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Appreciate the feedback Snake!


We had actually reserved Gruber's 2nd MOUT site exclusively for the DAM operators so it would not cause any issues with game flow, however a week before the event our reservation was revoked as the Army need the facility for training troops heading out to deployment, so we had to make due.


More objective based, I hear you, that mistake is on us.


We are trying to come up with a method to address problem players. But this isn't something that is unique to AMS events, seems like this is pretty much an issue I have run into at any event with over 150ish people and being in urban environment just exacerbates it as well with so much CQB.

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The Good:

  • Hellfire Milsim Special Effects. ZOMG... these guys are going to make a fortune. Where is the line to invest in that company?
  • Registration & Chrono. I was in and out. Great job AMS.
  • BB, Gas, and last minute consumables vendor at the registration booth. You dah man!
  • The new patch system. I like the star idea that came up. That and I have a sweet spot for tshirts and patches.
  • Camp Grubers MOUT site. That site provided a dynamic of basements, and holes in ceilings that I previously was not accustomed too. Also the fact that pieces of furniture was littered all throughout the MOUT site made things very interesting. I got to do a little chairsofting.
  • The players. The caliber of player that was at this game was unrivaled. No hit calling issues observed by me, no confrontations. Additionally, I saw many players truely giving it their 110% out there. People that could be in the fight, we're on the front lines. I was awe struck many times at the amount of players that refused defeat.
  • The DAM missions were fun to watch. The idea of scripted missions for players wanting that "something special" got everything they could of asked for. The fact it was specalized, pyroed out, and video taped made it so that those guys would be able to live stuff out for years to come. It will also serve as amazing marketing material for future use.
  • The mission. Simple, elegant, and not too complicated. I had no particular issues with the non-dam-mission. If I wanted something crazy more immersed... I could of gone to a DAM mission. Catch is.... I read the OP mission packet....so I had a bit more motivation than those who did not.
  • The AMS staff, and volunteer support. Without you guys, this would of been stupid.

The Improvement: (note: I had to be very picky...it was tough finding bad stuff at this game)

  • Not too much of a fan of admin's effecting gameplay. 2 stealthy players sneaking over to enemy respawn isn't something that easily happens. I don't like it much when an admin gives us away by saying rather loudly asking me if I'm aware of my surroundings. Tisk tisk. Only observe guys. If I'm not breaking the rules...please...just let me play. (for anybody really wanting to jump on this... we had 2 valid reasons for being over there. Recon and just past that point was an objective.)
  • Gruber is a bit more of a dangerous AO that I was used too. It had a lot more features, but it also had some danger features. I boosted myself through a large hole in the ceiling into the second floor. After feeling mighty accomplished, I realized it was easy for people to fall through those same holes if they were not paying enough attention. We're talking 10-12ft up, or down. I mention this for future thought on some safety ideas.

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UFS Squad 1-1


From the onset, AMS gets credit for doing it right on providing intel prior to the OP, including AO maps and a general outline of objectives with enough time for team command to develop some plan of operations. Squads were able to print grid maps, plan objectives and anticipate enemy movement. Too many op organizers seem to be under the impression that a unit gets dropped off in the middle of a combat zone with no idea what they are to do on a routine basis. It may happen when things are FUBAR, but not as often as Hollywood makes it seem to occur. As always, this was a class act from the start and it carried through into the set up and game itself, Registration and chrono were quick and painless.


Most of our group came from North Texas area, where we met up the night before and left at 2 a.m., which meant we hadn't really slept decently by the time it was game on. Due to school/work schedules we had to do it this way, but in the future will try to take a vacation day, so we can get there the night before and be rested and ready to rock on until the evening hours.


Our CO Top and WOMAC did a great job and so did the tan team as a whole, even if Green took the field by the end of the day. CoST and the Militia displayed excellent teamwork and were honorable opponents. I liked the size of the game for the AO and I think the limited numbers of players and the cut-off worked to everyone's benefit in bringing in high-quality players early on. I had the honor of a great squad of guys that my son Cormac and I have ran with and against at a number of games and ops over the last couple years - Nex, Diehard, Dagger Two-Six, Bricks, Grizzly, and Kozar, while being joined by Transition, Avacado and Junkyard. I'm not entirely sold on the complete squad respawn rule as it seemed to slow things down to much, but I think the concept is great. Perhaps, a chance to a system where either the SqdL or Asst SqdL could spawn pack in a fireteam of at least 3-4 people people would work to preserve the concept while keeping the team in play.


