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More and more often in everyday speech we use foreign terms, and the beautiful to the ear word "essaybox.org reviews" are no exception.  Almost all students planning to study abroad will have to face the preparation of this kind of essay.

Essay writing is an essential requirement of international educational programs, universities and colleges abroad. Since most educational institutions do not have entrance exams, the only way to present yourself, talk about yourself and all your virtues is in a motivational essay.

By accepting hundreds, perhaps thousands, of essays, schools assess a potential student's honesty, maturity, interpersonal skills, and ability to relate to others.

How can you impress a member of the admissions committee?

Below we will look at the most common mistakes made by essay applicants, as well as give some guidelines on how to write an effective essay. Since the standards for writing such papers are different in the West, let us list a few principles, the observance of which will help you to orient yourself, especially if you are facing such a task for the first time.

Tip 1

When starting to work on an essay, you should read the assignment very carefully. One of the most

common mistakes are misinterpretation of the assignment (question) or the absence of an answer to it and leaving the topic set aside. The essay should always have a direct answer to the question posed.

Tip 2

Before you proceed directly to writing, make a plan of the essay. To do this, you should clearly know what the admissions representatives of a particular school want from you, what kind of students they prefer to see within their walls. Consider what details from your experience you should have mentioned and what strengths they would like to bring to the fore.

Tip 3

The content of the essay should be coherent and reasoned. Interesting

essay loses if its content is reduced to listing statements without illustrating them with examples. What makes an essay interesting, unique, and specific are the details. And they should be as personalized as possible. It's boring to read a text replete with general phrases. Don't say, "I'm goal-oriented," talk better about the goal you've set and achieved.

Tip 4

The topic should be unusual and original enough to make you stand out from the mass of other applicants. Keep in mind that the reader of your essay is a very busy committee member who has already read 20 essays before you, and he or she has another 50 to read before the end of the day. Accordingly, the brightest works are remembered. Because of this, when the admissions committee representatives are asked for advice on an essay, they say:

"Put a piece of yourself into it, let it be interesting and different from the others...". That is, the essay should have some zest, something that will set you apart from other candidates.

Tip 5

Completely eliminate plagiarism from your essay. Remember that an essay is a product of purely personal creativity. Therefore, it is best to take a topic that is close to you and touches your life. It is believed that such a topic is the easiest to uncover.

Tip 6

The next requirement that must be unconditionally observed is brevity. The volume of the essay is clearly stipulated in the instructions. It is not recommended to go more than

more than 15-20%. In the West, they like clarity: one paragraph - one thesis. One sentence - one thought. Be concise, but at the same time avoid excessive simplicity.

Tip 7

Write in such a way that your qualities can be judged by specific actions. Describe specific examples.


Mistake 1

Incomplete disclosure of the topic. Most applicants don't write what they think, overly too much publicity, trying to present themselves in the most favorable light.

Mistake 2

Incorrect choice of words and sentences. Short phrases are perceived more effectively. The best essays are those in which long sentences alternate with short ones. You should not overly operate with complex and encyclopedic terms.

This is only appropriate if you can use them easily and correctly.

Mistake 3

Lots of "I's." If sentences with "I" occur too often, your speech will sound primitive. You need to be able to pick up words without changing the meaning.

And finally, heed the advice from admissions representatives: "The world needs committed leaders with potential, but don't forget to be just a person.

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