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Hey y'all, I'm Shady, better known in the North Texas scene as Aerosmith. I've been in the sport for about 5 years, and have been teching GBBs for myself and my friends for a maority of that time, and just got my GBB tech business opened. I am currently the team C.O. for Lethal Response Unit, which was the first team I was ever a part of in airsoft, and took the reins last October when teh original C.O left the sport. I'm 19, and am currently a college student. I also work full time doing structural steel detailing for my uncles company. In my spare time, if I can find any, I am a volunteer firefighter, working on my EMT-B certification. I also moderate the national Airsoft Society boards. Within the next few years my girlfriend and I plan to transfer down to the University of Houston.


As far as my kit goes I'm no where near hardcore milsim, because I don't have the money to put into a kit. I currently roll Desert MARPAT, with a voodoo tactical drop leg M4 mag platform, dump pouch, blackhawk serpa drop leg mount for FN 5-7, and blackhawk waist mounted holster for 1911. My guns that I carry onto the field are my G&P Zombie Killer M4, TM 5-7, and KWA old model 1911 (sometimes swapped for Socom Gear Black Ops Hi-capa. My other replicas include and ACM full stock gas M500, Matrix M500 gas shotgun short version, Marushin 6mm 5-7, KJW P226, KWA USPc, Echo 1 red star AK, WELL GBB MP5k, along with a few random springer pistols and shotguns.


If y'all have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I don't bite.

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