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#39000 **Safety Briefings**

Posted by VIRUS on 06 April 2017 - 11:17 AM


#38363 When will a calendar of 2017 Ops be posted and are the age restrictions listed??

Posted by VIRUS on 07 January 2017 - 05:13 PM

Schedule down a quarter of the page on the left side

#37504 AAR

Posted by VIRUS on 08 September 2016 - 08:21 PM

Copperhead 2.5 MMX AAR

This was my second MMX class and just like the first, it was worth the money and time. We started with a brief discussion about what would be covered (how to properly breach a house working as a unit), then we started walking through different ways to accomplish the mission. The instructors took the time to answer all our questions while at the same time encouraging us to think of our own solutions. We started at a snails pace, the instructors not just telling us what we were doing right or wrong but stopping so they could show us the proper technique. With each run through details were added and we swapped up who did what. This continued until we all had a firm grip on the process, then we had some fun while still learning. We stacked up and assaulted and cleared the building, taking out targets as we went. On the last run through we cleared the building we had used all afternoon, then without pause moved to the house next door and did it again. With just a few hours training and working together we all showed a huge improvement in technique and teamwork. A few hours of commitment made us more aware of our squad, our equipment and surroundings. We went from a groups of guys that for the most part had never worked together or even met to team with focus and purpose.

If you haven't thought about doing one of the classes or are on the fence, take my advice and do it!! We all invest time and money in our gear, travel and events, why not invest in some training to give yourself every advantage you can get and also have more fun.

A suggestion for the MMX instructors, hold a class that pertains directly to the event and training location. Have the students participate in a DAM mission or as a squad for the event. 12 to 16 guys with a whole day of training together under the tutelage of real operators would be a force to reckon with. Even if a class like that cost more it would be money well spent.

Lastly I want to thank Frosty and AMS for putting together the class at such a great price. As for the instructors, Shack and Pinky thank you for taking the time to pass on a little of what you know. You both did an amazing job!!
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#36946 The Future of Airsoft

Posted by VIRUS on 09 June 2016 - 05:45 PM

The future of airsoft isn’t the in the new guns, gear, local fields or milsim events. The real future of our sport is in the new players.  Far too often I see veteran players complain about the newbs or ignore the questions they ask.  If the more experienced guys don't take the time to help the new players, one of two things will most likely happen. They will pick up bad habits (not calling their hits, unsportsmanlike conduct, unsafe practices) or they will simply stop playing. 
Both are bad for the sport. Not calling hits and unsportsmanlike conduct are at best an annoyance, or at worst suck the fun out of the game, but unsafe habits gives real ammunition to those that are trying to shut down our sport. Not having new blood to fill our ranks will also eventually lead to the end of airsoft as older guys retire or people quit because they’re having to deal with people that have bad habits. 
My home field is a family establishment that is always bringing in new players. A huge part of their success is that the staff and regulars are not only willing, but go out of their way, to turn the newbs into good players. It’s fun to watch someone I’ve helped go from hiding in corners become a player that I feel confident in covering my six. Helping them not only improves their game but mine. 
If you enjoy airsoft and want to continue playing, then you need to do your part in ensuring its future. 
Take a minute to explain the rules, the importance of good sportsmanship and safe practices. 
Take the time to show someone how to adjust their hop-up or how to clear a room.
Answer the questions about your gear. 
Loan the kid with the clear plastic gun your gun for a round. 
Encourage and nurture our new players. 
It only takes a few minutes and you just might find, as I have, that passing on what you’ve learned can be truly gratifying.

#36941 Help :(

Posted by VIRUS on 09 June 2016 - 06:14 AM

^^^^ All of that ^^^^
Definitely read the forums. There is a ton of information here. You will find the rules, packing lists, what works and doesn't work and a whole lot more.

Pack everything you can, way better to bring to much than not have what you need. Try to follow the "One is none, two is one and three is two rule". Things break or get lost so make sure you have spares. I drive to all my events because of the amount of gear I bring so I can't speak on what it takes to ship your gear but others here can help you with that.

You can run solo at theses events but you will have more fun and an easier first time if you can work with others. We have a great community here and most will be happy to help and show you the ropes. As of right now I am attending the rest of the events on this years schedule so if you would like we can make sure you end up in whatever squad I'm in and you can run with me.

Welcome to the AMS family and look forward to seeing you at an event

#36575 I need help finding . .

Posted by VIRUS on 13 May 2016 - 05:58 PM

I agree with Wrench you definitely need better guns. That rifle only shoots 320fps with .20s, that's ok for a CQB gun but won't cut it outdoors and no way as a sniper rifle. The pistol isn't any better, 150fps with .12s. Not saying you can't play with those guns but your bringing a knife to a gunfight

#36434 How Many Batteries are Enough?

Posted by VIRUS on 05 May 2016 - 09:43 PM

I run with 3 batteries and have never had to swap to the last one. But that's for one day's play, I do charge everything at night. If you won't have access to a place to charge (Xtream Airsoft will have a free charging station set up in their vendors tent) then I would bring 4. A lot depends on the type of battery you use and how heavy or light you are on the trigger. If this is your first event then you will most likely pack way to much stuff since you won't know exactly what you need so bring a few extra if you have them.

