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HellFire Special Effects (ESR19)

12 February 2013 - 09:29 PM

Hey guys,


HellFire will be blowing up stuff again for you all at End State! We will also be traveling in style this year, We will be taking a tour bus from the Dallas area. We will be selling the bunks for $200 per bunk. The bus has 2 lounges, a bathroom, 12 bunks/ Heat/Air, and electric 24/7 and the best group to camp with! Contact Mona Swarthout @ 918.348.2136 or James Jemison @ 469.726.9090 or hit us up on facebook. Pictures of the bus are uploaded there as well.

See ya there!


EOD Role

17 April 2012 - 07:46 PM

Think you want to do EOD?
Think your cut out for it?
SO many questions, not enough answers.

This topic will serve to help people understand the role of EOD during Broken Home and help prep those who wish to fill it.

Question: Who should run as EOD?
Answer: Anyone who likes to fill a critical role and can work under pressure.

Question: What purpose will the EOD serve?
Answer: Aside from being a squadmember, they are assigned the tasks that deal with construction or destruction of mock explosive devices.

Question: Will EOD see action? I don't want to be sitting around waiting all day.
Answer: When your not activly enguaging in EOD tasks you are an active squad member much like a rifleman. Expect most of your stats to be in the front lines underfire.

Question: What are the qualifications for EOD?
Answer: You need to have the ability to think fast while being shot at. Basic ability to trace wires to detrime what goes where. Basic understanding of switches (On/Off 3 wire connections) and relays is a big plus. Being able to read instructions is another bonus.

Question: What are some instances EOD will face?
Answer: Without giving anything away, various degrees of difficulty IED disarming, mine clearing and much more. Understand, when we design things, we try to think of all the things a player may do, and throw a twist in. We watch the same movies you do, we want to give you that pucker moment.

Question: What does an EOD tech need?
Answer: This is just a list of things that may or may not be helpful. What you decide to bring is up to you.
Trench shovel
Headlamp (for dark or night time disarming hands free)
Screwdriver (if your multi tool doesnt have one)
Small pair of wire snips

Question: As EOD when do I need to be there?
Answer: Friday night there will be an EOD training class.

Question: What if I'm not EOD and I try to fill the role?
Answer: The short answer, your team will be punished. The longer answer is, you run the risk of destroying an objective for your team. ANY NON EOD PLAYER FOUND HANDELING ANY EOD OBJECTIVE WILL BE REPREMANDED UP TO EJECTION.

If you have any questions post up, and well try to answer as fast as we can!

Hugs and kisses,
Cranky and GhostDancer