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Dear Players,

Because of the current influx of COVID-19 cases and the state of New York’s travel ban, American Milsim is sorry to inform everyone that we will have to postpone Eastern Front again until a future date in 2021.

American Milsim’s top priority is, and always will be, the safety of our customers and staff. Unfortunately, American Milsim’s staff all resides in states that are under the New York state travel ban, which requires a 14-day quarantine period once they enter the state.

American Milsim has worked with both local and state officials to exhaust all possible options to safely and legally hold Eastern Front but could not do so without breaking the restrictions and warnings put in place by the state of New York.

We understand there is a lot of emotions and opinions surrounding the state of our Country and the virus right now, but we feel we must do what is necessary in order to keep our staff, players, and communities safe during this unprecedented time.
With Eastern Front selling out not once, but three times!  The American Milsim team cannot begin to express how appreciative the amazing support has been from the East coast and how much we are looking forward to having Eastern Front in 2021!

We will be refunding all tickets over the next 48 hours, so please give us time to do so. As soon as we can lock down a new date for 2021, we will be announcing it.

Please understand that refunds can take 5-10 business days to be processed back into your bank or Credit card depending on the institution.

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