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Member Since 18 Dec 2015
Offline Last Active Mar 19 2016 04:31 AM

Radio etiquette, SOP, etc

09 January 2016 - 03:02 AM

I have a couple questions about radio etiquette and operating procedures.


I'm really interested in the subject because I work in LE/Emergency comms.  One thing that's a huge pain in the ass is superfluous chatter. We have SOP's for that but regardless, there's always those few who love to hear themselves talk or want to play IC(when they're not)-or they're just playing.  I imagine having hundreds of people who DON'T do this for a living would be chaotic and perhaps disastrous for efficient communication.  Is nonessential chatter a big problem at these events?  Truthfully, I'm fine not even bringing a radio if that's what I'll be hearing.  I'd rather have my mind in the game than chatting.   


Am I just worrying about nothing?      


Are there any types of SOPs or at least generally understood basic procedures for faction/squad/fireteam comms to cut down on all this? I understand the rules against eavesdropping and other clandestine shenanigans.  


Are there set channels for squads/fireteams?  PL tones?  



KJW KP-05 sights, and TM compatibility

09 January 2016 - 01:09 AM

I have a newly acquired KJW KP-05 Hi Capa(OD green).  While doing a little night shooting the front sight came off.  Of course it did.  Of course I'd forget to locktite it.    


In any case, I need a new one.  After googling it in many different ways I'm unable to find any definitive answer.  I've read that it's totally compatible with TM parts...and I've heard the barrel/sight in particular are some of the only things that aren't compatible with TM/other Hi Capa parts.


I'd rather stick with the original white dot sight that came on the gun, but am willing to get a fiberoptic or TM sight.  In truth I'm still able to hit targets fine without it, but it looks incomplete without a front sight.  I'm just not sure what exactly will/won't fit.  


If anyone is familiar with the gun and knows it would be a great help.  Also, what durability upgrades would you recommend?   

Travel from Texas

27 December 2015 - 05:43 PM

The waiting begins..


As I wait for my rig to finally all arrive, I'm working out my travel arrangements.  As of now it's just me that's going solo, have been unable to find any team mates thus far.  Hopefully I can meet some localish guys at TXPB who are going and want to road trip it.


Assuming that doesn't happen and I'm going solo, I don't trust my car for the trip.  I'll probably end up flying in and renting a car.  What is the closest airport?  It's looking like Atlanta. 


If any others are doing the same I'd be down to split costs for rental/misc to the OP from Airport.  Same to others.  If you're flying in and want to chip in on rental/gas please reply.  


I am ridiculously hyped for this.  It will not only be my first OP, it will be a few days after my 33rd Bday.  I took off work 7 days.  Luckily I'm already carrying 80 hours leave over.



Hello all

18 December 2015 - 04:27 AM

New guy from Central Texas reporting in.  


My name is Chris, 32 years, I work in emergency comms, and can't wait for Ironhorse.  


If any guys from around my neck of the woods want to get together for a meetup, skirmish, whatever please hit me up.  I'm planning on hitting up TXPB a few times in the next couple months.  


If any around here want to squad up, let's get together and do some work.  CoST all the way.