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Nick "Picasso"

Nick "Picasso"

Member Since 13 Apr 2017
Offline Last Active Jun 12 2018 06:34 PM

#40369 Oakley M Frame 2.0 with Helo and Prescription Inserts?

Posted by Nick "Picasso" on 11 June 2018 - 10:23 PM

Hey there,


As I'm working on my load out, eye-pro is prominent. I wanted to see if Oakley M Frames would do good, and I've heard great things with the Helo Kit and ballistic lenses. However, I wear prescription glasses and obviously they wouldn't fit inside the Helo kit. I've seen off-brand inserts such as URx, but I cant tell if the the attachment clips at the bridge of the glasses would fit together or not, if the inserts would fit inside the Helo kit, or what the visual restriction would amount to. I've found nothing, and i mean NOTHING online about using both at the same time, and I figured, theres no better a place to check than here.




Nick "Picasso"

#39092 Call Sign

Posted by Nick "Picasso" on 17 April 2017 - 08:11 PM

Howdy, I'm Nick, "Picasso"


I'm from Midland, TX and a 2 year airsoft rookie. Our local field, West Texas Airsoft is my regular joint, and we have games every weekend. I'm an AFROTC student with ambitions to become a TACP operator. This year, for my first milsims, I plan to head to Copperhead 3 and RDG XVI.

The way I got my callsign was, one weekend, our field manager, Elijah Holland, found out I play the piano. He got the notion I was an artist and started calling me Picasso, as a side name for my dad's callsign, "Pops." The way he got his name, was in one of our matches, an enemy threw a Thunder B into a window and the grenade slid right under his legs, while he was crouching. He threw the grenade back hastily. We were worried he might be talking in a few octaves higher after that game.


My current camouflage consists of Multicam OCP, M81 Woodland, 3-Color Desert Tan, Urban, and Black bdus. I have two common loadouts, Lightweight TACP Operator and Black SAS (Think MW1)

Couldnt find a pic.


Right now, I'm just starting on the AMS Forums and meeting some really great people, ex. Hammer, JP, Doug, etc. Glad to have started to meet y'all and glad to answer and ask questions.


Looking forward to seeing y'all on the field.

#39088 What Does This Patch Mean?

Posted by Nick "Picasso" on 17 April 2017 - 07:19 PM

Hi Nick,

Looks like you have a 310th Sustainment Command OCP (OCP is the new Army uniform) unit patch.  OCP patches are a pain in the butt to get for soldiers in smaller units, so I recommend selling it on ebay.  (Going rate is $5)

Sell, toss, or keep it for grins and giggles IMO.  

Hi Dave,


Thanks so much for the info. Doing some research on the unit right now. Seems like a really interesting patch.

Keeping the patch for sentiment.



Nick "Picasso"