Cormac's high point was a rocket kill from the roof of the apartment building that is up on Youtube and linked to the AMS Facebook page. Thanks to the Green guys that called their hit.


My high point was the final sewer entry and attempt to move south. Warthog and I pried the northernmost manhole cover up (after using the well done map to locate that) and I lead the way south through the sewers, being stealthy in the dark. Suddenly I felt myself falling and my first thought was "How deep is this hole" and my second thought was "Please don't let my obituary read that I died in an Oklahoma sewer with two guys named TweakRanger and Warthog," before hitting the concrete four feet below. Lucky for me, about six inches of foul smelling water broke my fall (although my carpool pals may not have agreed that was a lucky break). We continued on until Tweak got shot from down the tunnel and Warthog and I diverted to a side sewer that lead into the hotel. There we engaged in a quick fire fight with pistols, ThunderBs and Tornados that was epic.


The entire day was excellent as we crawled over rubble and jumped over walls and climbed into attics and shot plenty of green and, more often, got shot by plenty of green troops. Most certainly wish that I could be going to Faded Giant after the fun that was Rebel Yell, but sadly with the election coming up, I have to much to do close to home during that weekend.

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This was the final firefight that I was involved with. I was the one standing on the corner of the building shooting into the group that looked like a bunch of ants coming out of their dirt mound. I killed as many as i could before my battery died.In all honesty I wanted at that exact moment to empty a mag of bbs into my hand and throw them.After 3 batteries and over 7,000 bbs,I can say that I had a blast.As I stood there with my dead rag on my head and saw the 3 green uniformed soldiers standing there BEGGING the admin for just 5 more minutes,I felt that feeling of COMPLETE FULFILMENT from an airsoft event. I would say count me in for the next AMS game but,My VA DISABILTY pay just wont allow me to make it to the next one. Sorry guys



haha that was my self and donut and spike.. were overran the fob at the end of the gmae

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Our unit, a mixture of OBR and OKCAG operators were given the mission of assisting CoST forces with taking the MOUT facility from defending UFS forces. We began at the south range flag and moved quickly to the gas station on the south end of town. A small force of UFS forces stood between us and the schoolhouse. They were quickly dispatched and we covered the Eternal Solders’ approach to the building. We then moved up and assisted in clearing the remainder of the rooms and set security. From there, the CDF moved east and north, clearing buildings as we went. I was VERY impressed with how well the CDF units worked together. Support elements formed and provided cover, communicating the locations of enemy forces to provide the best possible cover. Assault elements moved in under suppression, made entry and did their work. I cannot say enough about how well the units meshed, communicated and performed under fire! As the CDF commander, Grendel stated “When I saw a building I wanted, I pointed at it and in less than 10 minutes it was mine! I had to give very few commands all day because the squads knew exactly what they were doing.â€


I eventually ran out of ammunition and was forced to return to our FOB to reload. From there, we moved due north in an attempt to get on the far side of the tan FOB and take it out. We moved into a position due north of building 2301 and I along with 3 others took up a position that we could support the attack. We initiated, and suppressed the building until it was clear. Our support element was taken out by a very sneaky tan player in one of the upper windows of 2301 but we were quickly mediced back in. At this point we were told that we would have to leave the building as the tan team was focused on a DAM mission and apparently that made our attack on them unfair. We were also told that we were going to be able to simply run back in and reoccupy the building without any resistance. We moved back and as soon as we were allowed to return, we were cut down by tan forces that had moved up while we waited. This was irritating.


Throughout the remainder of the morning, we chased the tan team through the town, clearing them out of whatever buildings they had taken. While making a push north up the west side of town, a CoST team on a DAM mission requested our assistance. We escorted their team to the train yard and most of the team provided rear security, while myself and another teammate assisted in the suppression and clearing of the train and ultimately got the HVT on board.


