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Coalition Advances on Federals

11 May 2017 - 08:12 PM

Coalition Advances on Federal Lines

Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society


Coalition forces are pursuing Federal forces withdrawing from Texas in Northeast Oklahoma. Early reports suggest Coalition reconnaissance forces have located and engaged elements of the Federal 27th Infantry. Free Press


Military analysis Jack Sherman:


"My educated guess would be that part of the Federal 3rd Battalion are using the terrain in Northeastern Oklahoma to set their defensive lines and resupply. With the lack of any air supremacy, the Federals can take advantage of the hills and valley for artillery positions and choke points. If the Coalition is not able to control the MSR it will be difficult for them to collapse in on the UFS positions."


While Federal 3rd Battalion is comprised of Federal veterans from various key battles with the Coalition over the last several years. The hope will be that the Coalition forces will be able to cut off any major avenues of retreat and squeeze the Federals position before they fully resupply, or reinforced.


With the current pace of the Coalition advance, both battle groups should collide within the next two weeks.

Coalition Forces on the move as Federals Withdrawl

11 April 2017 - 06:21 PM

Coalition Forces on the move as Federals Withdrawl

Wes Mantooth – FNN


Coalition forces have advanced over 450 miles through the former UFS offensive positions in Northern Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Coalition 36th ID is closely pursuing the Federals as they move back to bolster their weak defensive lines. This May will mark the sixth year of Federal occupation in Oklahoma. 


Speaking at a Memorial ceremony in Dallas, TX Commander William Bonum had the following words of inspiration:


"We are changing the dynamic, we [CoST] understands that this war must come to an end. The people of this great country have endured half a decade of hardships supporting an "oligarchy" instead of a legitimate government. The Federal government is in such a weak and morally corrupt state, they have allowed European soldiers on American soil. I promise you the founding fathers are rolling in their graves. The Coalition government has fostered an excellent plan of recruiting and training the beta and the brightest for service! Not only to help fight the Federals but to help rebuild this great country. Regardless of what side of the line you are on we are still all brothers and sisters of America. We [CoST] look to mend that broken union in the next 18-24 months."


The Coalition looks to press the offensive and punch through Federal lines this spring and summer. CoST planners look to create a large enough bulge in the Federal lines to allow a break out prior to the winter months. Will Coalition plans succeed? Only time will tell. 

Sierra Dynamics Corporation under Federal Investigation

29 January 2017 - 11:40 PM

Sierra Dynamics Corporation under Federal Investigation

Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society


The Sierra Dynamics Corporation (NYSE: SDYNS) is the target of a new Federal investigation. The company which operates in 60 countries around the world has allegedly not been complying with Federal requests for access to metadata and encryption protocols used by the company's suite of communication and navigation services.  


These services range from consumer household electronics, such as the GPS hardware in smartphones, military avionics and communication systems and GPS guided munitions.  Federal defense analysts speculate that 80% of the Federal States military fleets, such as aircraft, naval ships and ground mobility units use some type of hardware or software developed by Sierra Dynamics.   

Federals Force Kill PSA Civilians

13 November 2016 - 11:55 PM

Federal Forces Kill PSA Civilians

Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society


Federal Special Forces, based out of Virgina, conducted a late-night raid on a suspected Coalition "training camp" which was reported of housing the high-value Coalition personnel responsible for masterminding the latest Coalition attack on the UFS technology facility in South Carolina. However, it appears the information was false.


Instead of a Coalition "training camp", the Federal Special Forces raided a local commune around 20 miles south of Manila, Utah. During the raid, twelve civilians, all male, were killed when they tried to defend themselves from the unknown threat. 


Lieutenant Colonel Frank Hickey addressed press correspondents early this morning to express the military's condolences and sympathy for the victims and their families.   


"War is a hard and messy business. We try to be surgeons with very precise intel and targeting, but that is not always the case." 


Many believe this misstep by the Federals has already strained the fragile relationship with the Pacific State Alliance's government beyond its breaking point. 


President Frank Hudson, the newly elected leader for the PSA had this to say regarding the incident.


"We will take all measures and precautions to protect our citizen from any aggressors. This means the Pacific State Alliance reserves the right to preempt offensive actions in order to stop any hostile acts before they can be brought upon our borders."


Both Federal and Pacific diplomats are scrambling to try and ease the tension between the two nations.

Federal Information Embargo Lifted

03 October 2016 - 02:59 PM

Federals Lifts Media Embargo 

Claude Rimbeck – Free Press Society


Over the last several months the Federal Intelligence Service has worked diligently at suppressing almost all news and information concerning the war efforts from the public. This was done in hopes of not losing popular support for the now 5 year conflict.


FPS has learned that the Federal government will no longer continue this policy. Be prepare for new and event shortly as FPS and other media outlets investigate past events on the front line.