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    If you really want to wear traditional dresses, just start to wear kilts. It’s the heritage of Scotland and resemblance of Scottish culture

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In Topic: Why is camo so friggin expensive

03 February 2016 - 12:29 PM

And your right good gear doesn't make a good soldier, it's the heart that counts right?

Wisdom from the mouth of babes. That's probably the best advice anyone could give you, and you said it. Keep that mindset.

Clothes can be some of the cheapest stuff you can buy. You could try borrowing a set from someone that is pretty close to your size for your first event, or you could arrange with someone here to pick them up in person at whatever event you're both going to. If you go this route, understand that they might be late or unable to make it. Make sure you have a backup plan. More than likely someone can loan you a set or sell you something on the cheap. Also check the rules to see if you could possibly run tan cargo pants and a tan shirt. If so, a cheap tan work shirt and some cargo pants from Goodwill will only be like $25 altogether. 

In Topic: Rifle Aesthetic Restrictions?

30 January 2016 - 08:45 PM

If you want to use a bright pink Mosin Nagant and a chrome BHP with ivory grips then go for it. Will we frown in your direction and drink heavily trying to forget? Well of course! But you're having fun and that's all that matters, and the rest of us will be unable to walk 10 feet without the use of a tie line. 

Be as creative as you want. Invent your own mental canon for why you're carrying the weapon you are. I've spoken about this in similar threads - basically, I find it more likely for CoST to be using dated and older weapons gleaned from Guard armories in Texas and Arizona. Hence, I carry an M16A1 and a 1911. Also consider that, just as in the actual American Civil War that actually happened for real, troops were carrying a plethora of different types of weapons. Sure, each army had its own standard issue, but what got picked up and used could have been virtually anything, which is why you hear of Confederates carrying British and French rifles. Want to use an AK and pretend it's a civilian clone such as a WASR or M70? Have at it. Use an MP5 and say you found it in a wrecked Coast Guard cutter or an overturned SWAT van? Sure. Carry three revolvers and pretend you're Jerry Miculek? Dumb, but I'm pretty sure you can. 

You just gotta believe in yourself! (And follow the rules of the event)

In Topic: L86-A2 as a DMR?

29 January 2016 - 06:22 PM

Is Mayonnaise a support weapon? 

OP, if it helps you feel better, you can still engage targets effectively at distance with a SSW. I'd rather have one LMG than five DMRs in most cases. YOU CAN DO IT


In Topic: A war journalist/photographer role?

22 January 2016 - 07:16 PM

Watch footage from the first Gulf War. Can't remember his name but there was an embedded reporter doing commentary. He was in the whole get-up. Six-colors, PASGT, even had LC-2 gear. 

In Topic: Please help

21 January 2016 - 08:15 PM

This thread is 2spooky.