After lunch, we were given our own DAM mission. Our breach went exceptionally well, followed by some confusion as we failed to immediately identify the correct HVT. We handed our captured member off to neighboring CoST forces and upon a further search found the correct HVT. Unfortunately, the CDF and CoST forces that had been providing external security came under heavy attack from the north and they were forced to push back. We were unable to extract our HVT from the target area and thus failed our DAM mission then and there.


A bit disheartened, we moved to assist CoST forces with their mission of holding another HVT. We moved through building 2403, using murder holes and the rafters to get from the south end to the north. We held this building until further CDF forces were able to create a more permanent defense of the building. For the rest of the afternoon, we partially cleared the hotel multiple times, assisted in another DAM mission, and traded buildings with the remaining tan forces. I expected to have to defend against a decisive push near the end of the game but nothing materialized. Just before the match ended, I moved up the west side of the facility and overwatched the tan FOB until game endex.


JP approached us once we exited the AO with the opportunity to play opfor for a special DAM mission. We immediately refit and moved back out on the AO. Our group, comprised of OBR, M7, D9 and another operator planned to ambush the blufor on their exit from the target building. We did so, and none escaped. We then all formed up and assaulted the train yard, dispatching Biglar and another opfor member there. We only took one casualty there that I know of.




OBR had a great time at Op Rebel Yell! Personally I am very excited to see the footage frsom the DAM missions and to watch the program develop in the future. I greatly enjoyed the necessity to go hands on with our HVTs as it definitely added another level of realism. I do with that we had been told we would need to do so as we would have brought enough restraints if we had known. I do think that they DAM missions should either be fully integrated into the story line and surrounding battle (my first choice) or completely kept separate as was originally intended. Many thanks to all who planned, admined and played. We greatly appreciate you all and thanks for putting on a great game!

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One story I have to share:



Later in the second EVO, my son, Bug, was doing what he does best, cause turmoil, had himself a plan. Tan had the hotel with about ten or twelve guys on the roof. So Bug takes off walking down the street just as casual as you please and walks right into the hotel. Makes his way to the roof and walks over to the edge and waves down at me and my other son in the street. He then proceeds to safety kill about seven guys before he gets killed himself. My question is what were those tan guys thinking? He said several of them saw him up there but did not even bother with him until he started killing some of them.


He used this same casual walk to walk up the street and sit down in tan territory and take out several tan as they staged up to try to make an assault towards green. This earned him an Operator Mag from one of the Admins. I guess some people only shoot you if you look aggressive. He was also able to walk up to Top who had several tan around him without any problem. Unfortunately, Top was already out at that point and talking to an admin.





As always, Kdog is in the right place at the right time.


Kdog captures Bug's Operator Reward

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I don't have much to add. I was voluntold to lead the civilians. Boy was my job easy. The CDF squads were just awesome to watch in action!!! You guys kicked ass!!! Thanks!!!!



BUT GEEZE The UFS under TOP fought like mad men!!! I can not give you all enough praise!!!!



JP, I would like to nominate DINGO for a Posthumous Operator Award. He and I peeked at each other from around a corner and he made an awesome Jon Lui movie inspired dive with his pistol. I was the intended target but he missed, however he did waste the three guys standing behind and to the right of me. It was SICK!!! .

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This was my first operation in the sport. I only have standard weekend games and my lofty expectations for the sport to draw from for my feedback.


I was thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and efficiency of the entire AMS team. We all know that if we spent enough time thinking about negatives, we could spend a lifetime tearing an organization down. But, until we ourselves have berthed a similar organization and produced far more superior results, it is best to stick to identifying what worked and providing our constructive suggestions for the things we feel didn't.


Camp Gruber was easy to find and, I must say, a little too easy to gain access. Nevertheless, I'm glad I wasn't stuck at the gate missing out. Directions and lodging info provided were appreciated by many, I'm sure. Top and I took turns listening to each other snore in his truck for about three hours at a state park. This is not recommended, ha.


