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In Topic: *UPDATED* Event Map

16 February 2016 - 10:04 AM

Will there be roof access?

In Topic: OP: IRONHORSE Event Schedule

16 February 2016 - 07:49 AM

I second what Dobby said. AMS staffers are tough to beat! Much appreciated gents.

In Topic: Force Recon AAR - Big thanks to AMS Staff!

11 November 2015 - 06:39 PM

Absolutely. These are simply our observations. If you agree with them awesome...if not, no worries. Its your show and you gotta run things how you see fit. At least you guys are listening. We look forward to the next one ;)

In Topic: OP: Faded Giant 4 - Event Schedule

05 November 2015 - 10:10 AM

A word on running long form Milsim events: Im part of a team that puts on18hr Misim events up here in Canada that draws a crowd of about 360-400 players (we've sold out in under 10 minutes every year). We've run it successfully for the past 4 years...I've been part of it for the last 2. As a team of Players we like to put on a game that Players will enjoy...that is rule number one (after safety of course)...players need to be having a good time. As a team we generally like to attend long form games...its where we excel... traditionally we like a 24 hours milsim event before a Skirmished based event as it presents a challenge that we love.


That said, we run 18hr events...and we do this for a reason; namely, the player base is just not ready for a 24hr. Sure, some teams and individuals can and have gone the distance, but I can assure you if the base isnt there, a 24hr event turns into a shit show real fast. So I get what AMS is going for here. Now....personally, I feel that 8hr's is on the low side and would like to see that bumped up....OR as an alternative, stick with the first 8hr evo and then start the second the Crack of F^%& the next morning. Unless there is room service included, Im not driving from Canada to sleep for 12 hrs! LOL! End at 21:00 restart at say...04:00 -05:00. Lots of OH-DARK-HUNDRED playtime as well as some down time.


We were at copperhead this year and it was awesome regardless of the timings, so we're looking forward to another great experience from AMS and the awesome player base it has attracted. AMS have been evolving and Im willing to continue to let them do there thing. They're great at listening to the players, so if enough of us bitch about the game length, Im sure we'll see longer and long games being put on. 


See ya'll Soon ;)

In Topic: GTI AO MAPs

04 November 2015 - 07:52 AM

Can you confirm whether the grid squares are 100 meters or 75 meters? Going by the maps scale, they are technically 75 meter squares, but the way the scale is oriented it looks like they should be 100 meter grids- the way the maps alpha-numeric borders are laid out, they take up the first 25 meters.