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Players under 18 years of age are not allowed to participate in American MilSim Operations, unless approved by the AMS staff.


Amerian MilSim does recognize that some players under the age of 18 have maturity beyond their age and does not discourage family teams. This being said all minors under the age of 18 or family teams with children under the age of 18 must fill out the following information and submit it for AMS staff approval prior to any AMS event.


Email the following applications / required forms to info@americanmilsim.com


Father/Mother Son/Daughter Application Information requirement


Father's/Mother's Legal name

Father's/Mother's Operator handle

Son(s)/Daughter(s) name

Son(s)/Daughter(s)'s Operator handle

Son(s)/Daughter(s) age

Medical Conditions

Emergency Contact

Team affiliations (if any)

Airsoft/MilSim experience

OPs attened


Minors with Guardians present at AO but not playing with Minor


Minors Legal name


Parents/Guardians name

Mailing address


Medical Conditions

Emergency Contact

Team affiliation (if any)

Airsoft/MilSim experience

OPs attended


Attached you will find the required paper work for minors to fill out along with the above information. These forms must be NOTARIZED, if you fail to follow these instructions you will not be allowed to enter the AO and will NOT be refunded.


pdf.gif INFORMATION SHEET.pdf 80.82K 114 downloads




pdf.gif Medical Authorization.pdf 148.18K 61 downloads

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