Sign in went smoothly, as far as I could tell, with the exception of the small number of early birds who had to double back for raffle tickets. No big deal.


Pregame briefing was direct and to the point and I felt that all needed details were covered.


Once the game began, I noticed numerous admins milling about the premises. After a short time, though, there didn't seem to be any of them stationed near the north side of town. I only say this because we realized that the green forces we were slaying to the north were respawning awfully quick and consistently approaching from the same avenue way too fast. Our theory is that the green force that began from the north was under the impression that they were to respawn there. Although it took us a while to locate an admin and address the situation, it was immediately tended to and Tan was thrown a bone. From there on out, we had no excuse for the thrashing that were taking all over that AO. Thanks again to admin for leveling the board.


I don't know if there was ever mention of a hard stop for lunch before commencement, but I would recommend making sure participants know this in the future. I only say this because many decided to take their lunch break 30 to 45 minutes before the break, leaving reinforcements nonexixtent. I don't believe that this is an AMS responsibility because, just like you can't make a guy call his hits, you can't make them stay and fight if they choose to pay good money for an extended muddy picnic. I just think that the "undecideds" might stick around for that last 30 minutes if they know there is a full on stop at a predetermined time.


As I understand it, the pyro is in it's infant stages for AMS and I love this idea. It added more of a real feel to the scenario. I don't know all the logistics involved and I'm sure it would be reflected on admission prices, but I'd like to see this aspect explored a bit further. For example, each commander is allotted a set number of mortars and when those are called in throughout the game, a mortar simulator goes off and admins are there to enforce the kill zone. This could even be incorporated in the fight scenario. One team has a certain amount of time to locate a mortar position and eliminate it before another round is brought down. Maybe random "IED's" are placed throughout the AO and if a player passes that area, BOOM, take out your rag. Even danger close artillery strikes(though, obviously, very limited) would be useful in keeping the game going and demanding more tactical decision making from the faction leaders. So, on this point what I'm saying is, I loved the idea and I'd like to see that path followed further, if possible.


The DAM missions have caught a lot of flack. While I agree that there was confusion when players were told not to fire on DAM participants and then found themselves respawning and being overrun by DAM participants' support team, I don't believe that at this AO there was much of a choice when considering high stress missions balanced with the chance for success. I'm sure that AMS has already had many discussions on this subject and I believe that every operation will see improvement in this area. Besides, I don't have any suggestions at this time.


The post game raffle rally was cool. After seeing frustrated people yelling obscenities and cursing those wearing another color all day(myself included), it was really cool to see everyone standing together and having a laugh over all the outrageous happenings the day had provided us. The only thing missing was the keg. the sponsors provided plenty of SWAG to calm the natives. Plus, the looping back for the raffle ticket earlier on paid off. I'm the birthday boy who won that BADASS HK G36KV by UMAREX!


Thanks to AMS and all of the players I collided or colluded with during Operation Rebel Yell!

I'll see you soon

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Hey guys!!!!

I am so glad to see you guys spending time here telling us your thoughts on the game. As admins it is hard for us to really tell how the game is going from the side of the AO we are on. I really like to settle in a read all of these not only for the insight to our game but to what we can truly improve on.

Just going to touch on a few things and if your comment was not mentioned here it doesn't mean I didn't read it ..lol

The DAM missions.....

Yes we were fully aware of the issue that these missions had on the course of the fight. To be honest we were concerned with that and tried to avoid it at all costs. Sometimes things just get a little out of hand and it gets hard to control. Overall the feedback on the DAM missions was pretty darn good and we are giving every effort to improve that side of the offering.

Hard stop.....

This is something that in general we do not like to do. We do not not want to hinder the flow of the game what so ever. BUT.... In this case it seemed (as mentioned) more and more people were taking breaks during the game and it quickly became one sided. We sensed a sort of lull and wanted peeps to get food in em....recoup and get back out there so we made an exec decision to call the hard stop. Those guys that this stop jacked up your mojo..we are sorry about that...sometimes we just have to do what we think is better for the players as a whole.

Admins altering gameplay..

