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My newest geek gadget just came in the mail. Been playing with it ever since I got off.


I give you the Yaesu VX-8GR.






This nifty little dual bander covers RX on 106mhz to 999.999mhz, along with a plethora of APRS features and too many "ghee-wiz" features for most airsofters to care about. However, airsoft needs is only its part time job for my use.


However, when in its airsoft role, it does offer some slick features that will be fun to mess around with. It's dual receive function operates very well, allowing me to monitor two frequencies at once from the same band or two seperate bands.


The APRS feature is something I'm looking forward to checking out as well. I've been working on my megaforce assault vehicle and its time has nearly cometh. This radio will be able to utilize its GPS feature in accordance with my truck very well at larger games. Picture this: your team is pinned down, wounded, and in need of a hot extract. Time is of the essence, and you don't have time to pull/send grids or do a map talk on for vehicle extraction. No problem! Your VX8-GR is constantly updating your position real time on a map at aprs.fi. This allows the vehicle navigator to locate and see your position (real time, mind you) via his laptop in the truck. Easy position identification and precision extraction! No time wasted trying to talk your vehicle onto a type spot.


While not a radio I'd reccomend for airsofters (coming in at about $470 w/o software), as this is more of a HAM APRS focused radio, it has some nifty features that will be fun on the field also. I look forward to using it.

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That is sweet. That would be a great asset in the field.

Where did you get it?


www.gigaparts.com was the cheapest I could find it. I ordered monday and they had it to me that friday.

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I've been hoping to find a few more hams in airsoft, I think APRS would be a great advantage in an AO like DDAY.


From the looks of it, I thought it might be able to work well out there. Wasn't in the area for this years, should be out there for next years OPs.

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