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In Topic: The Price is Right... Unfortunately

20 January 2016 - 01:30 AM

I'd also recommend sticking with irons at first.  Are you an experienced shooter?  Do you know what to look for/avoid with optics?   


I don't know that I'd recommend waiting until you're in CQB before you put on an optic, unless I'm misreading you.


Once you get more money and experience under your belt I'd recommend something like a Vortex strikefire or sparc.  Lifetime no questions asked warranty.  Even if you buy a used one, it's covered no questions asked.  The only dot I'd rather have is an Aimpoint(at twice the price).  I wish I could advise on an airsoft brand optic, but I've never looked into them.  I have scopes and dots lying around from my ARs, so I use those.  

In Topic: No MED?

19 January 2016 - 04:12 AM

Great point, Loco.  In that situation it's a be a dick/don't be a dick call.      


The situation I'm referring to not wanting MED/bang is NOT that.  I'm talking about arenas/fields that have very specific MEDs that nobody can properly perceive a lot of the time(Not claiming my depth perception is infallible).  You get people losing their shit when they believe they were shot within MED(when they weren't) or people trying to bang kill from 30 feet, opponent facing them.  


Someone who will mag dump into an uncovered face at point blank range isn't mature enough to handle a water pistol.  That should be grounds for instant removal from game, if not a ban from future events. It's completely outside the spirit of a voluntary safety kill/no MED game, even if not a rules as written violation.  



In Topic: No MED?

16 January 2016 - 05:12 AM

I'm relieved there's no MED and safety kills aren't expected. 

In Topic: New Player Needing Help on Loadout

11 January 2016 - 05:08 AM

Do you have other gear like LBE, pistol/battle belt,boots, hydration, assault pack/bag, rifle sling, weapon light, hand light, utility pouches?


Don't cheap out on boots.  Get something that will last, be comfy, and keep the water out.  I can't stress this enough.  Also, don't buy online unless they have a great return policy.  Test fit your boots.  Break them in before an OP.      


If you're seriously strapped for cash you may want to divorce yourself from the molle setup and use old surplus LC belt/suspender rig.  It will look more like Vietnam grunt gear than modern SF but you'll spend (A LOT)less and it works.  It'll also last much longer than airsoft brand gear.    


You may also want to skip on a pistol for now if funds are really tight.  With no MED for rifleman you may find you're only wasting CO2/green gas charges($).    


Trial trial trial.  Test out your stuff before you go the OP.  Especially magazines.  Don't buy a large batch of magazines until you know your gun works with them.  Buy one or two of several different brands.  Make sure your optic doesn't shut off randomly or lose battery connection(and ultimately your zero) anytime it gets bumped.  Zero your optic with whatever bb weight you want to use.  Turn it on with a fresh battery at brightness setting you'll use and see how long it takes to die.  Find out how long you can leave it running because switching on and off sucks. Especially when shit suddenly hits the fan.       


Do you have any experience with things like rifle slings?  If not I'd recommend starting with a cheap USGI two point sling.  One point slings may look more tactical, and they are faster for changing shoulder, but they suck for running around and long duration carry.  Learning to swap shoulders with a 2 point isn't hard anyway.


All other things being equal choose the lighter option.  Ounces equal pounds.

In Topic: Travel from Texas

02 January 2016 - 04:48 PM

I'll just pick up CO2 somewhere after I land.  Same with green gas.  I have a ton of both but it's cheap enough that it's no biggie to just buy some more.  


I wanted to visit Airsoft Atlanta anyway.  I should be arriving early enough that it shouldn't be an issue.