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In Topic: Indoor Camping - Roosevelt Elementary

24 February 2013 - 08:46 PM

Indoor camping in the AWESOME Hellfire Tour Bus!! Cozy bed and great company!

In Topic: Question about AO

07 November 2012 - 08:28 PM

Hell yeah I laid down the LAW... wait... what?

The AO is haunted house complex.
The large fields to the east and west are out of play (not sure why anyone would want to go there anyways)
The field to the south with woodlands will be in play
The care takers house (looks newer, red roof) is out of play, otherwise MOST of the site is in play.
The indoors will be in play, the only thing off limits are control rooms.

We expect everyone to respect the AO and not destroy any props.

A map will be posted shortly

In Topic: OFG AAR

07 November 2012 - 08:19 PM

We (Hellfire) had a great time. Truly awe inspiring place. For those who didn't make, I feel sorry for you.

Thursday: We arrived. Overwhelmed and exhausted. Excited and... excited. Ran a quick walk through and began to come up with plans on how to deploy the toys. Dinner and beer with the crew... fun.

Friday: Did we sleep? No matter, time to head out. Planning, meetings and more planning meetings to meet about plans. Oh yeah and deploy the toys. There is NEVER enough time to get it all done when working with a perfectionist (GhostDancer).

Saturday: As much as you can predict the sun rise, with game on and all those plans had to be adapted to the truth of the game. Grats to the CO's for the quick response. As the opening minutes of the game settled we focused on the DAM's. Love watching these. Some people approach it with force, others logic. When the two meet, you get some killer missions. By about 5:00 I couldnt walk anymore, my back had gone out and I had to call it short.

Sunday: It was a short day for us, we had to pack up and GTFO. All of a sudden we get a call... reset the last DAM. Ran around for two hours getting ready for another 2 runs. Jumped in the car and headed to the airport. Tired and worn out. We regretted not being able to stay and talk to everyone.

Side note:
Someone asked about why the outside of the buildings were used so much, that's how the game progressed. All the missions were inside, people just gravitated to the outside. Pretty natural and hard to control from a game designer standpoint.

Thanks to everyone. We loved talking to you and hearing the feedback. Hope to see more of the east coast soon!

In Topic: OP: Broken Home AAR

02 June 2012 - 07:34 PM

So let me get this straight.

On Saturday we took Caen, moved on, they retook caen, we came back and made them get out, took Pegasus bridge with ease and from what I hear we also took coleville that day. Sunday we took almost all of Coleville except for the upper level of the church because they kept re-arming some explosive and it would blow when we ran up (which at one point, one of my squad mates ran up and got blown up and I was a good 15ft behind him coming up and they said it killed both of us and if that was true, several of them would have died too but they apparently didn't).

And we lost?

The only thing rearmed was the photo eye at the top of the ramp. The church had 4 different IED in it, only 1 was disarmed. The last one to go off that cleared the building, killed everyone inside. I doubt that 20 minutes that was a tilting point to the entire game.

In Topic: OP: Broken Home AAR

02 June 2012 - 09:55 AM

The Ugly:

My only thing here is this: The admins telling squads to move back so that tan can come in and can have a chance at getting control.
That is BULL*&%$ in my opinion. As a commander or platoon leader, I would never expect the other team to back off to make it fair or give my team an advantage. You make adjustments yourself in your tactics and personnel to be able to gain ground, not make the other team give it to you through the help of admins. Some of you may remember Invasion 4 (the last one at Kashistan). Toward the end of the first evo, when tan was trying to advance across the field, green was doing a pretty darn good job of holding them off so the admins came in and started "blowing up" the bunkers and moving green back so tan could advance saying that they were "supposed to invade". Baloney! If the invading team can't do it, then the other team is doing their job. Don't punish them because they are doing their job and defending their territory. Then, sure as hell don't say that the tan team "won" because they successfully invaded. This is milsim= military simulation. I don't recall any military operations where the stronger force was asked to back off so the weaker force could move in and make it fair. The game designers need to have "what if" scenarios built in to provide for a team not being able to obtain their objectives. Just saying.

Enough of my ranting. I enjoyed the hell out of it and I can't wait for next year.

Also, if you borrowed my radio on Saturday, please return it. Pm me and I will tell you where to send it.

Rocketman out.

I feel I should address some of this since I played a large part in it as an admin.

First a quick thought. As admins we are responsible for the game to bring a specific level of game play in airsoft. Basic eb and flo of the game is our responsibility. Overall strategic decisions goes to command. So while green may have been woop'n on tan, green had atleast 2 squads 150 yards down the road with their thumbs up their butts. Meanwhile players sitting there with NO chance to see action with over an hour and a half under their belt... I hope you can see the logic of me telling them to get reassigned.

So many things to talk about...
Lets start with orders to only use the road. I dont know who issued them, I wasnt there. I can tell you that it was discussed the orders were to "clear the road". I can't imagine anyone trying to pigeon hole the marines into such specific orders. After all, we as game designers thrive on the crazy things command/players come up with to achieve an objective. I would really like to chalk this up to a misunderstanding.

The bus, oye. There were two units out of poisition and caused a large delay in getting the marines in motion. This is where the bus came is, it was to just save time. No intentional plan to blow it up and send players back to regen.

The IED's, originally there wasn't supposed to be any green in the valley. The mines were to slow down the marines and elements in place to hit and run the Marines. It wasnt supposed to be a full scale ambush.

This whole portion of the scenerio was a borderline cluster from what I saw. The valley mad comms almost useless thus getting assests moved to properly balance out an obviously OVERLY unbalanced situation. Yes you can play the milsim card but in the end, we want people to have fun. Spend 100$ to be on the recieving end of BB's with little chance to fight back is not going to be fun. On the other end, paying 100$ to shoot fish in a barrel isnt going to win any favor either. Everyone comes into this to have fun. All were trying to do is help that happen for both sides.

I hope this helps shed light on the whole St. Mere Eglise situation from both sides. If anyone still feels that the situation wronged their experiance I take full responsibility for it. Feel free to contact me if you want to dicuss it.

To the guy I lost it on during the night game...
I do apoligize. I was drained and hadn't eaten all day. After I was l lit up while getting out of the red admin truck with a flashlight, then the followup of a large burst nicely put in my back and ear really just push me over the edge. Shortly after I realize I was in a bad place to have lost it like that. Sorry bro.