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I designed this for mil/LE but I realized it might be more popular with milsim

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Hi, I'm what's known as a "micro entity" inventor i.e. just a guy making stuff in his garage. I designed this reactive shot-timer target based on my experience in the British Marines.

Here's a vid of me using it to compare the performance of iron sights with a holographic "red dot" sight across several scenarios with several different shooters.

The result; the holographic gave a 23% reduction in the time it took to put the 1st round on target and a 15% reduction in split time.

Am thinking that this might have some application for milsim shooters in a back yard setting - would be awesome to get your feedback.

This is not a product you can buy yet, it's just a prototype and I'm trying to gauge interest before I think about investing anything else in it.

Many thanks


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wrong video

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