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American MilSim

Operation: Rebel Yell

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American MilSim is Proud to Present:




Operation: Rebel Yell

Saturday September 15th 2012

Camp Gruber - Braggs, OK


Registration Opens 12:30 PM - July 9th

Enlist at : ORY.eventbrite.com


Will the UFS be able to break the will of the Coalition? You decide!





OPFOR: UFS (United Federal Sates)




- UFS ARMY: United Federal States Army - DCU 3 color Desert

(Head gear: DCU or Tan - Squads must match)




BLUFOR: CoST (Coalition of Sovereign Territories)


- CoST: Coalition of Sovereign Territories Army - Woodland Only

(No Digital - No Marpat) (Head gear: Woodland or OD - Squads must match)





CDF (Civilian Defense Force)

- CDF (Civilian Defense Force) - Local Guerrilla Forces. Civilian Clothing and ONE Piece of Woodland CAMO

(Squads DO NOT HAVE TO match)





MoD Combat Controllers

- MoD (Ministry of Defense) - Camouflage is assignment specific.

Ex: MoD CC attached to UFS wears tan camo. Likewise, a MoD CC attached to COST/CDF wears matching attire.

AMS/Regional Admin Staff: Inquire info@americanmilsim.com






Coyote pants, black top, RED hat

Approved Regional Admins Only, American MilSim Game Staff. Inquire info@americanmilsim.com




OP: Rebel Yell standard enlistment fee of $75.00 per player.

Included in the enlistment fee all players will receive the following at check-In:

  • OP: Rebel Yell Event Patch
  • AMS Veteran PVC Patch
  • 1 Bottle of Elite Force .28 BIO BBs - 2,700 count
  • AO Map
  • Ticket for Event Raffle

Premiering at Operation Rebel Yell ...

So you and your boys are badasses, right? You all pimp EOTechs, EI gear, leaping over car hoods in your CRYE Sexicam and flex cuffin' the "bad people*"? Good! Now you can PROVE it.


Direct Action Missions...

Direct Action Missions standard enlistment fee of $250.00 for a squad of up to eight (8) players.

Included in Direct Action Missions all D.A.M. Operators will receive the following:

  • Dynamic Custom Written Mission for a Squad of up to eight (8) players
  • Missions will utilize Pyro and SFX props.
  • American MilSim D.A.M. Operator Skull Tee
  • American MilSim Direct Action Operator PVC Patch
  • Interaction with dedicated LARPs.
  • Embedded Admin(s), Photographer(s) and Video Staff to document your squad during the mission. All photo and media will be offered to the squad free of charge once processed after the event.

There will only be four (4) DA slots available for Operation: Rebel Yell

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That's pretty damn cool. There has always been something missing in today's milsim, which to me is the auditory part of inspiration or stress. Whether it be commands being relayed by drum and bugle corps, bag pipes, pounding artillery, or the whine of the a-10 turbine followed by the rip of the GAU. If that was somehow incorporated in an event, that would be incredible.


Hell, even watching Rockethound calling cadences while marching the marines out of an AO on youtube is pretty badass and something you rarely if ever see in today's games.

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Not bad Tusk, not bad at all.


So...when is Operation: Safety Dance?


In all seriousness though, take my money. I can't wait to resist and make it hell for whoever has me as their mission objective.

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Probably not. Everything is MP3 these days. :) Not to mention, this version is way better.




I'll see your Dope cover and raise you a Children of Bodom cover!....Viking style! (they're from Finland) B)



Ok, all music aside, D9 is planning on attending this one in in force to be sure.

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Wow this even sound's Alsome and at my favorite AO aswell. I hate to do this but sadly I can't go.

I hate to say this but do to life my family has to move and it will take us some time.


I love Tusk's skull T-shirt you should sell that I love skull's. You guy's should also make and sell the AMS Veteran PVC Patch. I would love to buy one of each. Well hope you all have a good game.

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