunning like a badass, then you did it wrong. My advice: spend that $190 going to a bunch of $20 pickup games where you're not ruining the experience for everyone else. The customer is not always right, especially when they don't understand their place in the bigger picture.

More on topic, I like the MSW tourniquets a lot, but lots of guys have them pre-looped, which makes them trivially quick to put on and you have buddy aid in 10 seconds flat (compared to maybe 30 seconds if you're doing it right). That is against MSW's rules, but lots of people either don't know that or... well, they're just cheaters. You're always going to have those.

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