I here you guys on this....sometimes as I walk around I wish the admin staff as a whole could just go away and keep the area free from red shirts. I for one want to keep the fights and situation as real as possible...and a few guys walking around talking in the middle of a firefight is not cool.. Lol. On the lighter side we hear you and we need to make sure that the admins only engage personnel on a true need to basis.

Although, I hear you guys on the concern of admins stepping in and keeping people in check. As our customer sometimes it's a little harder than usual to get on someone unless what they are doing is extremely dangerous etc. I think we count on you guys being very professional out there and realize that a large percentage of you travel considerable distance, take off work, time from your friends and fam to come to our events...which would lead us to believe such. However we do see a fair share of cruddy sportsmanship and sometimes down right cheating.this is one of the most disappointing things we see out there, this is a game and we want everyone to play fair...understand when they get lit up by a few extra bb's and sometimes just call hit when your not 100%sure you did.

I could go on for hours on here....but at the end of the day we put on these events FOR YOU. We want you guys to have a great time and grow the sport as a whole wherever your play out of. With that being said please keep the feedback coming and if you see us at the next event and you have some beef, advise etc. please dont hesitate to pull one of us aside and chat.

With all that being said....again..these are for you. If it wasn't for all you guys we would not exist. Thank you for supporting AMS and continuing to help us grow and improve!!!!!

Ps. Keep the great positive comments coming....we love those ! Lol

See y'all at Faded Giant


Biglar Out


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I'm not sure if I missed it, but I'd be interested in an AMS AAR - such as what AMS thinks could be improved upon, etc.


We we can't be all places at once, so we really rely on your guys feedback.


From my observations:




Check in seemed much improved and pretty pain free.


Chrono ran very smooth thanks to our OKCAG crew.


We spot Chrono'd players on the field, seemed to not cause an issue with anyone.


We will probably change the re-spawn and break rules for all MOUNT events.


DAM's where a HUGE HIT!




ORY objectives and in event story could have been much deeper, game was way to much Force on Force than we would have liked.


Heard some complaints about how staff interacted with some players and "clumping up in one area" we have addressed this.


DAM operators running during the event caused issues, but because of the situation with the army needing the secondary MOUNT site that was unavoidable.


We will probably devise some system to track problem players, that demonstrate very poor sportsmanship.


Hit calling is always going to be an issue period. I actually get pretty annoyed when people complain about it because it's something that is totally out of our control and it's an issue at every event I have been too, be it at FAA, LC event, local , etc...there are always going to be people complaining about hit shrugging.


Players need to understand Admins are completely "reactive" they are there to make sure players are safe, following the rules and settle disputes. The chances they actually "witness" a player shrugging hits is very rare. Players really need to take enforcing hit shruggers on themselves from the Squad Leader on down. You witness a teammate not calling hits, take care of it.

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Well I just want to say I had a great time! I think everyone covered a lot of the high points of my game and concerns I had as well so I would regurgitate the same. I would like to thank all the AMS guys and admins for the outstanding game play we had. There will always be issues but its proffesionalisum that deals with these situations and I witnessed this all over the AO. Thanks to all the volontiers that made this happen as we'll as all the AMS staff. I personally did not see admin giving away player possitions because if I did (tan or green) I would kick him in the balls, all proffesionalisum aside. LOL.

I do owe an appology to the tan DAM guys as we kinda shot them up while they were waiting for green DAM Operators. SORRY! the guy was really cool about it i might add. As soon as he identified himself we were gone. JP, I want to thank you for not kicking me in balls for being a bitch after you kicked us out of the buildings on the north side next to the Tan spawn. I got nothing but good things to say about you man. Frosty, thanks for not Peeing on me. just be careful where you aim that thing. :) LOL . Big Lar I felt bad about that rapeing you got at the end of the day but you took it like a champ. I would have like to have seen if the epic plan you had would have worked. It sounded great. shout out to all the Oklahoma, Arkansas and yes even you Texas guys for making this a bangin op! Thanks Colorado for helping with the DAM Missions. It's good to go to these ops and see old freinds battling it out and congradulating each other on jobs well done. The ops continue to get better and better! Can't wait to see what gets brought out at Faded Giant.

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