#36433 Mag loadout

Posted by VIRUS on 05 May 2016 - 09:35 PM

The point I was trying to make earlier was even if you did carry the 16 mags you talked about plus one in the guni that's still only 510 rounds in the RW. With just 7 Airsoft mags I can carry up to 1330 rounds. The mag limit was put in place to make the game more realistic, encourage players to work as a team and practice better trigger control. Just remember it's a game, AMS does an amazing job giving us the "Milsim" experience but everyone will have different expectations and get something different from the events. Play how you want as long as its within the rules and most importantly have fun.

#36398 Mag loadout

Posted by VIRUS on 04 May 2016 - 07:51 PM

There have been several rule changes this year. Check the forms under 2016 Rules changes - OBH V. The round limit has been changed to a mag limit. Maximum of 7 mags, as many rounds as those 7 mags can hold. No high cap mags allowed so you have to use mid cap or real cap mags. To help offset the new mag limit there are new resupply rules, your squad leader can send a request for resupply up the chain of command and your squad should receive an ammo drop in the field. Good trigger discipline is more important than ever now as you may have to wait some time for that resupply. I ran just 7 mags at ESR19 without the benefit of getting resupplied (that wasn't available to CDF) and didn't have an issue with running low on ammo.

#36332 The Search for Solid Tan

Posted by VIRUS on 03 May 2016 - 07:46 AM

I'm not a UFS veteran but will gladly help you. It's easy, stick with the OD Green. #COSTPRIDE

#36318 Battery type question

Posted by VIRUS on 02 May 2016 - 09:57 PM

A butterfly battery is also called a nunchuck battery (the battery is configured with two sticks of cells connected by wire so it does look like tiny nunchucks). It iis a NiMH type battery designed to be used in a crane rifle stock. Also its actually 9.6 volt
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#36253 Player Caps (UFS scouts question)?

Posted by VIRUS on 29 April 2016 - 09:38 PM

There were 300 slots for both UFS and COST, 150 CDF slots and 40 UFS Scout slots

#36247 Intro

Posted by VIRUS on 29 April 2016 - 04:38 PM

Welcome! I'm still fairly new to AMS but have had a lot of fun and have met some really great people (have to admit some of them wear tan ). The forums are full of good information and if you can't find what your looking for just ask and someone will get back with you.


Posted by VIRUS on 21 April 2016 - 02:52 PM

With the forecast of high winds and heavy rain, packing for ESR19-4 took a little more planning and a LOT more space than normal. I arrived early enough to check in, chrono, and attend a safety briefing well before StartEX. Due to the MMX class going longer than planned (my AAR for the MMX class will be posted in that thread), I missed the briefing for the beginning of the Friday Night Fights. I entered the AO and joined the fight shortly after 2300 hours, but by then Camp 3’s personnel had dispersed through the AO. So I ran solo until I teamed up with a group that seemed to be made up of guys from all three camps. We had a few skirmishes over the next three hours, and around 0200 I had to call it a night due to my gun going down. All in all, a very busy and long day, but a lot of fun. 

Saturday started out with the threat of rain that didn’t materialize until just before Endex, but the wind was definitely making its presence known. UFS forces seemed to push immediately against all camps, but for the next hour or so we held our ground protecting Camp 3 and the Still. Monkey and Whisper were putting together a group to go around the right flank and attack the UFS TOC. We fought our way to the far boundary and then played tag with a sniper for the next 15 minutes. Once he was finally taken out, that’s where the real fun began. We advanced a few hundred yards until we skirmished with a small group that had SSW support. I got the most memorable shot of my airsoft career when I got a kill I never expected… through two sets of car windows and into a third at well over 250ft. Then in one hard fast push we moved to within 50 feet of the TOC before meeting heavy resistance. UFS forces managed to keep us just out of range from killing the doctor and collecting his intel for the next 20 minutes. A second small group of CDF joined in at that time, but we were still unable to breech the TOC. UFS Command must have called for reinforcements because minutes later we were taking fire from three sides. Five minutes after that we were all taking the long walk back to Camp 3. Kudos to UFS for holding their ground until backup could arrive!! 

After respawning, me and a group of five others crossed the tracks to engage a small group of UFS coming around our right flank. A 30 minute game of hide-n-seek ensued until we were able to clear the last hostiles in the area. While we were doing this, UFS made a hard push against Camp 3. We had advanced so far to clear the right flank that we were now behind UFS lines. We were able to quickly circle around and get multiple kills before the last of us were hit. Unfortunately, even with our superior position, we were too few in number to prevent UFS from overrunning the camp. 

I picked a poor time to grab something to eat and re-outfit for the night game as the anticipated rain finally arrived. I returned to Camp 3 to find it empty, and after spending fifteen minutes of looking for someone to team up with I called it a night. Unbeknownst to me, a few of my teammates from Camp 3 were trying that same end-around move on the right flank that we failed in earlier. I missed all the fun of rolling around in the mud and tossing grenades into the UFS TOC. 

We all know it poured all night and flooded the AO. Vehicles were covered up to their windows in flood water. AMS Staff did a great job of handling a bad situation. They did all they could to recover lost gear and stranded players, even calling in the Roosevelt Navy. By 11am the raffle was on and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Despite the weather and inevitable cancellation on Sunday, it was another great American Milsim Event. I look forward to seeing everyone, friend and foe, at Broken Home next month. 

#36092 Who is Ready to get wet?

Posted by VIRUS on 13 April 2016 - 03:44 PM

Let’s see, spare BDU’s, 2 pairs of spare boots, plastic bags to protect sensitive electronics, rain-gear, box fan to help dry wet stuff, 2 bottles of anti-fog… Ready to get wet? Yes. Excited about it? Hell No.