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Direct Action Missions @ ORY

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Let me start this off, there seems to be some confusion about Direct Action Missions.


ORY will be our testing platform for Direct Action Missions.


What Are Direct Action Missions you might ask?


These are custom written scenarios for teams that want more from the milsim experience and to be challenged in the realm of physical ability, proper gear selection and problem solving skills. These scenarios will be 99% hands on, with embedded LARPs, Admin, Video and Photography staff to document your squad during the process for posterity and debriefing.


Why are DA Missions so expensive?


To be honest, we might have them priced too low! The current DA Mission design supports a scenario of up to eight squad members. Each squad member will receive arguably the most coveted piece of AMS gear the DAM Operator Skull Tee, along with a DA PVC Vet patch. Not to mention literally blowing up doors, creating 15 foot fire balls and other FX add up! (Pyro isn't cheap).


American MilSim's goal is to bring YOU the player the best milsim bang for the buck, but we also must be profitable and pay our bills just like you.



DA Missions will be a seperate purchase when you register for ORY.

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$250 divided by 8= $31.25 + $75= $106.25?



^--- This


To enlist a squad of up to eight players in a Direct Action Mission is $250.00. So think of DA missions as an "option" a squad can purchase at the event in addition and split the cost between and up to eight players.


Analogy: You Pay X amount for a new car and you want to add leather seats for X amount extra.


​Hope this better explains the DA Mission purchasing structure.

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